Range Murata Wallpaper: Neko Mimi Space Mode

Range Murata Wallpaper
Range Murata Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Now this is a wall i'm really proud of, there are soooo many things and little touches.

I scanned and extracted the neko girl, and it was rather obvious what kind of background would have been right. However i was going to create a "set" for her instead of a simple space background and those flashy light effects to make it dynamic. She cannot breath in space, right? :D

First thing, a classic : the planet. It was itself quite a long work, with many textures and layers to make it realistic and with great variety of things. Actually theres also an ocean, too bad it went in the dark side of the planet, but, you know, lately i'm reading for the second time, after many years, the saga of Dune by Herbert, so i HAD to choose the desert as the starring here... ^_^'
Done that i wanted something easy and realistic to put behind it, and this shot from the Hubble space telescope was just what i needed: colorful, intriguing and most of all REAL.

Now it was the time for another hard part, make the window in a sort of futuristic fashion. A picture of an airplane window was what i needed to start, but i transformed it so much that it really have no more resemblance to the original. A bit of colouring and sharpening and the window panel was done, with a touch of hand drew feeling that i like.

Now the fun started : you can't clearly notice it unless you have the original to compare the picture with and without that layer, but actually there really is the window glass. It screens the background, adding noise and a bit of other effects, at very low opacity. It does not only have a subtle realistic effect on the planet and space making them really seem behind the slightly opaque - and a little bit dirty - glass, but it's most important to make the girl reflection on glass look real.
The reflection itself is rather simple, distorted to strenghten the slightly curved glass feeling and to "justify" its positionm not totally natural for the viewer point of view but the best looking one as an "artistic" point of view to keep every portion of the picture interesting.

At this point the work was almost done. I placed the hull texture over the window, and made those metal pipes to make that area less boring, and a couple of shadow layers to merge it a bit better. Then some subtle final touches, some highlights and more reflections. The most crazy one is that the planet and some stars actually reflect in the girl eyes. However it a veeeery subtle effect, you'll clearly notice it only magnifing the picture to 2/300%. At 100% size you cannot really tell, unless you know it, that there's something in her eyes, the effect just make them feel deeper without you really knowing why. As it should be, realism over flashiness! X-P

And... that's it. Too many layers to count 'em, really, i must be at around 150 layers counting those of the planet, made it in... hmmm, let's see... about 9-10 hours.
I still don't think it's perfect, of course, there are definitely some things that could have came out even better, but i'm really proud of how i was able to make it turn out exactly as i had in mind even experimenting some tricks on the inspiration of the moment, trial and error way.

Give it a full view, it's really worth it imho, and either if you like it or not please leave comments and critiques, i'm really curious of hearing some judgements. Ja ne ;)

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  1. theremosster Nov 11, 2008

    Good job on this one

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