Carnelian Wallpaper: Tears in Heaven

Carnelian, Vector Art Wallpaper
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  1. ASH-Hikari Sep 19, 2007

    Oh my gosh that's amazing! Wow! You vectored all that! It looks wonderful! Ah, I'm kinda sleepy right now, can't think of a good comment lol, but know that I love it ^_^.

  2. saki-xan Sep 19, 2007

    Wow! You also did a vector-wall XD the vector this very well ;) the wallpaper .... umm, the wings do not get accommodated very well with the personage and the background ^^ would meet better with something more delicate ;)
    good work abul-san!

  3. Chloe Retired Moderator Sep 19, 2007

    Very nice! The vectoring is neatly done and the colors are great! Keep it up~

  4. sailorchiron Sep 19, 2007

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWW! For the Southern Summer entry or for School Uniform/September? It would work for both! I LOVE IT! Great work!

  5. pamkips Sep 19, 2007

    Rainbow feathers? I'm so loving them.

  6. fawna-chan Sep 20, 2007

    Hey, that looks really good. I love the rainbow wings and the light. ;)

  7. DarthTofu Sep 20, 2007

    Rainbow feathers! Rainbow feathers! It's a very clean vector. Too clean for my personal tastes, but great job nonetheless. ^^

  8. moonescape Sep 20, 2007

    Damn it! This is just wonderful! :o
    I mean those details and the wings + background was all drawn and made by yourself. o_o The feathers shading are perfect and the depth. The colours are so vivid and wonderful. I love your artworks. XD **praises**

    Your definately going to get that an **excellent** highlight. ;)

  9. Sinever Sep 20, 2007

    first of all congrats for the excellent highlight :)
    this wall of your is the best so far :D the vector is wonderful & the wings are gorgeous :)
    well done my little bro & its a fav :)

  10. Cobalt-Phoenix Sep 20, 2007

    This is nicely done. Love the color. :) *adds to favorites*

  11. KiyanaIkebana Sep 20, 2007

    Very beautiful! Very good job!

  12. Lariel Sep 20, 2007

    Abul-san goes on his vector-mode again! :D
    Another beautiful artwork, but I find her wings very... very... rainbow-ish. ^_^'

  13. Arya3087 Sep 20, 2007

    the wings are so detailed! @_@ and so..rainbow-ish XD
    I envy u for your patience... XD
    the vector is great! I think vectoring carnelian is pretty hard and u did a great job!
    overall the wall has a very...tropical...feeling XD
    it looks great! keep it up!

  14. yalubluchay Sep 20, 2007

    great detail, just next time dont make it so bright. :)

  15. jaoi55 Sep 20, 2007

    wow the detail and color of the wings are so very nice worked

  16. hydetenshi Sep 20, 2007

    this is truly beautiful!~ I love the wings- such unique color!
    I'm so impressed by your vector work too... and i like the emotion this wall gives off, like how even though she is in 'paradise' she still looks sad like she misses someone who is not there with her. T_T
    beautiful, beautiful work!

  17. Piccolobear Sep 21, 2007

    Oh wow, the details! Well worth the full-view. ^_^
    It's an interesting concept, too. Nice work! :)

  18. gel-chan Sep 21, 2007

    LOL... At first, when I saw the thumbnail, I thought she was a parrot... Again LOL.
    Pretty awesome wallie! It would be nice if the girl wasn't wearing a school uniform, instead she should wear something summer-ish (is there such a word?! LOL) Like a swimsuit and stuff, coz the wall's all about summer. But still, fantastic job! Gonna make it a highlight in Wings-Lovers! *goes to tell SailorChiron*

  19. norine07 Sep 21, 2007

    nicely done, the outlines and everything is great, the colours are nicely blended, really nice shadings and lighting effects, really colourful and cheerful wallie~ good effort and continue to keep it up~

  20. yui20 Sep 21, 2007

    I love your vector =D ~
    It's so neat and well done, but then I dun really like the wings tho, coz it's a lil bit too colorful for the wallpaper. And your wallpaper named as Tears in Heaven, I assume it would be a depressive wallpaper?
    But well, nice job on vectoring every, especially for the wings, they must be hard to vector.

  21. Ionae Sep 22, 2007

    Incredible... look at the detail (feathers...) and everything's neat and clean! No wonder it got highlighted :)
    Talk to you soon and have a nice day!

  22. Devilet Sep 22, 2007

    Vectoring is truly awesome, at full view I was amazed how you did the wings and the girl.
    Though .. I must say to my personal preference I'd lose the wings, that's more fitted towards something more celestial ... The girl in a school uniform doesn't make much sense at all. I'm not saying it's a bad wall vector, you really have some great skill at it, and it's bright, colourful, cheerful feeling (minus her expression, lol)

    Keep up the good work, you got skills.

  23. AngelKate Sep 23, 2007

    Damn...the details on the feathers are blowing my mind. They look real! O_O How did you have the patience to do all that? I'd have gone nuts. XD Truly an excellent wall!

  24. kwoklim1234 Restricted Member Sep 25, 2007

    Nice and beautiful wallpaper...Nice work :)

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