Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito Wallpaper: Divine Exile

Carnelian, Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito, Hazuki Azuma Wallpaper
Carnelian Mangaka Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito Series,Visual Novel Hazuki Azuma Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

this is my wall for carnelian-sworld Serene contest
and wings-lovers contest entry for September
nyaa shes falling! somebody told me one day that heaven is the most dangerous place...cause if you do something bad, youll be exiled ^_^'
so shes falling from heaven cause she slashed an angel's wing! :hmpf:
and so she was exiled to live an eternal life on earth, with a sword that she can use only to protect someone she loves ^_^' (earth seems to be a hard place to live ne) and so the angels take off her wings and each feather returned to heaven, in her way to earth some fairys wanted to catch a feather to gain eternal life (yes fairys arent inmortal), but theyre just impossible to catch OX since a heavens feather got divine power ^_^'

so weird description

just PS CS2 this time, my cloud brushes, and some others from DA, textures from photoshop, heaven's hands vectored, and fairys are round brush plus smudgin' n smudgin' a lot
scan here this time no vectored, guess was very nice and clean :o

nyaaa thats enough blabbering

my groups
art-nouveau free--wallers cute-wallies
vector-wallers nugeneration celestial-luminesse
kaleidostar-4-ever feathers-of-eternity

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Browse Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Melisandre Sep 20, 2007

    Cute, cute, I love Yami to boushi to hon no Tabibito and your idea for this wallie is really nice and quite original. The fairies are nice :D

  2. Lum-sann Sep 20, 2007

    Omg! the wallpaper looks awesome! :D very original and interesting, those lines with the hands look really cool! i love the angels around her and their lights look beautiful! the scan is perfect! :) the feathers give a nice effect too! :D well done Angie-chan! ;)
    Fav for me! ^_^

  3. annakee Sep 20, 2007

    i love the history behind of your wallpaper, and from what you shown me before, this wallpaper improve a lot!
    im glad to see a new submittion with your name ^_^

  4. Lady-Lotus Sep 21, 2007

    awww....how pretty! I really like the way you did the background, the colors blended so well. I like all those feathers around her as well. very well done.

  5. rika23 Sep 21, 2007

    beautiful O.o i love the way that you did on the wallie XD love the shatters of feathers there

  6. Lariel Sep 21, 2007

    Just love the cloudy effects- but the wings surrounding the characters is slightly messy from the thumbnail point of view. :D Good luck with the contest, btw! Ja!

  7. Nightrane Sep 21, 2007

    Wow. It's really nice, but the hands are a bit scary. ^^ Great effort+work overall! :D

  8. Sakura-Dust Sep 21, 2007

    I adore the hands! How did you made them?
    Anyways, it's great, simply awesome!

  9. sea0star Sep 21, 2007

    i love it

  10. psihy Sep 21, 2007

    really great! this on goes right to desk ^_^

  11. yui20 Sep 21, 2007

    The wallpaper looks great =D ~
    But the quality is a lil bit bad >.<~~~

  12. moonescape Sep 21, 2007

    Quite interesting hen I see the perspective, but simple background I think. :o

    I think the vector was alright, but really nice job with everything just clashing together for this wallpaper. ^^

  13. KiyanaIkebana Sep 22, 2007

    Wonderful! This wallie is really cute! Very great job!

  14. gaara-no-shukaku Sep 23, 2007

    The story is nicely potrayed into the wall. Those hands look absolutely cool, and those feathers look nice as well. Although the composition is abit not balanced with the fairies' positions look too static, rather give random movements.

  15. Korixxkairi Sep 23, 2007

    Wow very nice. How can I miss this beautiful wallpaper.
    Many feather around Hatsuki that NICE! And one thing that I like your wallpaper is..
    the little angel that on the right and the left ....They're so KAwaii><"
    You have my FAV~

  16. FallenAngelZoicyte Sep 23, 2007

    very cool. love how she's upside down.

  17. reload Sep 25, 2007

    Very Beautiful wallpaper~

    Nice Effect!

  18. anima241 Sep 26, 2007

    Con grats, this is the meaning of chaos in a girl! you win, nice use of colors, and layout you win.

  19. BlueAngel17 Sep 27, 2007

    wow, love the light effects, especially the hands...
    hmm.. it'll be better if the feathers look more longer and more attached to each other, and more work on extraction but it's ok.^^

    ... still loving the hands... >.<

  20. ayane-heine Sep 27, 2007

    Great extraction of the scan.. The bg effects are so awesome.. i think that it suits the scan perfectly.. but i'm not too sure about the wings surrounding her.. it seems like there's too many wings making it too congested.. maybe reducing the amt of wings will be better..
    But the overall wallie was great!~ thanks for sharinG~ <3

  21. tatsumaru-jp Sep 27, 2007

    Hey nice job it look like a new evolution of wallpapers
    very nice
    see ya

  22. Kitaan Retired Moderator Sep 27, 2007

    Very nice, I was surprised to see the hands
    since I wasn't in full view yet so I didn't even notice

    Very nice sky and great fairies, the only thing
    that bothers me is maybe theres too much clouds and
    way too much feathers :\

    But other than that, I think we have a keeper.

  23. eternallegend Oct 01, 2007

    i like the theme of your wall and all the feathers add a nice touch :) the colours blend well and i like the interesting approach :D nice wall ^^

  24. enchantment Oct 01, 2007

    love the idea of her falling and the angel wings returning :) i love the background and the faries add a really nice touch to your wall :) nice wall~^^

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