GuoGuo: Xixiang Ji 9

GuoGuo, Mingyan
GuoGuo Mangaka Mingyan Character



The House of the Western Wing

Xi : west
Xiang : house
Ji : story

One could thus translate literally "Xixiang Ji" by "History of the house of occident".

If there is a classic of the old Chinese theatre, the zagu style, it is well that one. The piece was written, partially apparently, by WANG Shifu, a playwright of the Yuan period (1279-1638), who inspired it from a fable by YUAN Zhan (779-831), "Yingying zhuan", in which the author tells the love disappointments of the beautiful Yingying, who gives herself, before marriage, to a somewhat frivolous well-read. WANG Shifu's adaptation, much more sanctimonious, is one of the most beautiful traditional love stories.

The house of the western wing is where Yingying's mother lives, took in by the temple's superior, a friend of her lost husband. She is accompanied by a young servant girl, HONG Niang, who serves Yingying ever since her childhood. It is HONG Niang who will be the link between the two lovers so as to help them so as to carry out their common dream of happiness.

SUN Jiayu's manhua version is largely inspired by WANG Shifu's piece; even if the main characters' names have been changed (Yingying has become for example YE Pianpian, which means "elegant and beautiful woman"). The play takes place under the Tang dynasty (618-907), in the city of Pu Zhou, now known as Youg Ji, in the Shan Xi province.

Here is then a real treasure of the classical Chinese literature, magnified by the young GuoGuo's graphical talent.

Her real name being Guo Chaoxu, this young Chinese artiste, graduated from Shanghai university (specialized in costume drawing), fulfils here her first manhua, thus proving a great mastery of her art, particularly in the rendering of colors.

Sun Jiayu
He enters the world of the manhua in 1980. In that decade which announces a renewal of the genre, he participates to a great number of editorial projects, but it is in 1992 when he fulfils his first serie. Since 2000, with his Jing Ding Company studio, he has produced more than ten manhua series, all published in continental China.

(i didn't invent this.... i just translated what was in the book.)


Chosen by Marissa and Saikusa

Proposed by Marissa and highlighted by Saikusa.

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  1. annakee Sep 15, 2007

    gorgeous >__<"

  2. Susan-chan Sep 16, 2007

    this should be highlited! its sooo elegant and beautiful!

  3. DREAM Sep 28, 2007

    my favourite of GuoGuo's artworks. :)

    merci; for introducing us to a "new" artist" and translating the texts, Lady Morphee.

  4. ealpha-scorpio Oct 20, 2007

    This is one of the most gorgeous scans that I've ever seen. Very incredible in details and color. Great job! Thank you so much for sharing it with us. :) :D

  5. selemental Banned Member Nov 04, 2007

    very beautiful! so it's from a manhwa! awesome scan! favs!

  6. 0belisk Nov 14, 2007

    Thanks a lot for the scan. This is a very beautiful artwork...

  7. unicorn2006 Retired Moderator Dec 01, 2007

    I was looking through my favorites page (all one page of it) and came to take another look- this is so gorgeous. ^^

  8. taketothesky Jan 14, 2008

    This is really great. Thanks for the scan.

    The translated info was really awesome too.

  9. LadyGoddessCeres Jan 30, 2008

    This one is my new favorite piece by GuoGuo! I love her expression and flowing silk! The jewelry make lovely accents too.

  10. cuteninja May 23, 2008

    Damn this artwork is awsome outstanding just look at the colors and details amazing.i just saw it i know its been up for very long time now got anymore from this artist

  11. vitaamin Oct 08, 2008

    wah its gorgeous!

  12. Eltran Nov 01, 2008


  13. ForSakenAngelsAbandonMe Nov 17, 2008

    This artist draws beautifully I fall in love with the work everything I see it.

  14. Advicer Dec 18, 2008

    onto classic, more on digital art orientation:)

  15. anthonyplaya Jan 30, 2009

    barely can tell cuz of all the colors

  16. tintalle Mar 03, 2009

    Beautiful! The style is so realistic but very original at the same time. Thanks for the sharing!

  17. dreams-of-frozen Jul 11, 2009


    i'm speechless

  18. Princekt Nov 22, 2009


    this is wonderful

    love this style xdd

  19. kumiarrow Dec 11, 2009

    so beautiful! thanks for uploading ^^,,

  20. Kylesesshy Dec 14, 2009

    Thanks for translating it too, really appreciate the scan!

  21. Megou Dec 27, 2009

    Wahou beautiful hair and dresses its so perfect

  22. jaeyu Feb 15, 2010

    she's beautiful like butterfly
    thanks 4 sharing

  23. gaara-100 Mar 06, 2010

    Thanks for uploading

    the picture is so beautiful

  24. HdA Mar 21, 2010

    pero que buena imagen! esta bastante chida... sobre todo porque esta muy bien la composicion en cuestion de los espacios utilizables... gracias!

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