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Yoshitoshi Abe, Serial Experiments Lain, Lain Iwakura Wallpaper

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Understand me for who i am,
understand me of what i have become,
understand me because i exist....
understand me becuase i need love.
understand me because i want to be heard...

So went back to my depressive state and yeah the only person who would understand me is Lain, one of the most best anime character types who deals with her side everyday as she existed, always wondered what would happen if i went away forever and saw the world in the side of shadows...but yeah im rambling on...One advice i can give you to all you people who cant understand, Dont hold on to things which means the whole life to you because once it is gone and you search and find it again...you would return to a phase where you dont want to make these same mistake all over again. sigh...

Anyway i made the bg somewhat like the origial image, lots of grunge and overlaying...took me 2-3 hours fixing this to the right lighting and darkening. Re-cged parts of her body and added some text brushes which made sense with her.

So anyway this is a personal wall for me and comments are appreciated. 62 layers and 5 hours of work.

Hope you like! ^ ^

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  1. Chernobyll Jul 31, 2004


  2. candy-chan Retired Moderator Jul 31, 2004

    Oii, i love the brushwork. and Lain walls are so rare, im happy you made one, thanks ^^

    btw, Lains head feels somwhat...distorted...what did u do to poor her? XD

  3. UndyingShadow Jul 31, 2004

    awesome brushwork and grunge oracle. great wall.

  4. MuZ0NaZ Aug 01, 2004

    superb bg, just an awesome lain wall

  5. Citsitra Aug 01, 2004

    I really like the background colour :D

  6. Foolish-ishness Aug 01, 2004

    Ah, you know you have a favorite from me.

    And Lains face looks...wide o.o

  7. kirika Aug 01, 2004

    Cool ^^

  8. Cloudnine Aug 01, 2004

    awesome perspective man :D good saturation and color scheme! really nice work you got here~:nya:

  9. crapmonster Aug 01, 2004

    just awesome man, no other words can describe it!

  10. cheshire Aug 01, 2004

    well played mr. bond for everyones info thats how her face looked in the orig. pic
    btw i think you did a very good job at keeping true to the spirit of the image and there is no need to be so down there are people who understand your problems you just need to be patient and keep looking you'll find us eventually

  11. Noctum Aug 01, 2004

    Wow, this wallpaper has a great style.
    Awesome work once again, Oracle. :)

  12. Kane Aug 01, 2004

    As always; I love it. The colours and the grunge fits in very well.........damn, now I want to see this series.....and make a wall out of it XD
    Good work, Oracle.

  13. hidekeitaro Aug 02, 2004

    Great wall :)

  14. Shakesbeer Aug 02, 2004

    You're the best! Yeah!

  15. shirahana Aug 06, 2004

    It's a personal wall? ^^; It's a good wallpaper.... but I hope good wallpapers won't always be a result of your sadness and pain >__<;

  16. foolboy Aug 13, 2004

    It looks lonely to me.

  17. alberis Aug 15, 2004

    i like

  18. misl3d Aug 25, 2004

    Lain.......love your BG :) . And we've got to "close the world... txen eht nepO"...that's what experience teaches us......but we don't want to learn.

  19. walhalla Sep 18, 2004

    cool ^^

  20. S-SHION Sep 26, 2004

    Ooo~~ :)
    the wallpaper it's so good~~ :D :)

  21. zyan Oct 12, 2004

    Great wallpaper!

  22. chaos Banned Member Oct 21, 2004

    One can only wonder when you look at this pic... What is Lain looking for? What is she searching for?

  23. Electrastar Oct 22, 2004

    wow, you put soooo much time, work and effort in your wallpapers and it shows, it truly shows....great lain wallpaper. she never goes out of style.

  24. 4leksis Oct 27, 2004

    Good wallpaper, I like it, well done! :-)

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