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Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, Lacus Clyne, Haro, Vector Art
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I don't know where to start with this one. It really gave me a headache >_< But oh my gosh isn't Lacus adorable? Sure her position defies the laws of physics but still, its just too cute an image ^_^ I mean, she's wearing different clothes and in a totally different-than-usual position; I had to vector it.

Pic is courtesy of MapleRose, she posted it in her thread. Check it out, there's a lot of nice GSeed pics :)
Here's a direct link to the image: -->Small blurry low quality pic >.<<--

Headache! I don't know why this one gave me so much trouble. I mean I've vectored small pics like that before and not had so much problem. I think this one was because of the face. I literally spent hours trying to get her face right. I hope it paid off. I know it's not perfect but I really tried my best. If you think there's anything off about this vector you're probably absolutely right. Just try not to be too picky with this one.

I didn't really try for thin outlines this time, but they seemed to have turned out pretty thin, so I guess that's good. I'm semi-pleased with the result of this, just because I'm the only one who know just how much it frustrated me :P Oh, if you notice something different about my outlines, it's because I blurred them a little to make them smoother.

In case someone doesn't figure it out, her legs are dark because she's wearing tights. Background is based off the source pic. Goes well, I think. Name took a while to think of. It's random but I like it.

Hardest part: FACE, hands, and everything else.
Easiest part: ...Haro and the background.
Most fun part: Umm...saving the final copy XD

Time: 13.5 hrs
Layers: 35
Duration: Oct.2 - Oct.3
Original Size: 5000x3563
PSD Filesize: 34.4 MB

Oi, if I find anyone stealing this I will really not be happy >_< But hopefully that won't happen. Hope this vector is likeable to some. Credit if used! Gotta sleep now, I'm in a grouchy mood. Oyasumi!

[Edit] I'm awake now *yawns*. Wow, 32 faves in 6 hrs? Thanks minna ^_^

Submitted at:
vectory celestial-luminesse free--wallers gundamseed-angels mikos-moon-flower songstress-reverie sakura--cb timeless--rain

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  1. KiyanaIkebana Oct 03, 2007

    Wow! Beauty Vector! I like it! Great job!

  2. rika23 Oct 03, 2007

    I love the soft color of the bg *_* neat vector * and i really like her pose * fave

  3. Scampi Oct 03, 2007

    Hehehe, how can you vector that small poor quality image, even I would have a hard time and my eyes would pop out. Although I'm not a fan of Gundam Seed, this vector is worth the download since I seem to be mesmerized by your outlines for some reason. :-)

  4. abul Oct 03, 2007

    wow! XD
    awesomeness XD
    great pic to vector :) cuteness :)
    and the outlines are so thin! damn, i cant believe ur doing it with shapes OX
    and 13,5 hours within 2 days :o id never have ur patience :D my latest vector took 14,5 hours but i was making it for a month or more XD
    anyways, im faving this awesomeness ;)

    PS lol im currently using my sistaz laptop while my mom's doing her stuffz so she cant see XD

  5. saki-xan Oct 03, 2007

    OMG! This image kawaii *.* the background is something so delicate, I like it!. The outlines meet so smooth and thin *.* I believe that your this face well, this way it is like it appears in the pic, you achieved that you were looking alike enough! Being such a small image >_<+ fav!

  6. Kairi-Hearts Oct 03, 2007

    I totally understand you! >_< and i must say that just for the effort you put in this you deserve a instant hug! XD
    even from an image like that your lines are clean as always <3 and you did it in 13.5 hours?! The last time I vectored from something small I took an entire day to do it!
    Obviously I'm faving this! Your works are fantastic *_* and it's these kinds of vectors that make me admire you even more ;)
    oh Oyasumi nasai XD

  7. moonlight-shawdow Oct 03, 2007

    i dont see any flaws except that ear..it seems to back.but can i blame that on u...no i cant^^its clean and big and good.
    cant wait to see more><

  8. LeoTravis80 Oct 03, 2007

    My goodness! Lacus in general and her pose make my heart want to melt. Automatic fav!

  9. Omone Oct 03, 2007

    You vectored it from this scan? WOW! You are really amazing. I just can repeat me everytime.

  10. Milis Oct 03, 2007

    Very nice! I like her dress too =)))

  11. SakuraShirayuki Oct 03, 2007

    wai it's nice! really!
    her right hand is a bit small if you ask me and i love her dress, it's simple but all the crinkles make it look like something special ^^ And OMG her lips are shining! you gave her lipstick <3 lovely idea, it makes her look older and more elegant ^^
    XD and again we had the same pic to vector on our minds XD I thought about vectoring it too but i love your version so i won't vector it again! fav

  12. erikamirou Oct 03, 2007

    another great vector!^_^
    How I understand you! Even though I think that vectorize just a small image is quite a challenge!XD
    love it!
    Take care~! ;)

  13. moonescape Oct 04, 2007

    lol! I'm glad you vectored it. :o I'm quite surprised since it was so quick too and yet the outlines are just perfectly straight. XD

    You definately got me fave! ;)

  14. gaara-no-shukaku Oct 04, 2007

    Vectoring that small blurry scan would give me headache as well. Great job overall, the lines and colouring are nicely done.

  15. Nazzrie Oct 04, 2007

    Great vector. but lacus right feet seems not right....hope u can fix it...

  16. Lariel Oct 04, 2007

    I have no word for this great work. Lacus looks simply adorable and this vector is beyond what I expected. :D

  17. garnett Oct 04, 2007

    Nyah~ it seems like everyones getting into Gundam seed again ^^ Great Job

  18. toumarie Oct 04, 2007

    nice job ^^...Lacus's position is no prob since she lived in PLANT at that time ahahha..
    Nice vector art ^^..+Fave ne~

  19. x-lawss Oct 04, 2007

    This is nice XD Lacus look great in every way :)
    Thanks for sharing~!

  20. burai2984 Oct 04, 2007


  21. 1Taiki Oct 04, 2007

    Navi: Wow. Its Lacus.
    Taiki: Yeah.
    Navi: Where is the background?
    Taiki: There is no predominant background. The only thing you notice is Lacus.
    Navi: Why is there no background.
    Taiki: Its a vector. Most vectors are navigated around a scan of some sort.
    Navi: I don't get it.
    Taiki: Then lets look at the artwork in splendor.
    Navi: Yeah, your right. Lacus is all that is needed. Still, I wanna kill that Haro.
    Taiki: Why?
    Navi: Its always flapping around saying the same thing. Like a mix of Naruto and some pokemon. GRRR! I destroy. Let me at 'em!
    Taiki: ....

  22. merelie Oct 04, 2007

    that is such a cute vector!
    i love the haro and lacus's dress that is for once not pink of overlowing with fabric! :D
    her feet look a little awkward, but other than that the image is great!
    thanks for sharing

  23. antonyo Oct 05, 2007

    cute vector and very beautiful.

  24. Haven100 Oct 05, 2007

    This is a very beautiful vector! I really like the outlines and doesn't have flaws as I see it!
    another awesome vector of Lacus! Great job and keep up the good work!

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