Hiide Wallpaper: Sakura Drops

Hiide Wallpaper
Hiide Mangaka

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Full View! You'll be glad you did~

Textures by: DA!

Random Junk

Extracting: Hour
Snacks: Cereal
Listening to: Utada Hikaru - Sakura Drops
Finished: Midnight

Bg vectored except for clouds which were brushes
and then smudged to give it a fluff look.
lighting tones were a bit bright, I didn't want it that
bright but then I realized it was a good color for the theme.

Petals...I tried...ribbons...I got artistic
and title...I thought it looked nice I didn't want the
normal straight title just sitting there.

Oh, I changed the girls eye color,
added a black choker on her neck, kinda grayish...

and finally for the text added a splat to represent the "Drop"

Thanks to Chloe for letting me know it looked good enough~

Ah and yes~ this was a gift to me (feels selfish) for the days
when I was in school and admired the nice weather~ Reminds me of
good times...

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  1. Fran Retired Moderator Aug 28, 2007

    Love the sky sooo much! <3 <3
    I like the ribbons :3 but I think the sakura petals are waaaay to sharp, they should be like rounder.
    Keep it up the nice job!

  2. pamkips Aug 28, 2007

    Simple & beautiful ;3 I just love the colors, but as Naomi stated, the flowers look a tad sharp :o but lovely wall :3

  3. moonescape Aug 29, 2007

    I definately fell in love with this. =D I mean I love the perspective and the scenery for the wallpaper. So simple and extractions we're well done.

    Sakura Petals are interesting sicne they aren't outline and the shade gives a nice CG effect. =)

    Hope to talk to you more, but sadly I can't this week until Saturday. :( I'm not oging to be able to go on the comp since I'm overdued so much vectors plus my lil sis is actually bossing me to not go on the com. :angry:

  4. Sakura-Dust Aug 29, 2007

    Simple & Pretty, my style *u*
    Great job, definitely a fav!
    I like the texture a lot, I wanted to get one which looks like that for some time... I'm glad I'll get it now!
    The ribbons are very stylish, how did you make those?

  5. AngelKate Aug 29, 2007

    I love the light coloring in the sky and the rest of the wall. ^_^ The flowers should indeed be a smoother and rounder, but that's really my only complaint. Overall it's beautiful. Nice work!

  6. Sinever Aug 29, 2007

    its simple but yet beautiful XD
    the bg looks nice & fits with the scan :)
    keep it up ;)

  7. annakee Aug 29, 2007

    "sakura drops" dont seem what should be ^^' anyway, i liked the main chara and the sky.

  8. jaderabbit Aug 30, 2007

    I dont think its simple as a fw people said i think the overall look and style mustve taken quiet awhile to get just right, i really like this kitten u done a excellent job on it.

  9. peniko Aug 30, 2007

    hounto hounto love the colors xD

  10. rika23 Aug 31, 2007

    adorable XD and i love the cloud most :D

  11. eternallegend Aug 31, 2007

    i like the textured look and the nice colour scheme :) the background suits well with her and i like the interesting perspective :D the ribbon adds a nice touch :) lovely wall ^^

  12. IzumiChan Aug 31, 2007

    Hmm, I didn't like the cat-ears, they look strange~ >w<''
    But really nice idea, the ribbons one~ and the textures are really well-placed~ :D
    Good work! ^.^
    But say... did you actually eat cereal while walling!? O.O

  13. smallworld Sep 01, 2007

    Love the colours and the textures!
    The way you did with the background is great!
    This vector is wonderfully done!
    Great job! :]

  14. norine07 Sep 02, 2007

    love the wall~ the colours blends really well and the soft tone really shows a calm and nice feeling~ love the texture as well~ thanks for sharing~ beautiful work of art~ ^-^

  15. WWLAOS Sep 03, 2007

    Ooh...pretty. You make some excellent backgrounds. I love the color blending and...and...and just the color in general here. That is some awesome use of green...the shade(s) used looks terrific, and natural, and...heck, I just love green. From someone who loves green, let me tell you, that is some excellent green. Okay, I'm rambling...back to business.

    The clouds are very nice and I like the texture a lot. The ribbons are...not bad. They seem like thet should look out of place, but they don't. I don't know...I don't want to like them, but I do...I really do. It's very confusing. In particular, I love the color blending and variation in the far ribbon. The sakura petals are very sharp and angular and generally rhombic...but for some reason they look terrific. Go figure. The differing shades of pink and magenta even give them an almost-3D look. Nice job with that.

    The girl looks very nice. I love the soft texture and the colors blend perfectly into the background. The cat ears are really creepy, though. Definitely could have done without those.

  16. carl123abc Sep 03, 2007

    Lol no way! ^^;; the cat ears are really good, makes her cute, not creepy! Love it good job.

  17. bella-ella Sep 18, 2007

    Nice composition. I like the little ribbony things. And sakura is a nice touch to any anime wallie. Very pretty!

  18. yui20 Sep 18, 2007

    The wallpaper look simple, but I really love how you put the girl in that angle tho hehe.
    Anyway, havnt seen your wallpaper for long time *Or I didnt check out ur newest wallpaper*
    Your style seem to change. xD

  19. Piccolobear Mar 10, 2008

    I love the colours, and the the sky looks great. :)

  20. holykin Mute Member Apr 12, 2009

    So ThAnK Wow Nice !

  21. sesshiomaru13 Jul 26, 2009

    Kawaii lol i like it nice work ^^

  22. YamiNoTenshi16 Nov 29, 2009

    Super kawaii~~~love the result! >_<

  23. phongttp001 Feb 05, 2010

    hehe Marth x3 I have to admit, brawl has kept me procrastinating as well..same goes for mario kart xD

    Anyway, it's nice to see more originals from you! :D Your style is just so cute! x3 Keep it up!

  24. conansuzaku May 03, 2010

    muy linda *-* buena imagen

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