Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny: Eternal Love V.2

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Lacus Clyne, Kira Yamato, Vector Art


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Vector Requested: aikka88

Started: 9/15 - 9/17
Credits: Took the V.2 from Ash-chan! :)
Used: Illustrator & Photoshop CS2

Ack! Wish I can talk more, but it's like 1:36am in the morning and I've been slacking off by replying ppl's messages. OX I gotta go to sleep and all I could do for three days was finish this vector.

Not much to talk since it was basiclly easier when I redid this. I gotta a better scan so that made it much easier. Last is the older one got deleted from MT due to the image was originally tooken a picture they suspected so they didn't allow photos to be vectored since they could be scanned. :angry: Well this is better since outlines are straighter and colours are better. :)

Well that's all gotta go sorry! Nite-nite! ;)

[Edit] - I'm currently not feeling well. Been having so much issues with allergies coming back, but 2x worse and some other things like big bites that are the sizes of a scottch tape. I might have to go to the doctor since it's getting worse my Dad's says. :\

[Edit 2] - I just saw a small mosquito pass by and now I have a high feeling why I'm sick. :angry: **gets a magazine and hunts down for the mosquito**

I forgot to menton I'll never forget this day as the day my Dad proposed and midnight and got a girlfriend after maybe more than 17 yrs. x_x I'll never know if I either an happy of this day or regret it. :(

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  1. yui14 Sep 17, 2007


  2. abul Sep 17, 2007

    as always neat and beautiful :)

  3. ASH-Hikari Sep 17, 2007

    Yay for V.2's! Lol XD
    You did a nice job redoing this one, it really looks lovely! Beautiful picture of those two <3
    Oh noes! BAD MOSQUITOS! >_< I hope you get better soon! Allergies are horrible, I know, though it didn't hit me too bad this time around. I hope you get the same luck!
    Oh, your Dad proposed? Wow. I don't know anything about it but I hope everything works out for the best!
    And lol, I just realised you have a lot of groups XD

  4. entity1660 Sep 17, 2007

    Whoo, hoo, Illustrator! Hmm, I wonder who taught you that program...tee hee. It's great as usual, moon-chan! <3

  5. Kairi-Hearts Sep 17, 2007

    ooh nice job! the outline is great! The coloring is so nice too. Adding to favs.
    Oh and I hope you get better soon! Allergies are horrible (and mosquitos are really annoying)
    I still don't know much about you XD but I hope everything goes well to your Dad.

  6. saki-xan Sep 17, 2007

    Wow! This meets so pretty and of good quality :D good vector moon-chan! XD

    [edit] Of one technical anti-mosquitos occupy aromatic candles, this removes enough :)

  7. Sinever Sep 17, 2007

    lovely vector as usual XD
    & I hope you that you are okay now :)
    what your dad proposed?! :o OMG all I can say is good luck little one ;)

  8. aikka88 Sep 18, 2007

    thanks so much for the vector!
    i very much appreciate it!

    your work is just so awesome!
    awesome just awesome!
    did i say that it say so awesome!
    i dunno what to say XD

    thanks again... and i hope you get well ^_^

  9. burai2984 Sep 18, 2007


  10. norine07 Sep 23, 2007

    nicely done~ the colours are perfect and the outlines are great~ thanks for sharing~

  11. Seiba Sep 24, 2007

    aww kore wa kirei da!, thanx for it =3..; uhm,dont let the mosquitoes byte you.. go!...gooOo..for them....hunt them all @o@ ~o~ >o<!, or usee vicks vaporup or an incense/or some aromatic stuff lol..; well, take care..!, to ganbaree!, I hope everything goes well ^_^'..

  12. merelie Oct 04, 2007

    awwww, this vector is simply adorable
    i like the way you vectored lacus's hair, getting the shading in like that
    thanks for sharing
    hope everything goes well for you

  13. agneslee Nov 19, 2007

    my fav love.thanks for sharing.

  14. KriisEH Dec 09, 2007

    WOW! Kira and Lacus looks soo cute together in this pic! Waaah! :)
    It's very simple looking but it makes it so nice, this pose is soo cutee! :D

    [+Adds to Fave]

  15. CrystalRose390 Dec 27, 2007

    I absolutely loved that scene where they hugged right away when they saw each other. It was so kawaii!>< Anyway, thank you so much for sharing!^_^

  16. YumeSangai Apr 09, 2008

    Its really cute this image!

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