Carnelian Wallpaper: Rain of sorrow

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**Highlighted in vector-wallers**

Original Complete Name:The rain that expresses feelings

vector and wallpaper for carnelian-sworld Serene contest

First allow me to say to him that I must dedicate this vector to bara-oneesan, she was helping me, and also giving me his opinion :)

This one is the Carnelian first work that I apply to MT, but it is not the first one at which it is employed.

Do eyes meet amazing?! Try to make them look like possible maximum to the original scan :3
The vector was something easy, I am very good to rest, then if I remember good, take only one day (hours) :P

Thanks to dianas-san that gave to me a term to do my wallpaper, because the deadline was yesterday D: and I had calculated for Tuesday, I joined when the competition already had promised to be some time ago :D

Now well .... the flowers were what they took more time, it was something so difficult of coding >_<

The window, also I go to him enough time, they were many layers, everything in order that one saw the original scan equal! XD

I thought that the leaves would be difficult, but they turned out to be easy :P

Here occupy my 2 skills vectoring >.< The difference is obvious! I not because the flowers, on having joined the lines, these are seen of another darker color! Ggrrr ..... when I realized it was late D:

Time: 1-7 October
Layers: Unknow
Textures: here
Difficult: Medium
Program: Adobe Photoshop CS

I had to finish it yesterday, but a big pain of head came towards to my! And I had to sleep, also I had the graft of a dog in my hand, and this was hurting! But I that to continue working! >:D The hope of that your likes the final result bara-oneesan! <3

Edit: Elite Gallery?! Thanks so much! *.*

My groups:

vectory sakura--cb
celestial-luminesse timeless--rain
epec-mt vector-wallers
gundamseed-angels songstress-reverie
the-pink-princess kira-and-lacus-in-love
romeoxjuliet carnelian-sworld

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  1. moonescape Oct 07, 2007

    This is just wonderful~ Where did you get this scan?

    I just love the perspective and your first Carnelian too btw. :3 The outlines are like whoa, so frickin straigh and you did this in CS. I really just loved this because what you're down in the dumps you can related it with this wallpaper.

    Did you make the whole background yourself? I'll add it into **very good** highlight if you can give me the scan to prove you made the background yourself, but for now I'll give you **good** highlight for the overrall soft colours and outlines. :)

    I'm so proud of you and I hope you can become better and better. :)

  2. dianas Oct 07, 2007

    this is really nice I am happy that you managed to make it in time =)
    your wall is the last addition to the contest omg is so hard to chose *_*

  3. Fran Retired Moderator Oct 07, 2007

    First of all, this belongs to the Moldavite category.

    Wow! It looks fantastic!
    I really like the way you did your outlines and the shadowing, como lo hiciste? especialmente el sombreado :3
    Keep it up ^^

  4. ASH-Hikari Oct 07, 2007

    Oh wow! Saki-chan, I belive this is your best work yet! Everything looks wonderful! You're vectoring is flawless, I love the angle, and the background. And yes, the eyes turned out amazing ;)
    I think I'm going to use this as my next desktop wallpaper :)
    Beautiful work! Good luck in the contest! This wall really fits the "serene" theme.

  5. DarthTofu Oct 08, 2007

    Simple, so serene. ^^

  6. rika23 Oct 08, 2007

    wai~! XD now i can see tons of great wallie upload here. this is awesome :3
    i love the color and the bg and also the neat vector XD
    i wanted to put it as my current desktop, but it's small >_<

  7. aqiaqua Oct 08, 2007

    Wow, this is probably my favourite carnelian scan. Absolutely gorgeous. And the flowers must have been annoying ^_^;. Great work! I wish it was slightly bigger though ^_^;.

  8. zaira Oct 08, 2007

    *throws rock at you* how come is so small T_T i want a bigger reso! OX ahem! sorry ehehe my bad ^_^'
    anyways i've just love this wall! really fits the weather her in Philippines :D ehehe rainy..
    anyways great job as usual in the vector XD and those hydrangeas are just so cute! though it would be nice if you make the other flower to color pink or light pink :D but overall love the theme! +fav! ;)

  9. abul Oct 08, 2007

    im so proud of you!
    this is just amazing! eyes are very srong and the whole image is awsomeness! XD
    girls outlines are so amazing! though the other ones are a bit bad cuz they cross :x
    anyways, im very proud of you, ur improving amazingly fast, its 20 times better than ur lazus vectors!
    and of course im adding it to my faves!

    PS oh yeah, y is it so small :x

  10. gaara-no-shukaku Oct 08, 2007

    Very clean and neat vector, indeed. Nice colour range, which suits the theme quite well. I guess you have improved alot since I last viewed your works. Good job!

  11. Omone Oct 08, 2007

    WOW you really improved a lot. I really like the theme. the flowers must be really annyoing to vector.

  12. eternallegend Oct 10, 2007

    i really like the flowers and how they turned out :D the soft colours look really nice and i like the idea of your wall :D the vector is done well and i like the interesting perspective :) nice wall ^^

  13. IzumiChan Oct 10, 2007

    Really great~ O_o
    Loved the vectoring on the flowers and the lavender feel, so soft~ :D
    Just wish it was bigger, I can't use it as desktop... ;_; XD
    Good work! ^_^

  14. Rella Oct 13, 2007

    Oh, wow! This looks very nice! The vectoring is amazing and the scan chosen is awesome. Keep it up!

  15. royaldarkness Oct 14, 2007

    Oh that is really pretty! ^_^
    And that is one awesome vector, good job :)

  16. Riven Oct 31, 2007

    This is one of my favorite Carnelian images ever! I'm very glad you vectored it. You did an amazing job!

  17. Xiting Nov 22, 2007

    Its a fantastic wallpaper. Really well done, soft colours and a nice background^^

  18. gunyugunyu Jan 27, 2009

    May I know what her name is?

  19. little-animegirl Banned Member Jan 28, 2009

    beautiful <3 *.*


  20. asdflolo Apr 05, 2009

    I love this wall

  21. ScarXHeart Jun 26, 2009

    this is such a beautiful wallpaper. too bad for me its resolution doesn't fit my laptop wallpaper.
    Great job! *click* adds to fave

  22. ladynyu Mute Member Aug 09, 2009

    the scan is kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  23. yula Oct 04, 2010

    It's raining .................RAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNN(...)

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