Night Demon Wallpaper: Sakura Wind

Carnelian, Alice Soft, Night Demon, Hoshiru Ryuujou, Vector Art Wallpaper
Carnelian Mangaka Alice Soft Studio Night Demon Game Hoshiru Ryuujou Character Vector Art Source

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Finally...... Now I can move on! I was so exhausted of this darn wallpaper and this is a older version of Carnelian's artwork. Basiclly I'm saying this maybe one of my worst Carnelian wallpaper I made. I mean the outside went blah, so blurry and quite unclear. I really didn't like the result still even though I constantly just keep remaking it and such. OX No more can I say about this, but I hope you enjoy it Ryo-chan & Christine. ;)

Inspiration: Dedicated to Christine & Ryo-chan.
Started: 8/25 (I think) - 9/30
Hours: 25+ hrs
Most Difficult: The ouside background
Easiest: none
Credit: Dianas showed me this site with the scan & got the kimono patterns from nic1.
Used: Adobe Illustrator CS3 & Photoshop CS2
Note: - Nature background = lame :sweat:
- Both of their birthdays are on the same day. :o
- I added a touch of style on the tree since I got the idea from anolibb.

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[Edit:] - lols! I got into the elite gallery within 24min. I think that's a record for me. :3 This is random btw! XD

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  1. Chloe Retired Moderator Oct 01, 2007

    The background looks fine! The bush might be a bit too blurry, but everything else is really neatly done! Great job!

  2. saki-xan Oct 01, 2007

    Wow! I love the room! The vector is perfect *O* I like me greatly the texture that you I use in the tape of the kimono, it is so brilliant! Also every adornment that has the room and the landscape of behind is very pretty, I love it!

  3. ArtificialRaindrop Oct 01, 2007

    If this is what you think of as your worst wall, I might die from how gorgeous your other walls are! The soft colors contrasted with the darker wood gives a nice contrast, the faint pattern on the kimono is a nice touch, and I don't know what else to say other than I love it! If only it had been wides-creen I could use it on my desktop T_T It's simply breathtaking!

  4. Mirukudesu Oct 01, 2007

    Wow! Is really beautiful, don't say such things (the worst wallpaper you've made? Lies!). I think is a great job, very well done!

  5. Sakichii Oct 01, 2007

    wow...that is so incredibly beautiful!

  6. Kitaan Retired Moderator Oct 01, 2007

    *__* Geez moonie, your great <3
    I know you put lots of work into
    this, you can see it. Blood, sweat and tears huh?
    Very beautiful feeling and nice
    soft atmosphere.

  7. Scampi Oct 01, 2007

    Your Carnelian vector wallies are the best! You worked so hard on it and you call it bad wallie :-) You put in a lot of effort in this wallpaper (most of it is vector). Like to see more Carnelian wallpapers by you and don't be so negative about it, everyone here LOVES it!

  8. eternallegend Oct 01, 2007

    the vector is done really nicely :D the colour is wonderful and the scene is really nice and peaceful :) the petals add a nice touch and i like how there seems to be a breeze :D the perspective is really interesting and i like the nice background XD lovely wall ^^

  9. kykyopj Oct 01, 2007

    Your works are getting better and better and I don't think there's someone to make Carnelian wallpapers like you. All your works have that certain something ... I don't realy know, but they are surly unique. And even if you say it's bad, I'll say it's good :)
    Once again, a beautiful wallpaper for the MT gallery (and for my fav list ;) )

  10. zaira Oct 01, 2007

    another vector wallie from you :D
    i should say and as usual your vectors are nice! its sharp + its clean
    nice outlines + the colors are great! :D
    though as chloe-sama said the bush needs to be sharp so it can fit the whole sharpness of the wallie.
    but overall nice sharp and clean vector! + fav! ;)

  11. royaldarkness Oct 01, 2007

    This is such a pretty wall, and I really really love it! :)
    Awesome vector and background, you're done a really good job on it, it's definitely not your worst wall! In fact I don't think there's a single bad wall from you, they're all so gorgeous :nya:

  12. Omone Oct 01, 2007

    The outlines are just nice and the colouring is wonderful. This is really a pretty wallpaper. I am always amazed of your wonderful works! All looks so pretty. Just love them all =D

  13. kokuyu Oct 01, 2007

    wow~ XD long time haven't seen a kimono walie :D this shall be in my shopping list now X-P

  14. abul Oct 01, 2007

    wow! :o
    stop saying ur wallies are bad in descriptions because everytime i read this i wanna kick ur but XD
    damn, im so lazy that id never vector the bg! :o though i must say that blackoutlines look kinda weird on the brown floor :x
    oh btw, how could u froget that i gave you the link to the artbooks :'( oh and could u tell me which one of them has the the scan cuz i only have the screencap which is 640x480 :)
    neat vector+carnelian=my favourite XD

  15. ThunderByte Oct 01, 2007

    Don't be too rough for yourself because this wallpaper looks awesome :)
    Great colors and image fits well. Background (nature) too.
    Thanks from this beautiful wallie.

  16. entity1660 Oct 01, 2007

    Stop making me jealous, dammit! >< =3

  17. ASH-Hikari Oct 01, 2007

    >_< You know, when I saw this I was like, "Yeesh, someone went and submitted a scan as a wallpaper again." I guess I was wrong!
    Great job Moon-chan! The vectoring is flawless, and I just adore all the little details in the background! Ooh, and you used textures on her kimono? Genius :D
    One of the best parts about the wall is the angle, it gives it a much more interesting look than if it were straight on ;)
    Anyways I give up! You're just too good Moon-chan! :D Keep it up, beautiful work!

  18. FallenAngelZoicyte Oct 02, 2007

    so pretty! makes me want to make better walls!

  19. auel1124 Oct 02, 2007

    wow, so many details! the vector of the character is not that great, seems you missed something in the face, dont know, the hair or the eyes look somewhat weird...

    but as I said before, the details of her surrounding is great! I hardly could imagine myself doing that... +favs!

  20. x-lawss Oct 02, 2007

    This vector is nicely done! Background looks great, thanks for sharing XD

  21. irix Oct 02, 2007

    Maybe someday i will try doing something like that... but not really... this work is terrible awesome! :D

  22. Draconis112 Oct 02, 2007

    Whoa... saying how nice this is would be an understatement. You do great work, I have one of you earlier pieces as my wallpaper on the PC. You're an inspiration for me to improve my skills or lack there of.


  23. Kairi-Hearts Oct 02, 2007

    another vector wallie from you! :D
    your vector's great as usual. Nice, clean and sharp. The coloring is wonderful too.
    I think you did great in the background though the bush might be a bit too blurry, but it's okay.
    it's still wonderful.
    +fav! ^^

  24. iorimayor Oct 02, 2007

    That's very nice. Looks lovely. It's right now on my Desktop. Thanks!

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