Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny: Portrait of a Songstress

Sunrise (Studio), Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny, Lacus Clyne, Vector Art


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* Featured in songstress-reverie


Dedicated to moonescape: She has been my best friend at MT since I got here, and has always helped me when I needed it. I also look up to her as a very talented artist. Lately she seems to be kind of down, and I can relate to that, so I hope this vector will cheer her up a bit. Moon-chan, for you ^_^.

Ah, finally, the set is complete! I finished Lacus. I know, it took a while. Forgive me. Well, here's the story: I actually planned on making this gift for Moon-chan a while ago; I was going to vector it from the little pic found here. But then the full-size scans were submitted, and although I was saved of a lot of hard work (vectoring that little pic would be difficult) now I knew I had to hurry, because others were going to start vectoring her. However, everyone was really really nice and let me be the first to do Lacus, even though I know others were interested in vectoring her, so I lucked out. Arigatou minna ^_^. (And isn't it ironic; when the scans came out Moon-chan said, "Please tell me you're going to vector Lacus!" Heh, little did she know it was already planned for her.)

The vector wasn't so easy. Now I know why everyone let me vector her; no one wanted to do Lacus's clothes! Lol, just kidding. But it really did drive me crazy, all the little folds and lines on her outfit...grr. Oh well, it's done now. What annoys me though is that, again, when I save it as a jpeg the colours all change, and I hate it, but I don't know how to fix it (anyone?). But in the .psd file it looked perfect, you can see it here.

As for the BG...green isn't really my colour, nor is it Lacus's...but I think it worked best here. I made a version where Lacus's outfit is dark red, so pretty...I'm going to use it for my layout, I think ;)

Hardest Part: Clothes
Easiest Part: Eyes
Most fun part: Hair

Time: 16.5 hrs
Days: 2...very...long...vector-ful days....
Layers: 35

I'll admit I felt the pressure with this vector ^_^;. I felt rushed to finish it, but I didn't want to do a bad job. I'm jealous of all you people with Illustrator now...I always hear, "It's faster, easier, straighter, better"...but I don't have it :(. Oh well, no need to rush anything else.

Moon-chan, I hope you like your gift! Any comments, faves, and full views will make me very happy :) Now, can I go rest and maybe eat something and watch the new Naruto episode? Ha ha, I think I'll do that. Ja'ne! (Oh, and sorry for the long description, but hey, I lack sleep.)

[EDIT] Ugh, the thumbnail looks so dull...stupid Photoshop...
[EDIT2] Hey, I was able to fix the colours a bit! Yay! It looks better now!

vectory sakura--cb mikos-moon-flower celestial-luminesse kyandee-anime-no-jutsu free--wallers songstress-reverie gundamseed-angels

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  1. sai-sai-bo Aug 06, 2007

    Luckily,I'm the 1st one````````````````
    Lacus sama``````````My Goddess

  2. xianghua Aug 06, 2007

    Beautifully done Ash-san! I love it! Even though you don't have that program you did an awesome job! (hey at least you know how to vector XD )
    Great job! *favs*

  3. LilLaoRyo704 Aug 06, 2007

    YAY, you did it, great job, i love the dress, and everything, awesome XD

    it is complete now, we have all 6 girls XD

  4. Kiako Aug 06, 2007

    that's a nice vector, the shades look good, and so do the lines.

  5. starrliteangel Aug 06, 2007

    illustrator = faster, easier? hahah youve got to be kidding me. I just got illustrator and I CANT FIGURE IT OUT! someone help me T__T anyways, I think your vector looks really good though..you dont need illustrator with your vectoring skills XD

  6. moonescape Aug 06, 2007

    Awww.... I'm very touched by this. :D I can't believe you finished this. :o This really does surprise me because it's not always so easy to do this in photoshop in such short days. :)

