Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Wallpaper: watashi no uta

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Lunamaria Hawke, Lacus Clyne, Shinn Asuka Wallpaper

1280x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

entry for the gundamseed-angels contest

I just remembered I wanted to participate in this contest and realized the deadline is tomorrow, and tomorrow I would be too busy to make anything, so I tried something today... it may look odd, but this is like my style, and I like doing walls this way, mixing the order of layers with textures and brushes

never thought that I would make a wall featuring shinn cause I dont like him, but for me it was almost impossible to cut him off the scan in one day, so I left him there... also, never realized that the outlines of this scan were shaky and that athrun`s face is like distorted, really odd indeed

hope you like it!

gundamseed-angels white-prodigy gensoho-gosha-fd
epec-mt artists-viewers-united ice-and-snow
mikos-moon-flower songstress-reverie timeless--rain

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  1. kilaishuashao Aug 20, 2007

    Oh,what a great WP this is````
    PS:Are you a chinese?

  2. Lariel Aug 20, 2007

    *punches Shin directly in the face* I like the background, seriously- winter has always been my element and favorite season, but I hate seeing the brat's face- specifically, where's Cagalli? :angry: Try improving on the lighting though- it seems a bit too bright for me in the thumbnail version. :)

  3. saki-xan Aug 20, 2007

    wuah! very nice vector-waller! ^^
    me gusto los efectos que agregaste en los brillos de los cabellos ^^
    pareciera que tuviste que extraer el vector porque los contornos se ven muy chuecos, pierden el grosor :x

  4. annakee Aug 21, 2007

    what saki-xan said its true... and u need work more in those backgrounds lee-chan ^__^
    at first glance seems very nice.

  5. peniko Aug 24, 2007

    shin shin aishiteru xD

  6. rika23 Aug 25, 2007

    why mina hate that guy tad much XD *doesn't know about that anime at all lol*
    the text is a bit annoyed to me ^^" and yeah.. the bg is kind of realistic tho~
    but nice wall btw =3

  7. moonescape Aug 29, 2007

    Darn, even I wanted to do a wallie out of it. :3

    Well I think it's really nice, but the colours should've been lighter since the background is abstract here. :o Outlines we're quite jaggy and small at some areas. OX

    Another thing is this Lacus I've noticed is srsly identical to my Lacus figure I bought. Those artist we're so lazy so they just use the figure one. XD

  8. merelie Aug 31, 2007

    aww, it's the happy ending scene
    they all look so happy that it's making me smile all silly
    i love all of their casual outfits
    thanks for sharing the wallie!

  9. andou-mahoro Sep 08, 2007

    get outta the picture Shinn! *tackles him and dumps him in a garbage truck* Now where's Cagalli? T_____T I'm sure you've gotten alot of glares from Cagalli fans but we have justification :P

    Still, I've got to admit.... great job! Now if you just take the bastard out....

    Also, you're chinese? that cant be kanji there cause watashi and no's been replaced by wo de....

  10. UchihaTaijiya Dec 06, 2007

    Awesome vector, it's really well done
    thanks for sharing

  11. michiyo22 Feb 11, 2008

    Thanks! Its nice to see kira and athrun. *Faints* :)

  12. salz Apr 04, 2008

    cute wall^^

  13. LadySnickerdoodle Oct 05, 2008

    Good scan, but I wonder where Cagalli is. Athrun looks like he misses her. Athrun just isn't complete without Cagalli, and vice versa. And yeah, that's definitely not kanji, it's chinese

  14. fateen02 Jan 22, 2009


  15. kmlover Jan 29, 2009


    3 P ai~~~

  16. nanulacus May 17, 2009


  17. nagiss Jul 04, 2009

    que lidos que son los tres como me gustan

  18. Cholie Jul 22, 2009


    Even though at the end of GSD special edition IV, Athrun wears an ORB uniform. In WIKI, the info about the GSD The motion picture which IS still on hiatus state that Athrun return to ZAFT again for the 3rd time = =... I wonder when will he make up his mind.

  19. ds19th Dec 26, 2009

    All of people are friendly.

  20. pureblood98 Feb 07, 2010

    arrgh! where the hell is cagalli? CAGALLI! CAGALLI! CAGALLI!CAGALLI!

  21. Zero8 Sep 09, 2010


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