Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Wallpaper: The Sound of Snow Falling

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1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Fullview, please! Though I guess that really goes without saying... The colors aren't as dull that way.

Let's start with the stats...
Time: around 10 hours-? (I forgot to keep track some of the time...)
Layers: Including the individual vector layers it cleared 70, but I started flattening some of it later.
Inspiration: The Sound of Snow Falling from the Kenshin OVA.

The original scan is here. I know it's in the Tsubasa section, but since the characters in it are both from xxxHolic I put it in that section (and also I made the wall to fit the series xxxHolic more).

Everytime I try vectoring I want to curl up in the corner and cry ^_^' But what i did this time around was a combination of vectoring, painting, and cutting out textures to make the wall as I envisioned it. Yuuko's kimono is both painted and made of oriental fabric that was altered to give a very faint, delicate pattern to fit with the feel of the wallpaper. Her wings were also painted a bit and used a lot of paper texture to give it more depth and a sort of richness to it. And Mount Fuji in the background was originally scanned out of a book of Japanese prints at my house and repainted to make it softer like it might seem in the snow from a distance, including the refracted light in the misty air. The original image had cherry blossoms and fluffy balls of light every where, but I chunked out both of them in favor of snow. Also, the kanji on the side is supposed to say "Snow Fall". Overall I tried to make it look vaguely like a japanese painting or postcard. ^_^' I'm really happy with how this turned out. Hope you like it!

hoteru-no-shiki ~New Time Magic~
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  1. davidfoxwv Sep 30, 2007

    The Sound of Snow Falling also happens to be the name of a track on the Kenshin OVA soundtrack -- a very beautiful one at that. Is that what you're thinking of?

    Nice mood piece though :) I like it.

  2. Chloe Retired Moderator Oct 01, 2007

    I love the vector! It's very neatly done and the delicate details are awesome. Great job!

  3. moonescape Oct 01, 2007

    This definately does without saying. :o I'm qutie speechless, but I'll provide some.

    I mean first of all the details here are just crazy. Yet this wallpaper has such a dreamy background and the colours clashing here is just perfect. It gives such a nice sense of feeling and I don't know how did you do it. :o

    This really needs more faves than it's getting right now so please full view this!

  4. MapleRose Retired Moderator Oct 01, 2007

    very neat vector ^__^ I love the patterns of her kimono and wings, and the soft blending of the shading. The background is nicely made as well, the colours and theme matches well with the foreground. :) great work!

  5. annakee Oct 01, 2007

    wow, wow! is so, so... clamp ^_^"

  6. Kitaan Retired Moderator Oct 01, 2007

    Wow, your so amazing I admire your work.
    It's beautiful and so complex, I can't
    think of anything else it's just great.
    Gorgeous work <33

  7. zaira Oct 01, 2007

    wow! i like this one! the whole wallie looks transparent XD
    though i guess its not ehehe ^_^' anyways i like the soft colors of the background
    + nice vector! i like the cleanliness + the outlines! :D
    nice patterns to on her kimono! XD though i'm not fond on the japanese text
    at the left above the your wall, its just ruin the whole wallie >.< but overall nice vector + the patterns on her kimono! +fav! ;)

  8. enchantment Oct 01, 2007

    wow, i love all the details in your wall and the colour scheme is a really nice choice :D i love the faint patterns in the wall :) the japanese painting or postcard idea is really nice and your wall turned out stunningly :D lovely wall~^^+fav

  9. Omone Oct 01, 2007

    simple beautiful.. and all those little details.. I love it..

  10. eternallegend Oct 01, 2007

    the details are done nicely and i like the lovely purple colour scheme :) the vector is done really well and i like the nice patterns :D i like the way everything seems to blend :) lovely wall ^^+fav

  11. abul Oct 01, 2007

    amazing wall! :o
    vector seems to be easy but the textures just made it GORGEOUS!
    faving immediately ;)

  12. Angi Retired Moderator Oct 01, 2007

    just nice nice!
    love it! love everything, colors and Yuuko looks so cool!
    simply love it!

  13. FallenAngelZoicyte Oct 02, 2007

    the colors are beautiful! love mokona. happy happy fav fav!

  14. aneres Oct 02, 2007

    Wows, it's definitely worth the full view, the coloring is gorgeous! The use of texture add a very different dimension to the scan, it's so much more beautiful.

  15. Zoamel Oct 03, 2007

    finally I found a fitting wallpaper for my new notebook!
    The colours are great and the quality is also fantastic. Thanks a lot for this submission :)

  16. Draconis112 Oct 04, 2007

    Quote by Chloe-chanI love the vector! It's very neatly done and the delicate details are awesome. Great job!

    I second this. The attention to details is great. This is a very good piece. Good Work!

  17. royaldarkness Oct 04, 2007

    That is absolutely gorgeous :)
    Immaculately done, I love it!

  18. merelie Oct 04, 2007

    oh wow, this wallpaper is simply gorgeous!
    the fine attention the smallest detail is fantastic
    the fabric in the shape of a butterfly is marvelously inspired
    thank you sooooo much for sharing! :)

  19. bella-ella Oct 05, 2007

    Oooh! @_@ What can I say? The scan is gorgeous, absolutely love it, and the work you've done is simply beautiful Definite fave.

  20. Fairywater Oct 07, 2007

    sugoiii @@ this is the most beautiful purple wallpaper i saw EVER :OOO it is soo nice! i luv the flowers too :D

  21. mystvearn Oct 07, 2007

    ultra cool wallpaper

  22. KieraAnn Nov 06, 2007

    wow, its beautiful, the soft colors are nice on the eyes. Plus its purple that wins it there fore me, ^_^, Yuko's outfit would be awesome for cosplay...hum...*sweatdrop* Great something else for me to do now...lol.

  23. Tilja Apr 22, 2008

    It's really beautiful, and the colors are great. It feels like night time in the image as well. The snow falling is a good subject too, and the fact that it was from Kenshin's OVA gives me the idea of that ova all over ^^

  24. limeic May 27, 2008

    i really love the effects/paint/vector job you did with her kimono and wings. awesome! :)

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