Minato Hiromu Wallpaper: Lost In My Own Reflection

Minato Hiromu Wallpaper
Minato Hiromu Mangaka

1280x1024 Wallpaper

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highlighted at vector-wallers

this wall/vector is for the vector-wallers contest :)

theme: isolation and loneliness

thanks sinever for the extension :) and for putting up with my tardiness XD i really appreciate it :D

anyway, about this wall:

i had started this vector over a month ago and only just finished it :D

this wall has a fair number of layers [im too lazy to count ^_^' ] and this is the scan i used. im not sure who the artist is and i cant remember where i got the scan from since this was on my computer for ages, however when i saw it, i thought, why not vector this? and so i did.

i tried to blend the shading/shadow of her outfit together so it fits better and doesnt look awkward and look like random colours plastered together XD

i also extended her and vectored in her other leg and sleeve since it was cut off in the scan :)

i also smudged the flowers that are in the background so the colours flow a bit better :)

i ended up slightly changing the hues and shades a bit but i hope it looks ok ^_^'

i wanted this wall to be sort of simple looking and not too cluttered :D

thanks to eternallegend because she kept bugging me to finish this vector so i could submit it to the contest before the deadline XD she also helped me with the background when i kept asking her how this wall looked XD

thanks for viewing~^^





hoteru-no-shiki *Star Revolution*






edit: artwork is from Hiromu Minato, thanks to MallieChan for telling me :)

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  1. Melisandre Aug 10, 2007

    What an incredible work! I like its clean lines and the colors. The reflect is just amazing and the girl is really cute but the best are the flowers and the butterflies, very sensitive, great work + fav :)

  2. Sinever Aug 10, 2007

    you have done it enchantment XD
    Im totally in love with your wall XD its looking excellent :D its clean & neat :)
    well done :) its a fav & its an *Excellent* Highlight :)

  3. MallieChan Aug 10, 2007

    whoa this is pretty :D ! i like the way you vectored it <3 great job!

    And btw this is artwork from Hiromu Minato from the artbook of blue wind :3

  4. Chloe Retired Moderator Aug 10, 2007

    Very nice vector! The simplicity is great and the wall in general is just neatly done. Great job!

  5. eternallegend Aug 10, 2007

    i like the simple look of the background and the way everything flows together :D the colours are done well and the vector is nicely done :) the reflection is done well :D the flower candle seems a bit odd because of the lack of shadow but it could just be me ^_^' [hope i didnt offend you ^_^'] the title suits well :D lovely wall ^^+fav

  6. Lum-sann Aug 10, 2007

    Wow! great Enchant-chan! :D i totally love this wallpaper looks so simple and nice! :) the girl is really cute! The vector it's so clean and nice! ^_^ very lovely the reflection and the water effects that you made! :) the butterflies look great in there! :) The vector of the flowers looks really cool too! ^_^
    Great work Enchant-chan! :D The wallpaper looks really beautiful! ^_^

  7. monicayurie Aug 10, 2007

    I already liked you work, but now you sure overcame yourself!
    It looks superb!
    It's a fav for sure!
    Bye bye!

  8. ThunderByte Aug 11, 2007

    Beautiful wallie :)
    You have done excellent work with this!

  9. Fran Retired Moderator Aug 11, 2007

    Lovely wall
    It's a great vector but there some thing I gotta point out:
    The moon (is a moon right?) looks really strange to me. I don't why...
    Um...shouldn't the hand have a ripple around it? Just saying xD
    Anyway, great wallpaper, I love the simplicity of this

  10. x-lawss Aug 11, 2007

    This is a very well done :)
    Thanks for sharing XD

  11. moonescape Aug 12, 2007

    Despite the background maybe clean, but look at the details close to the girl. I mean the vector was raelly well done, but I mainly love the reflection here because it's very interesting and in the reflection is a different expression of her.

    Everything was clean whcih was of course something I always love in a wallpaper and the ripples you added where it reflects was in great areas.

    Good job and a defiante fave! ;)

  12. bromithia Retired Moderator Aug 12, 2007

    Text should be killed, but everything else looks great.

  13. pamkips Aug 12, 2007

    Love the wall, except the text, kills the wall,
    lovely vector, great composition, and lovely colors.

    Great job :3

  14. rika23 Aug 13, 2007

    Yes, agree with the text. it's killing the wall XP neatly done vector. now it's my new curent desktop :p

  15. rubenz Aug 15, 2007

    Very pretty :D I love the vector and bg :D

  16. pluffie Aug 15, 2007

    nice job! I think this looks like one of Misato Mitsumi's works, though I'm not completely sure. beautiful regardless.

  17. royaldarkness Aug 17, 2007

    Wow this is so pretty!
    Lovely background :) And awesome job with th vector! :nya:

  18. norine07 Nov 02, 2007

    omg! beautiful wallpaper! the vectoring is just superb~ XD wonderful job done~

  19. abul Feb 15, 2008

    wow this is truly beautiful!
    the moon is a bit weird but everything else is just excellent!
    great job and its a fave!

  20. iDeem Apr 12, 2008


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