ef - a fairy tale of the two. Wallpaper: Never Be Alone [Dual Screen + Widescreen + 4:3 Aspect]

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4096x1536 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

When you need to talk,
I will be there to listen.
Bring it on, brother, bring it on!
Lets get through this together,
Lets get through the hard times,
Lets celebrate the great times,
Lets get together.
Remember, when you need a hand,
I will be there to give it,
so no worries, from this day onwards,
You will never be alone.

Sometimes I do not seem kind, other times I am all too kind, if you are a friend, know that even the darkest moments there will be a light, I can be the torch, you just need to find the door, and it is there, don't forget, I am by your side. - (Hermann Dykler, Excerpts of Understanding a Person Without Looking At Them)

There are greater friends than the ones you spend all your time with boozing at the bar, and certainly better ones that you go see the game with, those are the friends who did not join you, but helped you when you are in need, listened to your boring talk, and certainly didn't say "no" when you needed support. - Mr. A U, Alumni in Manchester University, former Research facility member.

Many people go through their lives gathering contacts, lots of them however, never realized having many friends is not a problem, but having one true friend is hard to get, and having more than one is one too many. - Mr. S (name witheld for privacy reasons, Lecturer, Manchester Metropolitan University.)

Perhaps the most ambitious project I ever taken on, creating a high resolution super large dual screen wallpaper and I don't even have dualscreen!
So what! I am gonna go ahead anyway, so this wallpaper took perhaps one too much effort

So the words above are what this wallpaper is about, friendship.
The extraction is a bit rough, but I am sure you can't disagree it doesn't look great anyway. The whole background took days to mash up, the various clouds you see here is actually some 7 stock photos, with enough ram eating processor crunching requirement to kill even a new iMac. All I did on a 512 mb Windows XP with barely any resources left! The mash took some 4 days, extraction itself was a good 5 hours in two days, the blending took a lot of time, and it certainly do not discount the texture work here, since it needs lots of patch up and various ones to keep the painted texture without it looking too distorted. All in all, over a week was spent on this.

The concept was to make a dual screen that could be separated as two walls, which you can freely do so. At the same time, make widescreen and 4:3 wallpaper applicable.

I cut out the characters and separated them into two PNG formats, one of each side, I was gonna add more characters including the other two that is missing from this one, but would look better with 3 vs 3 on each side. The filter itself took ages to load each time as the PSD is huge! over 400 mb! So each step was a heartstopper, is it gonna hang? is it gonna crash? lol my backup was prompting each 4 mins!

Anyhow, with so much put in, I just hope you can see what I am trying to do with this one, it is not a matter of trying something new, but take up the ultimate challenge.
I haven't even seen this anime yet, nor do I know what is it about, but seriously, it became the most ambitious project I ever took on. Oh by the way.... to add salt to the wound, I was listening to this when I added the finishing touches: Where's Your Head At? by Basement Jaxx (Hyperstar Remix) <--- it will drive you mad.

There are also widescreen with text versions and textless

as well as 1600x1200 screen with text versions and textless

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Browse ef - a fairy tale of the two. Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Devildude Sep 28, 2007

    Full Version in Widescreen and 1600x1200 4:3 resolution.


    Textless Full Version in Widescreen and 1600x1200 Version Textless.


    Full Resolution Dual Screen Super Large 4096 x 1536
    Resolution. Textless Version:


  2. xXxPlixXx Sep 28, 2007

    Awesome work, ty~

  3. ShrinkNerv4Eva Sep 29, 2007

    You do excellent work. How do you change the aspect ratio without distoring the image though?

  4. terry175 Oct 01, 2007

    he vectorized each character as object with background changing it's aspect ratio and resizing the object(character itself), that's why you see the character getting nearer and nearer to each other..

    merged: 10-01-2007 ~ 08:40pm
    and well... i really like this piece of art.. and i have fav it ^^

  5. Edo-Lover615 Apr 11, 2008

    beautiful! T_T i love this wall. ef is an amazing anime and game.. i love it. ^_^

  6. zaq1xsw2 Nov 09, 2008

    Nice background love the colours >< thanks for ur hardwork ><

  7. eil May 11, 2009

    double plus for making different versions!

  8. 914LKH Jul 12, 2009


  9. Qosmos Dec 18, 2009

    ??????? ??????? ?? ?????
    ???? ??? ??????? ????????,
    ????????? ???????? ????????
    ?????????? ???? ???, ?? ??? ?????.
    ? ???????, ??????, ???????
    ? ??? ?????? ???? ???? ??????,
    ???, ?? ????? ? ???? ????????
    ?? ?????? ?? ???, ? ????.

  10. lwyrobin Apr 09, 2010

    i like ef ,i love yoku!yoku!

  11. Krycha May 14, 2010

    good series and interesting characters
    great picture

  12. harima94 Aug 15, 2010

    muy buena foto tan linda como la serie muchas gracias x la foto

  13. p4dc6 Oct 05, 2010

    I appreciate the large wallpapers. Running Tri-Screen with 5440x1200 makes it almost impossible to find wallpapers that will do the job nicely.

  14. galilio Mar 20, 2015

    great...i think this is the best

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