Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Wallpaper: Sleeping Sun

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Please full view, to see all the details! :3 Thank you.
Song Illustration Number 1: Sailor Moon - Sleeping Sun (by Nightwish)

Sudden idea
Yup, like it says, I had this idea all of a sudden. I remembered this beautiful picture of Galaxia sealing Chaos -I know this from reviews & such, I haven't watched Sailor Stars and probably never will X-P I instantly pictured a sunset scene in my mind when I thought of this picture -I love sunsets, and the character's pose seemed more than convenient! Here are some of the lyrics from the song "Sleeping Sun" by Nightwish, which I chose for illustrating my idea:

I wish for this night time to last for a lifetime
The darkness around me -shores of a solar sea
Oh, how I wish to go down with the Sun
Sleeping, weeping, with you...

Beautiful, aren't they? *wipes tear* After I thought of this I also thought about doing a song illustration series. Who knows?...

The vectoring job
After what I went through for the hair in my Lumiere vector, I swore to never vector that much hair again. Obviously I hadn't seen this coming. Because of problems with my monitor (it's fixed now, yay!), I had to download a trial copy of Photoshop and work on my mom's computer, at her office X-O Pain! Agony! Free juice! XD (there really was free juice available) Anyway, I got past the vectoring outlines part victorious, which was a challenge because of the accursed mouse that wasn't working properly OX And then I had to transfer the PSD file to my computer to continue editing it.

Shading and other elements
There were 3 types of shading in Galaxia's hair, I think, but I chose to vector only the highlights, leaving the rest blank to "melt" within the background (I felt that she should somehow be close to nature due to her pose and all).
The color on the water, you say? I used a few filters on that, and I'm aware of the fact that it's slightly green around the edges >_> But it's ok, it's fading light... *trying to make the last phrase sound deep XD*
I used the Box Blur filter on the original image to give the character more substance. It would have looked pretty empty and dull with only the outlines, but I'm happy with how it turned out :)

Other dull, boring details (a.k.a. credits XD)
Character: Sailor Galaxia from Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars
Original picture came from Luna Art, a cel site
Total # of layers for the wallpaper: 32 (wow, few compared to what I usually do XD)
Size of the PSD file: 84 MB @_@
Star brush: Obsidian Dawn (actually only one brush)
Textures (I used two on the sky, although they're barely visible): Squidfingers

Sorry, but there's only a widescreen version available this time :( The picture looked ugly if I stretched it and I didn't want to cut it off, so I stuck with widescreen. Here's a bigger (original) version: 2560 x 1600

depths-of-sound magical-girl-luvers kaleidostar-4-ever love-monster
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  1. SmurffyGal123 Aug 18, 2007

    This picture of Sailor Galaxia is beautiful! Thanks for sharing this beautiful art work. ;)

  2. IzumiChan Aug 19, 2007

    I thought it was sailor neptune in a first glance. XD
    What, you haven't seen sailor stars? It is definivaly SM's best season! Mamoru almost doesn't appear, (yay! XD ) there's more drama and less stupid fillers than usual, and there's Seiya too... watch it! >_< ~
    Okay, but about the wallie~ XD
    I liked a lot the transition from sunset to deep night, and her flowing hair is cool~ >w<
    Great vectoring and yeah, cool fading light~ XD
    Yay!~ >w<

  3. abul Aug 19, 2007

    i actually never seen this seson either (i want to download it in the web)
    it's sooooooooooo freaking beautiful!

  4. Sinever Aug 19, 2007

    nice concept & the bg looks awesome XD
    keep it up ;)

  5. KiyanaIkebana Aug 28, 2007

    Is very nice! I love the color!

  6. Taja Apr 13, 2009

    galaxia is so pretty XD

  7. kerinaz Jul 23, 2009

    love her silhouette blends with the sunset, colors are nice too.

  8. Steffi1690 Moderator Oct 10, 2009

    A SailorGalaxia wallie mhmm! Well done, thx for sharing!

  9. joury Dec 03, 2009

    now you made me love her XD

    this pic is AWESOME

  10. Steffi1690 Moderator Oct 18, 2010

    Wonderful! I love Galaxia with open hair! ^-^
    And with the sunset in it - Cool!

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