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Hello everyone~ :)
It's been quite not a long while, surprisingly. I feel like drawing once again. However, it's on a different level and objective now. I can't thank enough for all the great constructive criticisms for my previous Ayupan's POP-Secret Style. Not only that, the dress there is my 1st design ever created. Now I'm moving for my second turn :D

However, do note that this is my 1st time putting down my description of this dress. Thus, I apologize if my vocabulary here sounds weird in explaining. I don't have any formal education of fashion designing yet but just a passion which has just lighted up :)

As you can see here, the basic style in this dress is based on the cute little dress I saw in shopping mall when I was very young. And now, I'm remaking it by combining some Oriental features into it :)

(Please don't focus too much on that 'model'. I'm not creating her for fan service, but for personal reasons ^___^" This dress's design is what matter the most :D )

As the title itself speaks, yes, this dress is named "Butterfly Fairy". Why? Because the wings-like laces around her shoulder resembles wings. Yet, to emphasize the carefree grace, I added "angel" :D

To begin with, her collar is the Manchu style from China's Qipao. It's also used to secure the dress of the upper part, by clipping both side (the clip is at the center of it). Besides, it is secured by thin soft semi-transparent folded cloths (linen?) which consist of 4 strips there. The lace on both shoulders are retained exactly like what I saw in the the original dress years ago. :)

Note that the lace-liked folded strips are curve down to create a slight illusion of a jacket. A butterfly-shaped bow was placed in the middle; On the lower part however, is a likeness of a corset. The strings there held the skirt (but isn't the only main item to lock both parts together ^_^' ). There's a "M" shaped curve at the front waist (which can be designed as gold-plated). A sure Oriental style is the pink-purplish Chinese cloth belt (that is noticible in martial arts' uniform) decorated with ocean wave paterns and held together with a string tied with Mystic knob & jade bangle. (Note: The alphabet "R" at the end of the cloth represents this model's name Rosemary. Thus, one can always have her name stylishly sewn on it :) )

The external skirt is decorated with Chinese patterns of clouds and bamboo leaves. Such designs are also used in contemporary Western's Oriental flavors as well. Moreover, an expression of heavenly beauty is created (as if she's above dreamland clouds? ^_^' ). XD

But then, you may see the folding of the external skirt seems deviantly not in straight line with the center part. I shall emphasize that it's pretty much an illusion: the inside of this external skirt is also painted with patterns too. The center even line is still there ^_^'

Moving to her dark-blue silk gloves, they are multifunctionals. For example, when one stretch up her gloves by pulling up gently, the long laces will be flipped forward and cover the hand, exposing only her fingernails above. This is purposely to keep hands warm. :)

Meanwhile, the socks are white fishnet socks with 0.3mm diametre hole. Its softness and smaller hole will not compromise her comfort in the shoes while at the same time allowing skin to breath. It's made of cotton after all.

For the shoes, they are redesigned from Gothic Lolita's Mary Jane shoes. Added design are daisy-shaped diamond on each shoe respectively.

Disclosed together, I will explain briefly about this model girl :) Her hairstyle is an androgynous style. At the same time, her front side of her hair are dyed in color a little darker than her behind ones. Nevertheless, not to stereotype, her specs are not the usual 'nerdy' oval type, but the modern rectangular ones. :) Do note that her legs are curiously short; but it's for one reason: she resembles my friend, who too has short legs! ^_^'

Comments are dearly appreciated, especially when I really need it to improving my designs! XD Thanks very much! *bows* My apologize if I can't explain properly >.<

p/s: This doujinshi is also presented in conjunction of my 19th birthday [9 August 2007] X-P XD

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  1. BadMoonDemonHowL Aug 08, 2007

    Wow :)
    First of all - happy birthday! ^-^

    I'm always interested to see other people's drawings, and when it comes to clothes, I'm really eager to see some fashion ideas :D
    I must admit I'm quite impressed with your drawing - I find the dress very nice, with many nifty details. I'm glad you decided to give us a detailed description too - for it helps to understand what you had in mind when making this dress.
    I'd love to see this dress colored - did you consider it maybe? :)
    Not that it's bad like this, damn, it's great, but since you already made so many beautiful details, I think adding some vivid colors to it would be simply - fantastic ^-^
    Well, this is a fav for sure!

    p.s. could I get some birthday cake maybe? *big grin*

  2. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Aug 08, 2007

    Wow! Nice detail work on this one kokuyu! (And HAPPY early BIRTHDAY!) Great job on the description... really helps me to picture this image colored! I agree with BadMoon... with all of the detail you put into the description, I'm almost expecting a colored work! ;) I definitely like the print on the skirt as well as the tie on the top of it. I'm not a huge fan of the fold on the side of her skirt showing the material underneath because it looks like part of her dress just got caught on something... I also think that her hair isn't really fitting with the design of the dress... I imagined a long haired person with this dress... But overall, I nice job! Keep up the great work! :D

  3. angelgirlz Aug 09, 2007

    I'm always amazed by the amount of effort you put into your work ^^ All the research and minute details you put into each piece you make! I truly admire your patience! XD
    But there are still some tiny things that need to be improved:

    1.The character's pose needs to be more natural (Right now it looks kind of... Stiff?)
    2.The dress needs some reworking, and I don't mean the design (that's already awesome) I mean the flow of the fabric: The creases in the right places and such...
    3. I also agree with fireflywishes too: that the character dosen't fit with the dress, but that is just a matter of personal taste so it dosen't matter ^^''

    Overall though, your work is great and the amount of effort you put into it shows very clearly! ^-^

  4. kokuyu Aug 09, 2007

    Errr......I guess I forgot to add one more important point ^_^' "I'm not good in coloring so this is all I can do for now,"

    sorry for any inconvenience ^_^'

  5. royaldarkness Aug 09, 2007

    XD very cool dress koko-chan :D very detailed indeed!
    Oh and Happy Birthday again XD

  6. enchantressinthedark Aug 11, 2007

    Happy Birthday again! XD I came to comment as promised this afternoon =) But seriously, words are not enough to express how gorgeous your artwork is XD All I can just say is..... AYU SHOULD HIRE YOU TO BE HER DRESS DESIGNER!

    Love love love the dress <3

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