Hidamari Sketch Wallpaper: Always carry a Rainbow with you~

Hidamari Sketch, Yuno, Vector Art Wallpaper
Hidamari Sketch Series Yuno Character Vector Art Source

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Zomg, I made it. After hours of rush and dispair, I finished it in time! XD XD
This is my entry for vector-wallers's contest, theme: Crazy and Funkiness. >u<''

You saw that right: she's opening the bag and a rainbow is popping up from it. :D
She's a rainbow-bringer! XD

So, here's the idea: every girl knows that there certain things you always need to carry around with you. And, on that list, a rainbow must be at the top! XD
By the way, the rainbow is figurative, okay? It stands for brightness, hapiness, cheefulness, and so it goes. Just to make it clear. XD

I thought it was pretty crazy to have a rainbow coming out of a bag, and than I put that hat on her, and tadaa: instant funky! XD
That's how I followed the theme. >w<

The hardest part on the process was making the rainbow... I'm not good with wide curves~ >w<''
The best part was her hat... I want one like that, it's so cute... XD XD

I draw her new shirt free-handed, and that's why it looks weird... that's all I could do, gomen~ >u<''

I did the main one as a 1280x1024 because for a strange combo of reasons, I'm now... forced... to use this one in my computer... -_-
But here's a 1600 for everyone else! >w<''

1600x1200 VERSION

Original Scan: Sketch 11 by Kordox

Hat's Base: Ayu by selimangagirl

Textures: DA!

Hope you'll like it! XD

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  1. pamkips Aug 04, 2007

    Rainbows + cuteness = <3

  2. garnett Aug 05, 2007

    Cuteness! I love it It's so cute. Nice job.

  3. rika23 Aug 05, 2007

    i Like the rainbow spread out like that XD

  4. Graverobber Aug 05, 2007

    She looks like someone I had a dream about way back in my younger days . . . . all smiles and rainbows and just darned cute. Nicely done, Izzy-chan ^_^

  5. Mitsuki24 Aug 05, 2007

    Omg XD This wallie is so cute and colourful XD
    The girl looks cute too XD I <3 it so much XD

  6. melymay Aug 05, 2007

    Simply adorable ^^

    I really like what you did with her clothing. The choice of colours gives off that nice, soft innocent kind of feel. Good work :)

  7. Sinever Aug 05, 2007

    that girl is so cute XD
    the vector is looking lovely & the rainbow is so pretty :)
    well done & good luck ;)

  8. MadoshiKurefu Retired Moderator Aug 05, 2007

    That's very cute! Good wallpaper!

  9. pandemonium91 Retired Moderator Aug 05, 2007

    I think there is no other way to express funkiness ^_^' You nailed it for sure with all the colors and the smiles!
    I agree that it isn't too easy with the big curves, I know I try to avoid them all the time since mine end up different sizes (XD), but I like how yours came out. And the vector is much better than your last one, the lines are more "confident" and flowing! Congrats, you're getting better and better!
    Thank you for the 1600 x 1200 version, now I can put it on my desktop :)
    By the way, I hope Sinever judges the entries by groups, or I'll be in big trouble XD We have completely opposite themes, you know. Mine was Loneliness (sadness) and yours is Funkiness (happiness). In the end, I like it: colorful, vectored, with textures and with a cute character :) What more can I ask for? Keep up the good work! :D

  10. Lum-sann Aug 05, 2007

    zomg! :D Kawaii! ^_^ The background and the girl really goes with the theme, It's the same theme! :D yeh me and Izumi are really crazy XD
    lol that's true girls carry her home in a bag so why not a rainbow? XD I love the colors of her shirt and the hat, i see that you changed all, the rainbow looks so nice! ^u^ ( >u< and ^u^) XD The lines look really good, I love to see all the details that you made in her cloths ^_^ The bg looks really simple but very cute ^_^ I love the colors! :D The texture looks really soft I love to use textures from DA! too they are so nice ^_^ you really changed the girl colors but they look so nice! Why don't you go to cloth designer? And create a new fashion? *o*
    My sister loved the wallpaper too ^^
    Really good wallpaper and much luck for the contest (wishing luck to the competition) XD XD
    Really nice vector kyaumi! :D I love it goes directly to favs! ^o^

  11. Chloe Retired Moderator Aug 06, 2007

    Lol, kinda like Barney's magic bag? XD Just kidding!
    Great use of bright colors, but I feel the gray part of the background kinda ruins it. Other than that, keep up the good work!

  12. Angi Retired Moderator Aug 06, 2007

    Quote by Chloe-chanLol, kinda like Barney's magic bag?

    hehe i thought the same ^_^'
    very colorful and nice vectoring
    cute and rainbowish, very Izu-chan Style :nya:
    love the idea, wonderful wall!

  13. sailorchiron Aug 06, 2007

    She makes me think of Skittles! So cute, you're really the queen of cute, Izumi-chan.

  14. mei-sama Banned Member Aug 07, 2007

    10/10 rulez!

  15. smallworld Aug 08, 2007

    Its cute!
    Nice colours used!
    Keep it up! :]

  16. norine07 Aug 12, 2007

    omg lovely colours and love the design hee hee, izumi-chan is going crazy on rainbows~ XD wheeee~~~~ hee hee~ love the colours much~~~~

  17. CosmoStar Sep 23, 2007

    I love Rainbows! I simply love than! So how can I don't like this wallpaper? It's so cute, inventive and positive! *O*
    This should be the cover for your Rainbow Series, ne?
    Gorgeous! Congrats!

  18. RealForce Mar 15, 2010

    K a w a i i ?

    Thx you :D

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