Claymore Wallpaper: One Step Away [CryMoar]

Norihiro Yagi, Madhouse, Claymore, Clare Wallpaper
Norihiro Yagi Mangaka Madhouse Studio Claymore Series Clare Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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Widescreen Textless

Textless 1600x1200
Vector by NekoNoAsya @ MT : Clare, yoma eyes by NekoNoAsya

Quickly, she swung her claymore at the injured beast, and with one smooth movement, the beast lay awestruck as purple blood seeped first, before a fountain of life liquid sprayed out from the beast.

She stopped her movement, and turned around, as she witnessed what she has just done, before the townspeople who stood just as in awe by what they had just seen. A foul corpse now lay before their eyes, as the beast can no longer move with its two halves of its body now lay in a pool of blood and urine.

"Soon, a man in black shall come and collect ...." Clare was just about to say the quote, but she paused, and instead, walked silently away, away from this accursed place.

On this wallpaper....
yes... the blood splatter, recycled again, this makes the 5th wallpaper the splatter effect has been taken into use, sorry, cause it is so convenient, it adds so much dramatic effect to my walls, and don't you enjoy it too? cause I do. Anyhow, I apologize, and for now, I will headdown to DevArt and look for more usable splatters, which are hard to find.

Ok, Clare here is NOT VECTORED by me, obviously, since I did the vector for the Kaede wall and you can see the quality difference. It is by:
Special Thanks to him/her.

the background looks like as if Clare just chopped in half a Yoma doesn't it? Well, I think so.

I used stocks and textures from Resurgere, the background is a modified redesigned stock from one of the Bokr packages by Resurgere. I changed the color output, added textures on it, used some brushes to cover up the unsightly bumpy edges. I cleaned it afterwards and used shadow dropping lights effects on it to give it a really dark glow. Oh, by the way you will also notice the fog looks entirely similiar to Kaede's wallpaper, that is because I took it from there, minor changes have been made, but it is generally the same.

I guess this makes my first Claymore wallpaper, loving it so much cause it is now of my desktop and I can't stop staring at how cool Clare looks with her eyes.

As usual, I have textless versions for you all, oh and again, sorry for the lack of blood over Clare's face, it was discarded cause I found blood on her is very rare, even in the manga, she should not have that on her, at least I wanted to remain loyal to the anime and the manga for her representation.

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  1. Devildude Sep 15, 2007

    Textless Versions:



    Widescreen Version

    Widescreen Textless Reupload


  2. SevenSkies Sep 15, 2007

    DD, who was it vector by ?

    Widescreen version as well ? o_o

    Great Share ! Great Wall ^^v As always. :)

  3. drastikhate Sep 15, 2007

    Finally someone made one on Claire!
    THis is so awesome, thanks man!

  4. norine07 Sep 15, 2007

    oh my~~~ nice one~ the atmosphere is just right~ XD hahax..! nice wallie thanks for sharing~

  5. sailorchiron Sep 15, 2007

    Really cool, you always have the coolest stuff to say about your walls. I love the blood spatter. Why isn't this in the elite gallery yet? It should be.

  6. Chloe Retired Moderator Sep 15, 2007

    The vector blends in nicely with the bg! Nicely done~

  7. pmaster4 Sep 16, 2007

    sweet wall

  8. Enysha Sep 16, 2007

    i love it *

  9. Jember880314 Sep 16, 2007

    Cool arts & nice coloring too

  10. LordSilverTalon Sep 16, 2007

    Glad to have an awesome Claymore wallpaper finally :)
    Reused or not, the blood splatter looks good so...

  11. cuteninja Sep 16, 2007

    WOW nice one

  12. Azstraph Sep 16, 2007

    Nice wallpaper and the adding of the blood to Clare's sword but IMO it would look better with blood on the lower portion of the sword as well since that would be the side the sword would have slice through the monster. Plus the color of the blood would also have to be change to purple since that is what the monster's blood is.

    Added to faves :D !

  13. Nyuu-chan Sep 16, 2007

    I will say two words: truly amazing!
    Thank you for a beautiful Claymore wall!

  14. BlackSponge Sep 17, 2007

    Finally! A great Claymore wall.
    Bg and vector fit very well.

  15. hongrboi Sep 18, 2007

    Amazing. I know you like textures and this wall looks nice without them overloading the wall. The tones work very well together too.

  16. freyy Sep 18, 2007

    thanks for sharing it to us.. i just love it add to fav.

  17. anima241 Sep 18, 2007

    POKEMON! right? HE'S FROM POKE MON! I KNEW IT! *wtf spasm* that's ash ketchup in disguise! he's after that bastard bobbobooboboobo for eating orichimaru's sharingan. n_n FAV

  18. Fran Retired Moderator Sep 20, 2007

    This looks cool!
    The vector blend s verry nicely with the background! The blood is a nice touch too.
    Keep it up!

  19. AshuraYamato Sep 20, 2007

    Great job love claymore!

  20. mystvearn Sep 21, 2007

    nice wallpaper

  21. Ianervan Sep 22, 2007

    Claymore! Yet to watch it. i'm only planning to do it after they've completed the series. Blood and Urine? rofl XD

  22. NekoNoAsya Sep 24, 2007

    I didn't have precise idea for a wall when I made the vector (that's why there are 2 versions: yoma and silver eyes). That's why I I hoped that somebody will have a cool idea for a wall.
    I really like your wall. You made a really good job with the background and the cara :)
    And thank you for the credit...you are rhe first :D
    I hope you will make more beautifull wallies

  23. mokonamodoki Sep 25, 2007

    wow! Nice Job. The blood splatters and the cracks in the walls are done really nice! I like the coloring of the eyes and the symbol behind the text. Everything is well coordinated especially the color and the background - a perfect match. Thanks for sharing!

  24. HiragiiKagami Sep 28, 2007

    wow nice! Clare looks great! ;)

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