Inukami Wallpaper: I See The Darkness....But Then I See...My Friends.

Shinpei Tomooka, Inukami, Youko (Inukami) Wallpaper
Shinpei Tomooka Mangaka Inukami Series Youko (Inukami) Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Textures by: DA!

Dedicated to:Moonescape , LilLaoRyo , and Chloe-chan

Painted, Vectored but left the scan alone.

I extracted and cleaned a bit, then took the original look
and vectored everything, got bored and painted that patch of clouds
you see on the left.

Uhh, been awhile since I've made a dedication wallie,
I feel cold and nasty for it, and so since I've been around these
three people I've deiced to give them a thanks for sticking with Kit.

Unfortunately I can't make good sky backgrounds,
something about it that makes it look boring. But I think it's
because I should have made the clouds smaller in the bg to give it
depth. Wow I just gave myself a critic...I'll remember that next time,
give my friends a better piece to love.

Anyways Leave me a comment / critic or anything.

More Resolutions at EDD!

Moonie, Ryo and Chloe - Much love to you three <33

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  1. yui20 Aug 04, 2007

    wow u vectored the bg ?=3
    this is very nice ^^ good job

  2. LilLaoRyo704 Aug 04, 2007

    Hehehheeh cool wallie, and yet me and moonie are goin GSD mad, XD love the image of the girl, and thebackground suits her, great job

  3. Phill Aug 04, 2007

    great vector sis ^0^, love how you painted the sky, awsome ^^

  4. miryuri Aug 04, 2007

    Hmm... That's youko from inukami...

    It's quite a nice wallpaper.. Good one there...

  5. Deathbonewitch Aug 04, 2007

    Is that from Inukami? I can't put my finger on it but I thought I've seen her before somewhere...

  6. Sinever Aug 04, 2007

    gorgeous XD
    its a refreshing wall :D
    well done Kitten-chan ;)

  7. moonescape Aug 04, 2007

    OMG! Kitten I can't you did this for us? :o

    **hugs** This really means so much to me because lately I'm been feeling so bummed. T_T

    After seeing this it makes me realize I do have friends in high places. :D

    Now for the wallpaper the extraction was extremely good, sometimes I think it was a vector instead which I think that's a good compliment. ^_^'

    As for the sky it's alright, I believe plain a simple went well here. I mean the clouds have depth here besides just puffy white I mean. :) I'm surprised how you painted this except for the scan. Your clouds are way better than mine. XD I mean it's quite difficult from this point of view of the person to have much of anything besides the sky and leaves. :3

    I'll be watching you Kit like the eagle I am. >:D

  8. pamkips Aug 04, 2007

    I love tem clouds :3
    Simple and cute :3 I just love the fact that
    there isn't much going with the background, makes it more
    serene-er :] Anywho, nicely done

  9. Hasaki-Keissi Aug 05, 2007

    Well done.

    Though, I will say that the first two episodes from that anime were very scary.

    Anyways, I'm faving this.

  10. irix Aug 05, 2007

    great vector techniques! :nya:

  11. Clover Aug 05, 2007

    the vector is very great, and i love the wallpaper, it is simple and looks good. Somehow i feel relaxed, when i look at it^^
    The vector is well made and clean. i like the clouds you have made, they are not to much^^
    The thing i like the most is that the chara is the center of it, so that everyone will concentrate on you vector^^
    Great job!

  12. rika23 Aug 05, 2007

    it's like summer break to me XD i like you painted the bg ;3 woah.. i thought that you vectored the scan XD

  13. rubenz Aug 06, 2007

    Oww its gorgeous :D I love the sky and great choice with texture :D


  14. Chloe Retired Moderator Aug 06, 2007

    You paint better clouds than me! Teach me! LOL~
    Nice and simple does the trick! Great job!
    *Adds to EDD*

  15. bella-ella Aug 07, 2007

    I like4 the title you've givent his piece, it seems to give it a whole new meaning. Wow, everyone's so good at vectoring, I've really gotta learn. Nice work!

  16. IzumiChan Aug 07, 2007

    Aww, so cute and warm~ >u<
    I loved the sky: you did a great job on the clouds! :D
    I don't think they should be smaller, this size is more fluffy~ >w<
    Cute wallpaper, and good work! ^.^

  17. cisco-kun Sep 14, 2008

    uhmm, cool this scan~!

  18. theartmaster Nov 23, 2008

    I like this scan, nice colors.

  19. holykin Mute Member Apr 12, 2009

    So ThAnK Wow Nice !

  20. YamiNoTenshi16 Nov 29, 2009

    Gorgeous work~~~kawaii! ^^

  21. zweibo2007 Mute Member Dec 31, 2009

    good job ,nice pic ,thanks for sharing........

  22. RoxasnumberXIII Dec 06, 2010

    Well.. the only wallpaper.. Too bad, but great wallie^^

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