Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: Fallen Angels

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, Athrun Zala, Kira Yamato, Vector Art
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Lately everyone's on the hype seeing Code Geass and SEED Destiny vectors...Come on, people, where's MY love? =( I'm not an envious person (then again I am, don't tell anybody.)

Okay, okay, I feel better now since I cried for my loss of precious precious fans of my work. I feel unloved, come on, give Athrun and Kira some love, look how cute they look sleeping! Can't resist, can ya, can ya, CAN YA? =3 You see so many Lacus vectors be done (no offense, vectorers =o) I promised I'd say I'd do every SEED and Destiny vector, and I swear to God I will. It may take me years with new scans coming out everyday so the project may never be completed, but at least I'll try. Compliments to animepaper for supplying the scans that MT doesn't.

Now onto the vector itself, the colors were LOUSY, so I changed them to screenshot colors. And I never vectored a mobile suit before so it was fun. But I messed up a lot when it came to lines. I had to add lines at the end of coloring to make sure it didn't look like a shadow or shade was just...floating, if you get what I mean. Probably not, but oh well, I tried. =3

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-Thank you for your scan!

Please comment and give me some love. =(

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P.S, I'm now responsible for CL's vector illuminations. Hope to see your vector works there!

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  1. moonescape Sep 06, 2007

    Yeah, well I still don't plan to make a lot of what you say Code Geass, even if I'm into it. I'm just not much into the scan since most to me is qutie inappropriate. x_x

    Not everyone is so hyped with SEED Destiny vectors nowadays, they just sometime have their moments. You can count Carnelian as one of their hyped vectors since their CG makes everyone fall in love especially me. XD

    lol! Wow! You're the administrator of CL's vector illuminations. Well I guess I hope to impress you then. ;)

    You know I just loved this so much. :) I mean the outlines we're done so well and the colours are just perfect, not too much depth I mean. :o At least you took the sakuras off since I'd like to focus those two more. I still plan to do at least one vector of just SEED, but I'm still busy as ever. OX

  2. yalubluchay Sep 07, 2007

    very cute, i love vectors. i haven't seen a pretear vector in a long time. that show is great by the way :)

  3. patriciasayuri Sep 07, 2007

    Waaaahhh! So cute!
    Gundam SEED is definitly my favorite series and I particularly LOVE KIRA! I also like Athrun a lot, but I just happened to get disapointed with some of his atitudes...
    The image is super cute, the vector was perfectly done.
    Congratulations! It's a favorite!

  4. saki-xan Sep 07, 2007

    I still admire her ^^ do not doubt it, I love this vector and all your works ;)

  5. ASH-Hikari Sep 07, 2007

    OMG they are sooo cute! *Hugs them both*
    I'm glad you did this scan, it's just too lovely!
    Well great vector ^_^.
    Lines are so thin and perfect and colours are nice.
    I tought I might've seen some slight mistakes (like Kira's finger near Athrun's hair, you can see the outline through), but you can really only see it if you overly examine it.
    Beautiful job, +fav!

  6. Sinever Sep 07, 2007

    Athrun is looking so damn hot XD
    its a beautiful vector entity-chan :D
    well done as usual :)

  7. norine07 Sep 08, 2007

    lovely vector, the colours are just great, detailed and nicely done vector~ it looks like a scan untouched~ XD

  8. matrempit Sep 09, 2007

    Definitely one of Hirai's best work in my books! I'm totallu nutso about his asukira :p. Thanks the the lovely vector. Do more asukira, can? *favs*

  9. sailorchiron Sep 13, 2007

    Nice vector! I walled this scan a while back, and the poster is actually on the wall here by my computer. I got it before I'd actually seen GS, because the pose was so cute and the boys so pretty.

  10. Animezealot5140 Restricted Member Aug 09, 2008

    Magnificent vector! *claps* LOVE IT! It's one of my fav series too~ X-P
    I agree with matrempit. Please do more of asukira... ;)
    +fav. ARigatou! :D :)

  11. kilokilokilo3 Jul 18, 2009


    it looks super cool!

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