    Yay! Were best friends and I didn't know that. XD

    I'm really better now since recently I've been making some new friends in MT this week and I've gotten some dedicating gift from others like you Ash-chan. :D Another thing is yesterday I got somethings settled straight with my family (When I mean by family I mean my lil sis). That's why I'm extrememly happy. =D

    lol! I laughed so hard when you said you were going to plan this vector for me. XD

    Don't be so bummed about it. =) I think maybe I just blab about the Ilustrator too much even if it's true (Me and my big mouth x_x). I mean it's not all about the Illustrator because there's more than that. Sometimes it even takes long patience just to treasure your works like on photoshop. ;) When I see your outlines it always makes me think that I'm wrong because photoshop can do the same depending on those who use it. :D

    If you ever get Illustrator anyways I'll help you when I get one on windows because the Mac doesn't let me take snapshot. @_@ I'll help you anyways I can best friend. ;)

    Yes, the girls vectors are complete. >:D Now it's the boys turn. XD Just wondering are you going to vector the boys scan because I'm defiantely not going to since I'm too busy. OX

    BTW the link for this vector from your userpage is messed up. x_x

  7. saki-xan Aug 06, 2007

    I adore it!
    Sorry! I leave rapidly!

    You know that the works of LilLao-chan, Moon-chan, entity-san and yours are my favorites, initiate the vectoring for you:D

  8. Lariel Aug 07, 2007

    Yeah! *punches air* The final vector, Lacus, is here! *starts waving banner* Now we have a perfect set! ;)

  9. eternallegend Aug 07, 2007

    the vector is nice and clean and done really well :) the details are done nicely and the line art is detailed well :D nice vector ^^

  10. norine07 Aug 08, 2007

    omg! it's really well done and detailed~ really beautifully done~ love the colours and all~ thankd for sharing~

  11. rika23 Aug 08, 2007

    owh yeah XD she looks gorgeous on that outfit XP well cone on vector tho~ :3

  12. ealpha-scorpio Aug 11, 2007

    Very pretty work :) Lacus looks really beautiful! But I think it would be better if you had chosen another background color. It looks very green and reduces the emphasis on Lacus, who's the main subject of your work. Other than that, your work is simply beautiful. Congrats...

    Keep up the good work :)

  13. sailorchiron Aug 11, 2007

    Good work, nice clean vector. I'm assuming that a new series of GSD trading cards was released? There are zillions of these vectors! *eyes bugging out* Sooo maaannnyy veeccctttoooorrssss...

  14. Lilian-eli Aug 11, 2007

    Wow, nice vector! *__* FAV! ;)

  15. andou-mahoro Aug 19, 2007

    I saw the red version of this scan, can you upload it for me pls? ;_____;
    i think it would be more popular than the green XD

  16. CitraZaoldyeck Banned Member Aug 20, 2007

    wuuuuaaaaa lacus san daa XD
    thanks for sharing ;)

  17. smallworld Aug 21, 2007

    Love the way you have done with the hair!
    The design on the dress is beautiful!
    Great job! :]

  18. keoku Aug 30, 2007

    Love it Lacus is sooooooooooo beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Love it. Love it. Love it.

  19. merelie Aug 31, 2007

    wow, this is such a lovely vector
    the dress is really pretty
    (for some reason i did not think lacus's hair was that long...?)
    i love what you did with the hair
    it looks so wavy and pretty
    thanks for sharing!

  20. InfiniteJustic3 Sep 07, 2007

    Very Nicely Done! Everything Looks Goods and Clean! Lacus Looks so Beautiful as Always! XD Thanks A Lot For Sharing This Vector! Definitely Added to Fav!

  21. Reikuclyne Sep 07, 2007

    Pretty Lacus vector! Can't wait to see more.

  22. DarkPriestessKikyo06 Oct 28, 2007

    This is a very lovely vector! You did a great job! Thanks for sharing! :)

  23. patsj Mar 23, 2008


    I like Hererrr

  24. icegaze7 Mar 03, 2009

    lacus is beautiful! great job on the vector!

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