Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny: Gentleness

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newest vector! this is an experimental one cause I tried for my first time to guess lines and everything, but at the end the outlines were kind of obvious... and the colors are a bit weird, but that`s what I could do ^_^' please dont look her left arm! I tried like ten times to correct her and this one is the best one :o

I really like Lacus`s costume! I think it`s her best one, but unfortunately there are few scans of this dress... had to vector it as the scan cause I never saw Lacus in full body with this clothes XD

the outlines were really shaky! and in some parts there werent outlines at all... but it turned funny somehow :)

easiest part: coloring the visible parts
hardest: guessing!
original scan:click!

white-prodigy gensoho-gosha-fdepec-mt
vectory ice-and-snow mikos-moon-flower

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  1. moonescape Sep 06, 2007

    Really nice! =D I do like extension because it went well. :) Though the outlines are still quite shaky, but better than nothing. :D I think the colours look a little better than the scan except maybe the shade of the hair. :o

  2. ASH-Hikari Sep 06, 2007

    Wow! I was going to do that, I can't believe someone else actually thought of filling her in! But I think you did a really good job of it! I know guessing lines is hard!
    Some of your outlines are a bit jagged, and something about her eyes seems different...but overall a job well done. Keep it up!

  3. astivalis Sep 06, 2007

    I would say the experiment really worked out, cannot find any thing to fault at all including the left arm(After you mentioned it had a really good look). Aleast the arm is inproportion to the rest of her so don't worry about it. The colours do look fresh and clear which really makes Lacus stand out.
    In all an excellent wall which WILL feature on my desktop. Well done auel1124 you did a excellent vector, be proud.

  4. yalubluchay Sep 07, 2007

    it turned out great :)

  5. saki-xan Sep 07, 2007

    wow! I like this vector!
    empiezo con el espanol, te quedo bien la extension, pero creo que tuviste que anadir mas mechones de pelo al lado derecho, porque el pelo de Lacus es ondulado y ahi se ve mas liso ^^ me pregunto que paso... el vector anterior se ve mucho mejor que este :) no significa que este se vea malo ;)

  6. Reikuclyne Sep 07, 2007

    such a cute vector of Lacus!

  7. killer44 Sep 08, 2007

    YO! first: you have an awsome "vector" anyway whats a vector?
    can some one tell me whats that about and what
    software will you use to make some n_n

  8. Alden Sep 09, 2007

    A vector is like a compressed something. I don't know. But you make vectors with photoshop CS2 or others like that.
    I noticed that the popular arts section has been overrun by this particular girl. I'm a Lacus fan simply becuz she's pretty and supports non-aggresiveness but c'mon people (artists).
    Can't you vector someone else? If you consider Lacus again, at least throw in Kira with her. Its at least different.

  9. memodx Sep 09, 2007

    ahahahahaha Im agree with Alden xD, to many vectors of this girl lo... but also is a good vector ^^.
    PD: Im triying harder to get CC here xD... is sexier =p

  10. peniko Sep 14, 2007

    your level got increase faster xD you're great!

  11. adyt Sep 18, 2007

    lacus so beautiful? A best lacus dresses which is had seen!^_^

  12. merelie Oct 04, 2007

    good job on the vector!
    i like the green-and-white dress
    we don't often see her in casual clothes that are not colored pink in one way or another
    thanks for sharing!

  13. Saulofein Oct 16, 2007

    Very nice vector done ^^
    Thx for sharing :)

  14. UchihaTaijiya Dec 06, 2007

    Lovely vector of Lacus
    you did a great job <3
    Thanks for sharing

  15. terra85 Mar 21, 2008

    i love lacus~ she's always so pretty^^

  16. escaflowne777 Apr 08, 2008

    nice picture of Lacus here in a school uniform

  17. keikochan4 Oct 26, 2008

    Thanks...pretty nice

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