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My newest Gundam SEED series project vector...Cagalli! I've vectored almost everyone when it came to the main characters for La Flaga and the commander...But those will be made shortly, once I get good scans of them at least.

To be frank, I've done this vector about two days ago but didn't want to post it right after I've submitted my Eureka Seven one. I was still hesitant whether or not people had took the hint that I will never return to MT. Ha, I'll never leave here; this is where gracious people have taught me the art of vectoring and how enjoyable it is. This is where my talent for vectoring flourished, and kashi-chan, if you're reading this (I doubt you are because you detest Mobile Suit), but in case you do, let me say I'd like to thank you. And this is no suck-up thing or anything, either. Kashi-chan and Elda-chan helped me tremendously and without them, I'd be leaving my laptop on all hours of the day without no activity.

Then there's the rest of you: Ruby-chan (rubenz) was my idol at the time and I looked up to her. The others came around and I've become their idols. Moon-chan (moonescape), Ashy (ASH-Hikari), Saki-san (Saki-sama), and saki-xan. This vector is dedicated to all my friends that stuck with me through their vectoring advice. Hope of all of you are safe and sound in the world of vectoring.

Okay, I've stopped crying. Now onto important stuff!

Source Image(s): Base. Color

Please comment and full view.

EDIT: Smoothed outlines and darkened necklace's shading. Thank you Moon-chan. ^^

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  1. moonescape Aug 12, 2007

    Awww.... I'm touched! ^^ Even I love MT so it seems quite impossible for me to ever leave this place because my friends are so nice even those who I don't know. ;P Even my idol was ruby-chan, I looked up to her too. :3

    There's some error I noticed like the outline of the nose there's a slight bump which bugs me because it looks like a mosquito bit her. ^_^'

    The darkest shade for the skin on Cagalli's right arm is quite messed up because I see some overlaps of other shades.

    Last is that there's a bright yellow shade between her neck and the hair which really bugs me. O_o

    Overrall I do like the fact that you vectored this because I completely forgot about it until I saw this. :o

    I hope your better so cheer up, we're there. ;)

  2. JCzala Aug 12, 2007

    This is very lovely. It's a neat work and I just love the right touch of colors. Cagalli-sama is very cute and it's good that you vectored this scan.

    Frankly, the outlines seems a little off. Most are so jaggy. There's also some lines on her hair that are missing.

  3. Saikusa Retired Moderator Aug 12, 2007

    You always make th emost elegent and charming vectors. Perfect every time!

  4. ASH-Hikari Aug 12, 2007

    Ah! *Sniffs* That is so sweet! I could never leave MT either, at least I don't think so. This is also where I started vectoring, making it my second home on the internet ^_^.
    Aw, and you mentioned me too! *Cries some more* Arigatou entity-chan!
    Oh yes, the vector, I almost forgot ^_^. Beautiful image to start with, like Moon-chan said I forgot about this one! Your outlines are so amazing (as usual XD), and I love the soft pretty tones of colours used here! The only thing I notice is a little bit of overlapping on her right arm. Otherwise such a beautiful vector! Yes, I do look up to you, definetely ^_^. And I'll keep trying to improve with the support of you and everyone else!

  5. Fran Retired Moderator Aug 12, 2007

    Aww nice vector!
    Everything looks nice & crisp, both the outlines and coloring.
    The only weird thing, as Moon said, is the yellow shadow on her neck :s
    Overall, excellent job!

  6. saki-xan Aug 12, 2007

    When I see my name there, wow! :') really it thrilled me, since you should not be grateful for me of anything, I should give him a giant embrace for teaching the vectoring to me, I am sleepy in you, to manage to take a vector as theirs, there I would be completely been grateful of you ;D

    I do not criticize your vector, I saw it on AP, he would doubt if you do not share your talent in MT >:D

    You are very adorable and I have very much appreciation, help myself in the vectoring and in other topics :')
    I estimate very much your existence in MT! :')

  7. sailorchiron Aug 13, 2007

    Great vector, so detailed! Cgalli looks very pretty, but god I hate it when her hair is in pig tales. >_< Great job!

  8. moonescape Aug 13, 2007

    Oh! I finally understand that it was a necklace. Actually I didn't really noticed it close enough maybe so sorry. ^_^'

    Well now that's better since the shading is more easy for me to tell here. ;D

  9. pamkips Aug 13, 2007

    Your vectors are ALWAYS fantastic!

  10. rizacaga Aug 14, 2007

    nice job....very clean vector

  11. norine07 Aug 19, 2007

    lovely really clean and detailed~ nicely done as always~

  12. shurei-KO7890 Feb 09, 2008

    so nice... .... love it...

  13. ZalaGirl Apr 13, 2009

    Very nicely done. :)

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