Mushishi Wallpaper: Gathering

Yuki Urushibara, Artland, Mushishi, Ginko Wallpaper
Yuki Urushibara Mangaka Artland Studio Mushishi Series Ginko Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Experimenting with painting techniques, for the most part aiming for a watercolour/ink wash look...
All done in photoshop using my tablet.
*Is too tired to think of good summary - Been working on a few walls simultaneously*
It's probably not gonna be to many people's tastes, but I had fun doing it. ^_^

Original scan was submitted by Iga - Link

EDIT - Just found out Mushishi's been licensed in Australia! XD

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  1. Oriya Aug 18, 2007

    yay, I'm first ^^
    incredible wallpaper! love the idea and ambiance of it. great work.

  2. Maji Aug 18, 2007

    Yay for painted wallpapers! ><
    Great work on the atmosphere and the lightning, it looks fabulous!

  3. schwindelmagier Aug 18, 2007

    I agree wit the two above.
    The painting is pure awesome-ness. The atmosphere is perfect for Mushishi, so mysterious and fascinating.
    Must be a lot of work. *honours*
    I love Mushishi. A pity that there are just so few wallies of it.


  4. pamkips Aug 19, 2007

    The wall has a fantastic look to it, the watercolor look is just awesome,
    and must of been difficult to do, great color choices, just a fantastic wall,
    nicely done :3

  5. fawna-chan Aug 22, 2007

    It looks awesome. I love the colors and the watercolor effect.

  6. Elves Aug 24, 2007

    I'm not gonna lie. You get bonus kudos points just for making a Mushishi wallpaper. They're so hard to find in my experience.

    I really love the lighting you did from the lantern, not too much and not too little. Just right. Though Ginko's face seems a little blotchy to me. Kind of like circles make up the shadows under his hairline. As well as on his foot. I think that these areas stand out as circular because, even though the rest of the wall has that same sort of texture, people's skin doesn't bounce light that way. So a smoothing or a more gradual blur of skin tone on his face and foot would solve that problem. Which is a slight thing that was bothering me.
    Overall your coloring is awesome, and the textures left from the coloring method all work well everywhere else. Great use of color by the way. Very nice piece. Thanks for sharing! :pacman:

  7. MapleRose Retired Moderator Aug 26, 2007

    hooray for tablet! ^___^

    very nice job on the watercolour-ish, ink-painting style ^__^ Did you just use the default brush?

  8. alterlier Aug 27, 2007

    lovely painting look, love the enchanted it seems, gotta say you just inspired me to do something with mushishi.

  9. MyrrhLynn Aug 27, 2007

    Well I'm not a big fan of this series but it's to my taste. :D Gosh you are sure getting the use out of your tablet, aren't you? I like the painted look of it, and the lantern is a nice touch of color to keep the wall from being too bright. I really like the reflections of the light off the water, it kind of reminds me of an impressionist painting (which I <3). Nice work!

  10. annakee Aug 28, 2007


  11. waveside Aug 30, 2007

    A gem among gems. There are barely any Mushishi walls, and this one is just fantastic. Love the painted idea. The water is really focused on, nice texture and overall great color choices; gives the picture a whimsical enchanted look.

  12. spoonyalchemist Sep 07, 2007

    This is beautiful! I love the mood; kind of serene yet spooky at the same time. I love the colors, too.

  13. HiragiiKagami Sep 08, 2007

    It looks like a painting!

  14. queerisblue Sep 30, 2007

    This is soooo mushishi-like and so good. *___*

  15. Matsukaze Oct 17, 2007

    I love Mushishi... as well this scan :D
    Nice wall.

  16. vvhime Dec 04, 2007

    This is just so great. The color really fits the story theme. ^^b

  17. moonlight-27 Feb 07, 2008

    This is a kool peice and i like the painted look and the colors but his face looks a lil blotchy but this is still a good wallpaper and the anime is sweet.

  18. Alfirin91 Mar 21, 2009

    it's great! thank you!

  19. lastwilight Jun 04, 2009

    Thank you for making this into a wall! And what a beautiful one it is! Thank you!

  20. Azh Jan 19, 2010

    Very beautiful image. Thank you for sharing this.

  21. dragonfly1990 Jan 23, 2010

    It somehow reminds me of books I used to love...

  22. jiop May 09, 2010

    your coloring is great, it's one of my fav

  23. nino Mute Member May 09, 2010

    nice scan thanks for sharing

  24. LainAlphard May 14, 2010

    It looks so warm ^^
    Thank you for sharing~

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