Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Wallpaper: We ain't here for your entertainment!

CLAMP, Bee Train, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle, Kurogane, Sakura Kinomoto Wallpaper
CLAMP Mangaka Bee Train Studio Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Series,OVA Kurogane Character Sakura Kinomoto Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

EDIT2: Wow, thanks for elite gallery xD



DEDICATED TO ALL MY FUNKY FELLOW TSUBASA *coughFYEcough* FANGIRLS! <333 and my friends and just all of you at MT cuz I love you <3

I can't take it anymore! It's been waiting to be submitted! EYYAAAHHH! *submits* IT'S OCTOBER SO YEAH!

Yeah, early for halloween. I'm always early though :D. Started this like 2-3 months ago? August. This means I should start my christmas wallpaper now xD. I think I'm slowly filling up the tsubasa gallery xD. I got a big project next for tsubasa though ;). Keep an eye out!

Biggest project YET. I think I make my best walls for halloween, hahahaha. I even made a progress chart, which you can see below *pokes link*. Let's see... 19 days for a project? That's a record!

The title's sorta ironic...you know...books..entertainment... got the inspiration from Pink's song (I'm not here for your entertainment? I think).

I've always loved this scan. I love dragons. Thanks to Marissa-sama for the lovely scan (http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/68429/). Isn't Aqi being nice? She's linking everything xDDD. So the outlining was the killer...over a span of 18 days.
Then I took roughly 2-4 hours colouring everyone else. I limited my colour palette to red, grey and black. Their skin is a pale shade of red! How funky (and spooky)! No shading, just flat colour, I think it looks good that way! :)
The vectoring wasn't hard... just sort of insane with the size of the scan and all the annoying black things in Sakura's dress. I then altered Fye and Sakura's eyebrows and mouths, and redrew Fye's weapon to make it a scythe. It looks more halloween-ish like that. I couldn't think of anything to change Kurogane's sword too...except maybe an axe. But I can't draw axes, and Kurogane looks at home with his lovely little...errr...big...sword. The original file with the vector was much bigger than what you see here ^___^.

Then onto the background... I'm pretty fast with backgrounds. And swirls are a specialty ;). The throne was easy. The bats I vectored from another tsubasa scan (http://gallery.minitokyo.net/view/237576/). I attempted to draw my own bats but they looked like distorted monkeys ... with wings! xDD Added a texture from DA! and some sparkly brushes (haven't seen them for a while, eh?)

OMG YAY I GOT LEGEND OF ZELDA PHANTOM HOURGLASS! /random spaz. I just did! Yay for daddy~

Overall, with the wall, I'm very happy :D. I'm so glad I could do something like this! I hope many other people adorn their desktops in time for halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen~~~. We don't actually properly celebrate it here, though. But I do :D.

And I went to an anime convention for the first time :D. YAAAAY! I got an Usa-chan plushie! Usa-chan <3's you! I wish I bought more though >_<. Photo's on my userpage soon if I get to it. EDIT: PHOTOS HERE: http://aerialite.livejournal.com/2168.html#cutid1

TOTAL TIME: Roughly 19 days
TOTAL LAYERS: Vector - 35 (O_o I expected at least 50 xDDDD) WALLPAPER: 20 shock horror. Yeah, I try to cut down file space. 55 altogether.
VECTOR DIMENSIONS: 3016 (width) x 3765 (height) px
HARDEST PART: Fye and Sakura's hair.
EASIEST PART: Swirlies, background in general.
ANNOYING-EST PART: Sakura's dress >_____>
FOOD: Caramel sliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice.... My dad is a great cook! And other assorted sweets! Caaaaa-keeee! *says like Honey-sempai*
Alternate versions (I got lots this time!):
Colours of the rainbow! If you want a colour that isn't here, just comment or PM me and I'll make one for you!
2048x1536 (Red)
2048x1536 (Blue)
2048x1536 (Green)
2048x1536 (Orange)
2048x1536 (Pink)

The awesome progress chart (includes progress images and nice detail shots! Excuse the huge watermark):
Progress chart~ Clicketh me!
colorfull-wallieshoteru-no-shiki <--- Newtime Magic

P.S: This is the most thorough description I've ever done xDD.
P.P.S (or is it P.S.S?): Do not rip. Use with permission is okay though! :D I don't bite~! I think...
P.P.P.S: Should I wall something other than tsubasa? Have suggestions? :O I'm up for it! Aqi likes challenges :).

