Clannad Wallpaper: The Etched Canvas

Kyoto Animation, Key (Studio), Clannad, Tomoyo Sakagami Wallpaper
Kyoto Animation Studio Key (Studio) Studio Clannad Series,Visual Novel Tomoyo Sakagami Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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This wallpaper has much detail to share. Special thanks goes to Heart464.

This wallpaper literally took inspiration from my sister's artwork, let me recall the experience:

Years ago, she was still a student at The Academy of Arts heading down to Lim Kok Wing university, and she was doing one of her projects, at the time, I hadn't even started touching photoshop yet, or should I say very simply so, believe or not, I was vectoring (in a very crude way, I vectored what I think is a tiger) back then, and with something around photoshop 4 or 5.

She however, was doing something wayyyy crazy, she wanted it perfect, a perfect carbon copy of Vincent Van Gogh's Self Potrait, the one with the scary looking eyes, and she is gonna do it not by painting, because no one can paint it right, so she printed a copy of the artwork, and etched it onto canvas.

For the weeks that followed, she slowly used her etching and carving blade to etch out the outlines, then the surface of the skin, slowly bringing to life one of Vincent's legendary artwork, copying inch by inch, cm by cm, by hand, carefully making sure there are no mistakes. Her patience was astounding as sometimes when she finishes her other projects, she would continue it till late into the night.

In a sense, it was an inspiration looking at what she did, and of course, the things she does with photoshop is a whole different level, if she was half as interested in anime as I am, she would probably put the top names Nat, Tate, TamaNeko, Anbuu, <--- no offense guys, to shame. I mean, looking at the level of patience, the dedication she could put onto a subject... wow. I could never do that.

So, a dedication to her willpower, and of course, this wallpaper is not done by hand. The texture is by Heart 464 got it from her design site. It took 2 days, in between working on the lazy Boat, Nice etc wallpaper of school days, this one took a bit of time to clean the image, however, I ended up not liking the cleaned version and I use Cutout over it, this makes it look much more imperfect, but I feel it gives off a more handmade feel to it you know what I mean?

Hope you all enjoy this one, I know it is not the best wall, but think of it as a measure of what I do best, do things backwards, and be choosy over the wrong things.

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  1. Devildude Sep 24, 2007





  2. irix Sep 24, 2007

    well my friend... i will said some words to your work... as you said in someplace... for my point of view this works sucks... but at least is so different of another works... maybe this style i didn't like it so much... or maybe because i knew that you can make more beautiful works with some other styles that suit you more. well, i didn't know for sure... but it's good that you made a different style to found your feelings at this moment of inspiration... sorry if you felt that my words are aggressive... but you only have to put that apart and continue doing what you felt do in that moment and not even take care about the critics...
    and for a last words: for my view of point, maybe the technique is good... but the image that you choose is bad for that technique... that's maybe all... and sorry again if i'm offend you... :S

  3. Sagnarn Sep 24, 2007

    Hi, in my opinion this Wall is very good as always i like texture brush style and this color make sad and melancholic environement, +fav ;) and thanks for wide version

  4. reload Sep 25, 2007

    Oh Very Nice wallpaper..

    Love black tone

    great job!

  5. lukegrek Sep 26, 2007

    awesome wall!

  6. BlackSponge Oct 01, 2007

    To put it in a big perspective,there's not much I can say about this wall....EXCEPT,it's very...original and unique.
    Also it's gloomy.
    I am impressed with how you were inspired to make this wall.
    Anyway,it's a nice wall.

  7. Ianervan Oct 21, 2007

    A nice wrap up,

    I can imagine how you started your days as a waller. I never thought that you were inspired by your sister in this field. It's good to have someone you admire and follow his or her footstep, no? alrighty then... It's been awhile since I've seen an outstanding post since the one you made with the manly face. It was quite some time ago. I stared at this wall for a long moment. Before I knew it, your work has mesmerized me once more.

    It is the way you make the texture that catch my attention. I see it like as if it is painted on a canvas, the rough linings and the shadow of the dark areas. As for the brush techniques, it's definitely perfect as you made the edges soft without any sudden change of mood but it loses out towards the right side. And the way you make the pitch black for her wings spoiled the texture on those parts.

    Well, I'm not going to blab about the uniqueness and originality 'cos that's what you do ^^ Two thumbs up! ( perhaps a third and a fourth from my toes? ;) )

  8. weeheng Jan 24, 2009

    OH !OH !i finally found a clannad wall with a black background and on top of it its sketched ><

    i just love sketches .this is gonna be on my fav list .

    good job devil .

  9. XxFadedxX Mar 19, 2009

    Good job man! I love this stuff.

  10. TheDevilgirl Mute Member Dec 28, 2009

    nice work... but i like it when the eye is blue in color...XD
    anyway thx for sharing it.. =)

  11. Kiwain Mar 11, 2010


    Thats awesome!

    Very nice Job! XD

  12. chaelmi May 17, 2010

    muchas gracias! thank you! maraming salamat!

  13. Apollinaria73 Jul 11, 2010

    So wonderful! I like It so much


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