Jigoku Shoujo Wallpaper: Ai [W]

Studio DEEN, Jigoku Shoujo, Ai Enma Wallpaper
Studio DEEN Studio Jigoku Shoujo Series Ai Enma Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Full-view, please!

Bow down to the super-original title! d^_^b

Original scan: Jigoku Shoujo 01 by animationking

For paint-o-rama 's anime alphabet. I'm doing "J" obviously.

Lessee here... Ai is vectored and then painted over, as is the background. Changed a few things around from the original (most notably those green ball of lights. There were waaaaay too many x_x)

Since I went all bright and cheery with my other Jigoku Shoujo wallie, I wanted something darker and maybe a little creepy ('cause Ai reminds me of Alma from F.E.A.R. and Alma scares the shnit out of me XO)

Time: 8-9 hours
Layers: 30 +
Extra: Flowers from this scan: shindemiru? by rarirurero
Textures from DA!
Listening to: Lots of Mariana's Trench. I love them dudes.

More resolutions available at EDD!

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Browse Jigoku Shoujo Gallery: Recent | Popular.


  1. Kitaan Retired Moderator Sep 19, 2007

    Well I drooled all over it and so you know
    that I think already XD
    Great wallie <33

  2. entity1660 Sep 19, 2007

    OUCH, you're burning! <3 But this wallpaper cools ya down. I love it!

  3. DarthTofu Sep 19, 2007

    ...oh crap. Like the flowy hair and shiny stuff. It's totally ripping my eyes out. Those red eyes are replacing the bloody sockets that I have left. For this is awesome.

    Somehow it's both relaxing yet full of tension. Creepy little girl. I hate her already. >_> It's beautiful.

  4. pamkips Sep 19, 2007

    I want to eat your wall since it's so amazing.
    I'm so glad you fixed the tree leaf, now we can see your beautiful details :3
    It's beautiful and she be nekkid :3

  5. Angi Retired Moderator Sep 19, 2007

    love it, specially the colors

  6. Fran Retired Moderator Sep 20, 2007

    It's wonderful, a little creppy though...but still awesome C:

  7. Devilet Sep 20, 2007

    I had to full view this from the litto thumb I saw on the main page.
    It's beautiful, and the colours are an attractive combo, might put this on my desktop soon.

  8. Lariel Sep 20, 2007

    *Full views instantly!* Wai, Ai, long time no see Jigoku Shoujo in action! :D
    Great job, especially the watery parts.

  9. peniko Sep 20, 2007

    sugeee xD you painted it so good

  10. abul Sep 20, 2007

    wow :o
    beautiful and scary :o
    isn't it samra from the ring :nya:

    lol +fave

  11. Sinever Sep 20, 2007

    this is awesome XD
    your wall is gorgeous Chloe-chan XD
    I love it :)

  12. ealpha-scorpio Sep 20, 2007

    This work caught my attention even in small resolution. It's an incredible piece of work, congrats! :) The plants and leaves has been drawn perfectly, specially the ones on foreground. But I think this work would really shine if the water looked crystal clear, and shimmered under moonlit. Still, it's a very beautiful work. Keep up the good work.

    Have a nice day :)

  13. vatican92 Sep 20, 2007

    Wow this is awesome
    I love how you changed the overall mood by changing the color and the bg

  14. KiyanaIkebana Sep 20, 2007

    LOVELY! I love this wallpaper! Is very wonderful! Excellent job!

  15. Susan-chan Sep 20, 2007

    hoiiiiiiiiiiiii why isnt this in the elite gallery item?! XD...hurry:D it deserves it XD

  16. rika23 Sep 20, 2007

    beautiful *_* and yet creepy

  17. Kairi-Hearts Sep 20, 2007

    awesome job :D

  18. royaldarkness Sep 20, 2007

    That is so beautiful!
    It's a little creepy, but hey, I love creepy XD
    Awesome wallie!

  19. sailorchiron Sep 20, 2007

    This is gorgeous! I love it!

  20. Enysha Sep 20, 2007

    Fantastic *-*!
    One more to my fav =P

  21. Silvana11 Sep 20, 2007

    It's great! I love it!

  22. moonescape Sep 20, 2007

    lol! Wen I first entered I didn't see it in the elite gallery, but after I finished full-viewing it's in the elite gallery. XD

    This is wayyyyy better than the scan. I mean the painting of the leaves are really nice and the little glows aren't overdone unlike the other one. Last is the blue melancholy colours give it such a nice yet sad scereny feeling fromit. :D

  23. anji Sep 21, 2007

    It's really nice, I love the atmosphere.
    Love the plants texture and the colors overall.
    The flowers in the water are a great touch and nice idea I think, but it clash from the background a bit. They seem too sharp in comparison to the water.
    Still a nice piece of work :)

  24. chubbykitty Sep 21, 2007

    Aw what a beautiful scene! Lovely job with the painting!

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