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my hands are kiling me. I am now tipping with only one finger (left hand - auch! >.< )

From the first time I ever started inking I puromised to tell myself that the next one is going tpo be better then the other. Well, this one is my very last ink work.

Making the landskape was murder, but not even 1/2 as dificult as the sea (me=die) ore the couds. Maby I am going to make a color version some day (please, do not ask when, I am living in fantasy at the oment) but how that's going to be made, I have no idea (yet).

Actualy this one was made now a week ago but I didn't got the chace to edit it till today.

The border and the dark part in the top-left was made in photoshop (I didn't know it was that way but that's the way it turned out when I scaned it so insted of white I made it dark as to mack the sky) as well as the text at the bottom-right, but other that that, all hand-made.

I re-listened to the song "Life Is Like A Boat" by Rie fu and I had to make a drawing representation of it. And this is what came out of it. I was fealing a bt gloomy when I made the sketch and I was thinking of a more sad yet happy atmosfere (notice - she's smiling).

Time of Work: tinking ... he sketch was made in a couple of hour (the idea came to me at about 6-7p.m. and I was done with it at about 1a.m.) [Note: the next day when I shoed it to my parrents my dad had a lit to comment but when I shoed him the finish version he was liek speacheless] The inking ... Two days T_T
Most took me the sea that I had to make over and over again with a 0.25 ink pen and you know how thin that is. But that was the only way to ghet it right. So, over and over and over again till it was dark enought - reason? I wanted it to be raining outside for about that time it was raining back here as well and I never made a drawing in wich it was raining.

My dad tolled me that I should have done more on that ... fog light was it o_0 but I just couldn't without ruening it compleately X-P So I left it this way.

I tryed to make the girl fit with the bg as best as I could but in the same time make her stick out. thinking of a way to make her was hard, but by making here yes I think I just got the effect I was looking for. I am just in love with the idea of long scarfs and I just couldn't help myself. Also, I love the way the boots turned out and I have to say thaat that's my hear stile (she isn't me but she looks like me - another reason why I didn't make the eyes). Oh, and if wondering why the umbrela looks soo ... broken ^_^' Is becasue it realy IS broken (gives a little more charm)

Stiil, I ask of you to be gentile with me this time for it is the FIRST time I ever drew re-life bg with ink pens and I'm a newbie ^_^' Not to mention that it was a pain to make it but it is without doubt my most favorit work till now. I am so loving it ... :pacman: has a place of honor in my portofolio and I am looking forward to do more like this XD

By the way, I made some more doujinshi since my last but those have to be colored before posted so they will need more time. This one was edited in no more then 15 minutes (because I couldn't make out my mind on several thngs)

That's kind of all I can say from now. If I will ever remember anything important I will just clic edit and write some more, but for now I think It's enought. Just a girl in a port with fishing ecuipment around her (I love the ropes and fishing net) and thinking of ...

Groups (as per usual :) ):
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  1. tuxedotservo Sep 20, 2007

    I like it (there will be a "but" in a moment). I like the detail and the overall "feel" of it.
    My only issue is that it might be a bit too busy. My eye is drawn to the lighthouse first, and with everything else going on, it's sometimes hard to see how some things fit into the otherall picture.
    Maybe if it didn't have quite so much stuff in it - it's good quality, but maybe just a bit busy for me.

  2. Chloe Retired Moderator Sep 20, 2007

    Wow! This is fantastical!
    The details are awesome and I absolutely love the scratchy-ness of the doujin. The sky might be a bit too busy, but everything else looks great. I really like the water =D

  3. shinshinovi Sep 20, 2007

    Looks like the pen has been murdered. XD
    I can give you two tips if you really want to make it looks like charcoal:

    A. Use a ball-point pen that uses soft inks, has a point 7 ball, and has a gray ink. You can test it when you buy one, right? Then test. Don't be shy. :)
    B. Use rough oslo. I think this one's made on a drawing board. I think. Not an expert. :p

    Anyways, asides from it being too busy, I like the way you did the details. :)

  4. Fran Retired Moderator Sep 20, 2007

    This is like....wow! Amazing
    The inking looks really beautiful and the idea is great!
    Keep it up the great job!

  5. DarthTofu Sep 20, 2007

    Wow, that's really nice, but yeah, like everyone else, it's too busy. More white space needed. x_X
    But I still like it lots.

  6. bella-ella Oct 05, 2007

    Wow, you *drew* these? *jawdrop* Keep up the fantastic work! I wanna see more =D

  7. studio Oct 22, 2007

    That is really dense detail! Must have been quite time consuming, I commend you on that. Well done C:

  8. seval Oct 28, 2007

    Very pretty! I like the details, great work :)

  9. Corodyl Nov 03, 2007

    I like BUT should have either lowered the view point so the lighthouse was lower in the pic or moved the view so the kighthouse was more on the right. Either way it'd mean my eye was drawn to her and not the lighthouse.

  10. selemental Banned Member Nov 03, 2007

    YOU drew that masterpiece?! Amazing! *favs*

    Wonderful artwork! <3 I'm very impressed with both the character AND the bg!

  11. makiyasha Nov 09, 2007

    wow luv the effect with the sketch ^____^ how did you do that?

    i read this sketching book once but im no good at locating folds O_________O any help with that?

    well your gifted XD omg im still a begginer T___________T the pain of knowing nothing DX

    well hope you could help and be my sensei XD


  12. Anjhurin Sep 16, 2008

    Whoa, it's so inked that it looks like a painting ^_^ (especially the sea and clouds). Anyway, definitely amazing, it looks like a little harbour from Britanny.
    Your lines are really clear, and the shading is well done too. Only thing is, the boats look a bit too much like shadows, somehow i'd have thought they'd be in a bit more light and not completely in the dark...

    Great job, and fav ;)

  13. galiphene Jun 24, 2009

    another beautiful work!^^
    I like the fact you didn't draw her eyes. it gives her a special charm! ;)
    And I think that the effect you used for the background gives the impression that there's a big fog behind this little harbour^^. I like it!

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