Riko Korie Wallpaper: Horizon Light

Riko Korie Wallpaper
Riko Korie Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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Entry for the contest hosted in wings-lovers.

No srsly I didn't 4get about your B-day. I'd just regret commenting your guestbook and only greet happy birthday without a gift. :\

Inspiration: Dedicated to Aisha turning 18 this year. ^^
Started: 9/11 (I think) - 9/23
Hours: Maybe more than 10 hrs. D:
Most Difficult: The painting for the clouds
Easiest: The outlines
Credit: I used the orangey clouds from a scan I got Azstraph, wings from Gunsmith & for the the main overrall use by my friend Fenafir
Used: Adobe Illustrator CS3 & Photoshop CS2
Note: - Background = lame :sweat:

I fianlly am going to get my own laptop **joys**. Mt Dad says an apple laptop so I'm going to have so much problems of working with an apple since I don't know how to use one. OX

If you wonder why wasn't I so active is because I was sick since Thursday and it lasted until afer Ash-Hikari's B-day so sorry. :sweat:

Not much to say, but it's right now 2:36 am last I checked. x_X I'm too exhausted to say another word, but please the clouds we're so difficult, I struggled the most basiclly out of this whole wallpaper. OX Please full view I guess.

P.S. - I'll update more later because I have a textless version with me, but I'm too tired. x_x

[Edit] - Fixed the wallpaper a little plus I got 3 version for you to choose from. >:D

Textless Version

No Mountains

Textless Version + No Mountains

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  1. abul Sep 23, 2007

    YAY! XD
    ur finally done!
    it's so gorg! and clouds are ok, u just had to make them alitle blurry and that's all
    wings fit perfectly the whole image and the colours are just so amazing!
    definitely faving this one ;)

    PS uh oh! aisha's turning 18, not 28 XD

  2. Lariel Sep 23, 2007

    I don't like the wings, but I love the colors of the background! Red, blue, and blue again! ^^

  3. Kairi-Hearts Sep 23, 2007

    kawaii! Love the colors!
    The vector is great as always. I find her wings very pretty. And you did a good job with the clouds ;) I'm sure Aisha-san will love it.
    yay you're getting your own laptop! :)
    You got worse? -_- I hope you're okay now!
    Oh and good luck with the contest!

  4. rika23 Sep 23, 2007

    gorgeous :o the vector is well done ^^ and i like the overlay wing :3

  5. erikamirou Sep 23, 2007

    wow! that's very good!
    I love this vector!
    I want a laptop too! T-T XD
    I love her eyes and hair! ;)

  6. norine07 Sep 23, 2007

    omg! lovely artwork~ just feeled with warmth~ XD the vector is nicely done as always~ love the blending of colours as well~ ^-^

  7. Fenafir Retired Moderator Sep 23, 2007

    Oh my! This is sooo beautiful. I love how you added the wings onto the girl. The vector is just flawless! Clean, smooth lines and the coloring is well done. I think the background looks spectacular. I love how you tried to capture the same overall aspect from the original scan cause It gives out a nice warm and majestic feeling to this wallpaper. You also did a great job on the clouds too. Darn, if it can only fit on my widescreen monitor. Oh well, I love your works, keep it up!

  8. yui20 Sep 23, 2007

    Aw~ This is a beautiful wallpaper =D
    And you are getting a laptop! I am so jealous >.<
    You vectored the whole wallpaper, that's amazing, but the bad thing is the text ._.
    It's kinda ruin the wallpaper, you should make it blurry or something, coz I saw the text is jagged x_x

  9. Chloe Retired Moderator Sep 23, 2007

    The vector is awesome and I love the clouds! The only things that looks strange are the mountains, but other than that, great job!

  10. YoruAngel866 Sep 23, 2007

    this is so pretty
    vector is awesome and everything is perfect especially wings

  11. kykyopj Sep 23, 2007

    You leve me speachless gir!
    It looks so delicate and strong in the same time and ... As I sayd, I am speachless X_X

    I'm so sorry to hear you were sick -_- But I'm glad to her you're feeling better :) You say you getting a laptop? Oh joy! I am sioo happy for you. You deserve it :) And don't worry about not knowing how to use the apple sistm. You'll ghet used to it ;)

  12. Scampi Sep 23, 2007

    oh my gosh! Another wallie by moonescape >_< You just keep coming up with very creative wallies and vectors. The wings add a nice touch and the background is almost identical to the scan. As always your outlines are the best and this is definitely going to my faves!

  13. pamkips Sep 23, 2007

    This is amazing~ But I'm just not enjoying the mountains :O
    But I just LOVE your wall :3

  14. ASH-Hikari Sep 23, 2007

    Lol I don't know what to say!
    I cant believe you made this beautiful vectored/painted wall for me! For me! Wow...I don't even know how thank you! I adore it, it's gorgeous! *Sets to desktop* Don't even apologise for being late! It's understandable, just look at that wall!
    The vector of the girl is flawless, I like the lighting of it (and her pose). I'm loving the vivid orange colour of the horizon rising up to the dark blue sky, and those clouds are love! (I tried painting some clouds the other night...after a few hours I had something that looked close to a blob). Everything is great (I even like those mountains, they're kawaii) so thank you so much! *Glomps you with lots of hugs*
    Oh, and congrats on getting a new laptop soon! You deserve it!

  15. DarthTofu Sep 23, 2007

    I think my favorite part is... THE WINGS!
    and the sky is so beautiful! Love!

    Apples aren't that different from Windows, and if you want help you can ask me. ^^
    and congrats on your own laptop!

  16. Jim3535 Sep 25, 2007

    Thanks for the textless version. I just about flipped when I saw such a good wall sunk by really ugly text.

  17. Vanta Sep 29, 2007

    Great Wall, love the character and the background's nice too. Keep the good work mate :)

  18. dizzy-me Sep 30, 2007

    Oo~~ this wallie is very beautiful and i do like the background color and her translucent wings... Her wings reflects the beauty of the background scenery nicely. The vector is also very clean and neat, and of course, the textless version is really great coz i personally prefer wallie without text as it is more beautiful XD Great JOB! Loved your art :D

  19. eternallegend Oct 01, 2007

    the vector is done really well but its a bit jagged in a few areas ^_^' i like the nice colours but im not the biggest fan of the yellow light beam near the middle ^_^' the wings add a nice touch although they seem a bit sharp to be wings ^_^' [hope i didnt offend you ^_^'] i like the way the clouds look and they have been painted well :) i like the subtle look of the sky :D lovely wall ^^

  20. Kasuga14 Oct 03, 2007

    So beautiful! XD love how you did the sunset, and the vectors look really nice, with the wings and sky, and the overall layout is very effective and works well with the colours and vectors. Great Job!

  21. priincess Jan 02, 2008

    perfect wings, beautiful sky
    juzt one word:
    XD !

  22. shak-aure Feb 09, 2010

    wow very nice wallpaper *.*
    It has a very good design and an pleasant quality
    thanks for sharing

  23. conansuzaku May 03, 2010

    esta muy buena quedo exelente :D

  24. chenrenshe Mute Member Jun 01, 2010

    The background looks good at wellI ?love the warmth that just radiates from the wallpaper?

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