Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Wallpaper: Shiawase

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, Lacus Clyne, Kira Yamato, Athrun Zala Wallpaper
Sunrise (Studio) Studio Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Series Lacus Clyne Character Kira Yamato Character Athrun Zala Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

My entry for gundamseed-angels's joy/celebration walling/doujinsh contest.

Augh, I need a break from Gundam Seed! Meh...well there's still one more thing I have to do before I take that break. I'm also planning something else soon....but later.

I don't think there a Gundam Seed pic that better represents celebration and joy than this one, which is why I chose it.

The vector turned out to be my longest vector yet! Almost 25 hours, I didn't expect that. I didn't find it too hard, I guess Cagalli was the hardest with all her little flowers and leaves and stuff. I think the vector turned out well! However I admit that I didn't add the transparent/frilly part of Lacus's dress, I couldn't think of a good way to do it right.

If you want to see the vector full-sized click here. I had to put my name over it so no one steals it and runs away, but if you want to use it for something just ask.

Then the wall. My original idea didn't work out, so here you have..my first real painting! Aha-ha. The sunset background is painted from scratch by me. I don't love it but it could be worse, ne? Big thanks to Gaara-kun's tutorial at Paint-o-Rama, it was very helpful! The wall was made by me too, I made it dark to bring out the background more. I know the lighting might be a bit much, but I like the sunset look.

Well that's enough of my blabbing (I'm not even going to start on how much trouble the background gave me, along with Photoshop being stupid and experimenting for hours...). Hope you like this "simple sunset wedding" wall :P Comments, full views, and faves are all really greatly appreciated! Ja'ne!

Vector Stats:
Time: 24.5 hrs
Layers: 112
PSD File Size: 59.6 MB

Other Stuff:
Textless Version: Click!
Textured Version: Click me too!
Alternate Version: Don't forget me!

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  1. Kitaan Retired Moderator Aug 15, 2007

    Very nice vector, done very well <3

    I think the bg is simple, not really a celebration
    bg it's more like a romantic scene bg to me :\
    But the bg is nicely done, kinda empty but good still.

    Nice job <33 Thanks for entering and Good Luck! :3

  2. Alden Aug 15, 2007

    Look at Lacus, holding Athrun's arm too.
    Bad, bad Lacus!
    Good job anyway.

  3. Fran Retired Moderator Aug 15, 2007

    Nice vector job!
    The outlines look a little bit jagged, I think you should have blurred them (but just once!)
    The background looks really good! Such a great painting job :3

  4. saki-xan Aug 15, 2007

    Wow! Really you have time and it could be employed very much at it! :D

    My PC now this one formatted and still I must install Photoshop, then newly there I might advance EVERYTHING WHAT I LOST, if, even I am furious >.<

    I like it, yeah ;) it made alternatives great and I like the one that submitted in MT, though they are not others bad ;)

    The vector, uuf! It had to go too much time do to him the details of Lacus and Cagalli, also there exists a seemed scan that I might do for the contest but, uuf! Not if to do it :D

    Support this good work ;)

  5. Chloe Retired Moderator Aug 15, 2007

    Nice attention to detail and the vectoring is neatly done. Keep up the good work!

  6. moonescape Aug 15, 2007

    Too bad I don't know what Shiwase mean. x_x

    Either way the vectoring is neatly done and yup, there are some details that were noticed at least. :/

    It's a nice try to paint, but it's going to just get difficult with more to come.;)

  7. sailorchiron Aug 15, 2007

    Very nice vector, and nice job on your first painting! The only thing I don't like, and this is not your fault, is that they way their smiles are drawn, they all look sorta...dumb. I know, I know, GSD can do no wrong, but something about they way they're all smiling makes them look less than intelligent. Anyway, great work on your wall, keep up the good work!

  8. entity1660 Aug 15, 2007

    Oooh, skinny outlines, Ashy! It fits nicely to this image! Keep up with it, it's really worth it. ^_^

  9. barara Aug 16, 2007

    kyaaaaaaaaaa! So cute! >.< Lovely vector! I love the background, good work! :D

  10. Sinever Aug 16, 2007

    beautiful XD
    I love the vector XD
    keep it up okay ;)

  11. Lariel Aug 17, 2007

    The vector is really very unique and sharp. The background blends well with the character. :D

  12. norine07 Aug 19, 2007

    omg omg! this is really really very good! really detailed love the colours~ omg! you've improved alot! the colours are wonderful~ beautiful work of art~ thanks for sharing!~~
    love the title= happiness~ though not many people understand ahhax..!

  13. merelie Aug 31, 2007

    they look like they're having so much fun!
    the background is kind of strange for the clothes they're wearing though
    thanks for sharing!

  14. abul Oct 25, 2007

    oh very nice!
    u say you make bad backgrounds? ~_~ lier *shakes head*
    lol fave ;)

  15. rencoud80 Mar 18, 2008

    Hi^^. I like this one. May I use it as my background in YouTube? I'll credit it to you, so don't worry^^. I don't like <b>GETTING</b> artworks without permission but if I forgot to ask, I'll just type the credits in my channel..^^

  16. ImyImy Mar 04, 2009

    Superb Wallpaper! ^_^

  17. Cholie Jul 22, 2009

    I wish....I really wish Sunrise would actually put this in the actual show.

  18. thingperson Nov 24, 2009

    Oh my gosh i love this so much I love this scan of them and for it to be a vector you did such a good job wow, your so talented I love this and the background looks great and i think it goes with it and cagalli and athrun look so cute in this..*smiles*.

  19. GemKingKilik88 Apr 10, 2010

    Beautiful! One of the most elegant wallpapers I've seen

  20. rakenga297 Aug 01, 2010

    this wallpaper looks really nice than scan

  21. lancer01 Feb 25, 2011

    So cool !..........................................(...)

  22. fitarol15 Jul 29, 2014

    it's nice...
    But You Ruined It.! Where's Flay! Flay Was Making The Pic More Joyful ..
    I Wonder when you people stop hating flay

    ~~___flay___~~ :(

    Sorry i just burst when i can't see flay..
    but i'm so sorry wonderful scan you spent a lot of hours doing it...mmmso sorry i really love it

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