Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito Wallpaper: Avenger|seeking for revenge

Carnelian, Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito, Hazuki Azuma Wallpaper
Carnelian Mangaka Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito Series,Visual Novel Hazuki Azuma Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Full-view please, for cooler result
Updated wallie ;p *glad that i still stored the psd file ^^" *
This for carnelian-sworld , SERENE contest :3 ~ yeap~
Blood and blue coming back again >D *I love it XD*
btw,it is old wallie that i stored in my computer for long time ago.
i am so lazy ~ and
now, i submit it XD
Hope you like it *and hope that is not that horrible ^^"*


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  1. zaira Sep 07, 2007

    wow! another bloody wallie from you! :D
    i like those nice bloods around her + those cool broken glasses XD
    and it seem that you only focus on the characters intention like you know avenging something holding a sword yada yada yada... the coloring is nice too :3 though the bg is kinda blurried but i guess you made it that way. though i'm not fond on the glowing part of the scan OX it doesn't fit with it becoz the scan is not already part of the bg, it looks like the scan is floating together with the broken glasses. So it would be best if you remove the glowing part of the scan and let the broken glasses take the role of the glowing part ;) but overall nice bloody part wall :D + fav!

  2. PinkPrincessAyu-Chan Sep 07, 2007

    blood :D

  3. Hanahanoiday Sep 07, 2007

    O this wallpaper is so bleeding!
    I like that dark colors!
    It's very lovely wallpaper!

  4. royaldarkness Sep 07, 2007

    Waaa all that blood :o
    But it looks gorgeous anyway :D

  5. Angi Retired Moderator Sep 07, 2007

    nice concept, i like the detail of the scan that doesnt shows her face
    really nice! XD

  6. Chloe Retired Moderator Sep 07, 2007

    Really cool way you cut her off, the glass is a great touch and I like the simple background!
    The blood is also neat, but there might be too much. Or maybe it's just a bit too bright.
    Other than that though, great job!

  7. Sinever Sep 07, 2007

    what a bloody wall XD
    its looking good :D well done :)
    & good luck in the contest ;)

  8. abul Sep 07, 2007

    u know, reminds me of the crzy jaoanese girl from kill bill u remember her?
    very scary but very neat!

  9. Lariel Sep 07, 2007

    Wai, wai, another of your gory works again. Except that the blood is absolutely fascinating. *_*

  10. yalubluchay Sep 07, 2007

    love love love

  11. makiyasha Sep 07, 2007

    oh nice ri chan XD its kool haha like the blood ^^ which brush did u use oh and the glass is the best XD is it a stock image?

    hmm but i cant really see it clear though >.<

    but besides from that good job ^^


  12. pamkips Sep 08, 2007

    Whoa, it's a lot of bright blood @_@ Totally jumps at you,
    anywho, love the idea, great cropping, it's so cool :3
    Anywho nicely done

  13. melymay Sep 08, 2007

    I like.. A lot. You have a talent for bloody walls ^^ There's nothing bad I could say about it. You didn't overdo the blood, and the way you made it fit with the shading is brilliant ^_^ Keep it up! A definite fave for me :)

  14. booniechick Sep 08, 2007

    wow, thank you for this one, I think it's going straight on my desktop!

  15. IcyBlade Sep 08, 2007

    A superbly good looking of bloody wall...I never thought that there's such a good bloody wall maker...

    anyway, it's +fav.

  16. norine07 Sep 08, 2007

    omg~ sis nicely done, love the nice effects, and the blood waahahahahhx..! XD i love blood~ XD *sucks like a vamp* love the colours used and the way you portray the character, really nicely done indeed~ good job~

  17. requiemX Sep 08, 2007

    Beautiful wall ^^ The blood effect is beautiful and the shattered glass is an excellent detail. Usually, I'm not a big fan of blood, but this is definetly an exception. Beautiful dark wall.

  18. dirachan669 Sep 08, 2007

    sugoi ne! blood again XD
    dira luv the blood oneechan use =3
    and the sword too ! X3
    favies from dirachan~! XD

  19. moonescape Sep 08, 2007

    Yeah, I must admit it's really nice and the blood splatter from you always has a nice result :D Though I think there's quite too much. OX

    Though I bet I know where those glasses came from. >:D Last is nice cropping. ;)

  20. ninasun100 Sep 09, 2007

    The blood is...dang...disturbing. And there might be a bit too much...

    Everything else is nice though. I like how you cut off her top half and showed the um...blood. ^_^

  21. temarigenius Sep 09, 2007

    So cool! I like the way you cut the pic and the colors XD

  22. rubenz Sep 10, 2007

    No it's not horrible, it's great ^^ I like the bloods ^^

  23. Clover Sep 10, 2007

    its cool, dark and bloody, even thought i normally don't like bloody walls, this one is really good.
    I think it will be my desktop for now^^

  24. reload Sep 11, 2007

    darkness and bloody wallpaper~ Very beautiful

    Wonderful! Cool~

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