Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle: Karma Star (Did You Keep The Secret?)

CLAMP, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Sakura Kinomoto, Syaoran Li, Vector Art
CLAMP Mangaka Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Series,OVA Sakura Kinomoto Character Syaoran Li Character Vector Art Source


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This took me sooo long...Not in ability, but in interest. I know I picked one of the less popular scans so I could make sure I could do Tsubasa scans again, like Violet of Purity way back. Sooo...yeah. <3

This is the second and final installment on the Karma series. I'm sorry it took so long. Doing the grass and the shades were not easy; I had to make sure everything was practically perfect especially since the scan didn't have much color to start with. So I slightly adjusted the color a tad. A tad. It's hardly noticeable though. Just thought I'd let ya know. ;)

Let's see...Nothing else to add. Except...enjoy~

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  1. abul Oct 11, 2007

    omg jessica-chan!
    this is just too good!
    ur a freaking genius XD
    so sad i wont have a thank you card for faving it :(
    thxalot for sharing ;)

  2. Chikaru-chan Oct 11, 2007

    Yaa... Very good vector!
    BRAVO :D

  3. kayurachan Retired Moderator Oct 11, 2007

    Whenever I stumble upon a new Clamp vector I absolutely have the urge to full-view it and see the results. This is impressive! You were brave choosing this one for vectoring ;)
    I can see how grass could be so hard to do! And you reached a good level. I like the style you used for shading too, yep, I like the way you blurred them.
    Thumbs up for this masterpiece, hope this gets elite gallery (at least)!

  4. Saikusa Retired Moderator Oct 11, 2007

    Another classic entity1660 vector! This is as beautiful as the original :)

  5. norine07 Oct 11, 2007

    omg! wonderful` it's really detailed and beautifully done!

  6. AngelKate Oct 11, 2007

    Oh wow! I love your Tsubasa vectors! You picked a great scan, one of my favorites! Awesome work!

  7. Devilet Oct 11, 2007

    Eesh, was wondering when we'd see another vector from you.
    Guess now I know why, you don't lose touch obviously, a very nice vector!

  8. Nyuu-chan Oct 11, 2007

    wooha! It's masterpiece! Good job :D

  9. ASH-Hikari Oct 11, 2007

    Wow! You never cease to amaze me entity-chan, everything about this one is gorgeous! The outlines, the soft shading, the colours, it all looks beautiful! Your hard work paid off, ne? Great job! :D

  10. erikamirou Oct 11, 2007

    O.O wooooow
    Love it!
    Adding to faves~!

  11. XxYukirinxX Oct 11, 2007

    o.o wow...
    Wonderful job on the vector. It looks mad awesome. ^^

  12. moonescape Oct 11, 2007

    Outlines are beautifully done here. I really love how smooth and thin it is I mean. :) Though the areas or shading colors like Sayoran's hair are so odd especially since they're soft shaded, but they aren't faded like Carnelians I mean. x_x

    Well anyways I love how you put so much details plus work on this. ;)

  13. DarthTofu Oct 11, 2007

    "Wow," said DarthTofu. "Wow."
    Even though she is not a fan of soft shading, entity's vector has impressed her beyond words.
    And so, DarthTofu could only say, "Wow."

  14. melymay Oct 11, 2007

    Whah! Pretty vector :D Must've been hard. Tsubasa images look pretty hard to vector. Nice job.

    I think it deserves a feature on Day-Dreamerz :) Would you mind if I did?

  15. gaara-no-shukaku Oct 12, 2007

    Wow, that's a hard scan to vector (at least to me >_<). The lines are simply clean and thin, but I'm not sure about the soft shades, especially on Sakura's left eye. And I kinda noticed a tad leakage on the lines, or maybe it's from the scan originally?

    merged: 10-12-2007 ~ 09:02am
    No signature?

  16. zaira Oct 12, 2007

    woohoo! this one is nice! absolutely nice! :D of course the scan is one of fav. XD
    and you made it to a vector! :D love the sharpness + cleanliness of the vector! :D
    great job also on the outlines ;) overall awesome vector! +fav!

  17. temarigenius Oct 12, 2007

    *-* Absolutely awesome!
    I love the whole vector! It's totally perfect! >,
    I especially love the colors, it give a softer and calmer feeling than the original picture~

  18. milla-chan Oct 12, 2007

    it's amazing how vector's can be so pretty :D
    thanks for sharing it ^_^

  19. animanga Oct 12, 2007

    Just WOW. As flawless as can possibly be. :)

  20. rika23 Oct 14, 2007

    wah! awesome :3

  21. mystvearn Oct 15, 2007

    nice art of TRC

  22. hagane28 Oct 16, 2007

    wow, what a great work, really, is asewome I love it ^^

  23. shouwatari Oct 18, 2007

    wahh! it's look so beautiful!^^
    i love it!
    can i talk to you?what's your YM?

  24. EldaLacus92 Oct 18, 2007

    They look so happy together. It wrenched my heart when I got to know that Syaoran abandoned Sakura. But this is wonderful piece of art. <3

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