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Browse Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. pamkips Oct 02, 2007

    Wow, you're so hardcore :3 I love the simplicity, nicely done.
    You seriously have too much time on your hands.

  2. Arya3087 Oct 03, 2007

    kyaaa! the greatness!
    it's really beautiful! and it's red! <3 (my fav color XD ) and it's swirly! <3<3 (swirls are love) and it's sooo nicely vectored!
    totally amazing wallie! :)

    so, if u'll ask if to wall something else, it's up to u :) but I seriously don't mind u walling tsubasa XD (or clamp in general)
    either way, keep up the great work! coz your work really is great! XD

  3. zaira Oct 03, 2007

    woah! i like this one! nice vector and bloody red colors! XD
    love also those cool looking roots or swirls or something like that ^_^'
    the vector is clean + the outlines is nice! i like it!
    *gotta check those other colors* XD anyways overall love the clean and bloody color! :D
    + fav!

  4. rika23 Oct 03, 2007

    I just love the color *_* great vector

  5. joviality Oct 03, 2007

    I love Halloween and I'm so grabbing your wallpaper to celebrate the season, hee.

    I love the original art, do you know that in CLAMP in Wonderland 2, they are going to appear wearing these dragon outfit. Gorgeous!

    I like it that you changed Fai's weapon to a scythe, it's very cool.

    Gorgeous wallpaper over all *thumbs up*, I took the red one.

  6. abul Oct 03, 2007

    vector = nice
    sorry didnt wanna read the describtion XD
    anyways im faving it XD

  7. aneres Oct 03, 2007

    Definitely pretty! XD Love the tone of colouring used. Grabiing the other colours as well, thank you!

  8. temarigenius Oct 03, 2007

    Awesome vector! I love all the color versions, especially red! *_* Red is my fav color~

  9. KyoTohruMouseCandyDodo2 Oct 04, 2007

    Wow! That is so hot ^^ I really love the pink one too! <3

  10. rubenz Oct 05, 2007

    o.O so lovely , love the pink and blue one xD

  11. DarkPriestessKikyo06 Oct 06, 2007

    Awesome wall! Perfect for Halloween! :)

  12. RoninOtakuKnight Oct 07, 2007

    OMG ditto everything above me! Wow never seen that look on Sakura's face before almost makes her a different person

  13. FrankyFeng Oct 07, 2007

    Looks so charming !
    I prefer the orange version

  14. ReBeKiCHii Oct 07, 2007

    totally awesome! (^ ^)!
    really nice vector done~~ the background has a lot of detail in it and looks great! the also like the orange version :D
    lovely job done! totally love it! (^ ^)!

  15. FallenAngelZoicyte Oct 07, 2007

    really lovely, love the crimson

  16. enchantment Oct 08, 2007

    wow, i love the colouring and the vector is nicely done :D love the bats and the simple background :D nice wall~^^

  17. mystvearn Oct 08, 2007

    nice red tone wallpaper

    merged: 10-08-2007 ~ 12:55pm
    nice red tone wallpaper

    merged: 10-08-2007 ~ 12:55pm
    nice red tone wallpaper

  18. eternallegend Oct 08, 2007

    the vector is nicely done and the colours suit well :) i like the details in the background and how it looks nice and simple :D the bats add a nice touch :) nice wall ^^

  19. bella-ella Oct 25, 2007

    WOAH -- that is simple AWESOME!
    k, this one is a *definite* fave.
    The colours: awesome, the scans and poses and stuff: awesome. I'm drowning in your awesomeosity here...

  20. CuteSherry Nov 09, 2007

    Very nice vector wall! XD XD
    I can't believe I noticed it only now O.o
    Keep up with the good work Aqi!

  21. DarkPriestessKikyo06 Nov 19, 2007

    This is an awesome vector wall! I really love the deapth you've created with the textures and colors. It works perfectly with the characters (who are absolutly perfect cause they're from Tsubasa!)! Terrific work! I hope to see more just like it! :) :) :)

  22. enchantressinthedark Dec 24, 2007

    Awesomeness is depicted in your beautiful work <3 The red and black colours are simply fantastic! You go girl!

  23. smh1164 Nov 13, 2008

    Happy Halloween everyone ^^

  24. OreoLover Jan 12, 2009

    So i was looking at the picture, and it took me FOREVER to realize that I have this picture! OMG it is so DIFFERENT! this is awesome! How can people have such talent!?! The swirls are amazing! The throne is amazing. The dragon things are amazing! IT is AMAZING! Thank you for the upload!

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