Nodame Cantabile Wallpaper: Nodame in Vintage

Tomoko Ninomiya, Nodame Cantabile, Megumi Noda Wallpaper
Tomoko Ninomiya Mangaka Nodame Cantabile Series Megumi Noda Character

1024x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Experimenting with vintage-y style. Inspiration come from this deviation, and peniko's newest wallpaper. Actually I think that there is something wrong with the wallpaper, but I'm not really sure >3<
comments and critiques welcome~

Thumbnail is horrible, full view if you're going to comment, please. thanks~


- version two : no blue hearts and no rainbow
- version one : with blue hearts on the umbrella

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  1. Regenbogen Aug 03, 2007

    Hello kiru...

    you wrote into UA guestbook, that you want comments on your wallpaper, so here I am! Interesting concept of your wallpaper... the textures look good on it. What I don't like that much are the blue hearts. They stand out so much and make the wallie (in my point of view) look a bit kitschy... Maybe it would have been better to leave them out... or another color... or some other signs? I am not sure...

    I hope this was of any help to you! XD

    merged: 08-03-2007 ~ 11:15pm

    Quote by k1ruxDD thankiesss regenbogeeen <3 me likes that kind of comment~ I missed critiques on MT's wallpaper comments these days >___< anyway, i have update the wall, remove that blue hearts xD mind to take another look and make some more suggestions? xDDD
    pssh once again, thanks a lot for the critiques <3

    Hello again,

    I really agree with you, when I put my first wallpaper online here on Minitokyo which was quite a while ago... *lol* almost everybody also wrote a critique and the comments were much longer as well. Okay... my first wallpapers really were a lot worse than the ones now... but still... they are far from being perfect. And most people just write "ohhhh nice"... "I like it" etc. I mean... thanks a lot, I am happy that they like them but I miss some honest criticism. That's one of the reasons why I took part in that arete ii competition. The judges don't know who's submitting and they are offical judges so they all write critiques... XD Thinking back I really improved a lot due to people giving me this and that advice. When I started here I really only knew a few things about Photoshop. Misa for example told me to use the pen tool... before i had never heard of it. *lol*

    So... when I write honest critique on my comments I don't mean it in a bad way... just a help actually. And I am very open and eager to get critiques on my stuff too.

    Okay, now about the new version of the wallpaper! I do like it more, you know I didn't like the blue too much. Well if you wanted to work more on it you could try to make the umbrella look more interesting? But I guess it will be difficult since the clothes of the girl have no special pattern, then the umbrella would really stand out a lot. You know I am always obsessed with the color combination of red, white and black (I guess you can tell from my avatar and userpage... *lol*)... but I think it would have worked well on your wallpaper too! However that may be too much of a change...

    So yeah, if you still feel like working on the wallpaper I would start on thinking about what to do with the character and her umbrella. Your wallpaper lives of the red and yellow contrast... and the right part is mostly just yellow with thin lines and not much contrast anymore. Maybe you could avoid the umbrella pattern problem if you found one element of the girl to give red color? Have you tried that? Then the right side would show more of this interesting red yellow contrast too. Maybe the inside of the dress (that is not the coat) and her hair? I am not sure though... just telling you stuff that I would try. When I make wallpapers most of the time is being spent on trying around... and so many "solutions" get deleted again... *lol* However this is the way that leads me to more ideas... just a bit time consuming...

    I hope this has been of any help to you! If you feel like working on the wallpaper more, make sure to tell me when it is updated...
    But you know... one can always continue to work on something... improve again and again... so it's important how you feel about it and to listen to that feeling! :) I already like the new version a lot better, it looks good! :D

  2. peniko Aug 03, 2007

    u upload it atlast xD
    you really can make those vintage efect kiru o_______o
    i wanna did like you , but its harrrdddd
    dont u submit on ap?

  3. magicmarkers Aug 04, 2007

    hmm this wallpaper is really cute, but it's doesn't stand out like your other wallpapers =x the left side is just red and yellow; if you could just add something, i'm sure it'll spice it up. nonetheless, it's still very neat and worthy of being a favorite! :D

  4. fawna-chan Aug 04, 2007

    NODAME! XD Seriously my first reaction...
    *ahem* I like the red and yellow and they contrast well, but Nodame is slightly hard to make out from the rest of the yellow that is her. ^^ I wish her hair was a bit more black. But it looks nice otherwise. :) I like anything Nodame! And this one definitely is very cool with the vintage feel. ^_____^

  5. magicmarkers Aug 04, 2007

    Definitely better kiru! The red, i think, got darker but it looks really good. A touch of green really makes it stand out more. I love the little ladybug =3 Keep up the great work!

  6. Regenbogen Aug 05, 2007

    Hello kiru,

    here I am again! Woah, it's so early... today I woke up at 6.30h cause of some insect flying around in my room. T_T And then I couldn't fall asleep anymore, so here I am online, to comment on your wallpaper again! :)

    Well hmm... I think your wallpaper looks much better now. And it appears to me other people share this opinion! And wohoooooo a rainbow! I love rainbows, as you know!
    I also like the darker red! The dress is green now which gives our nodame much more shape... maybe her hair should be colored too... but I think it is fine.

    I am impressed by your will to improve your wallpapers! When I submit something I am most times already tired of working on that wallpaper and I want to start something new... ;)

    Oh well, I'll have breakfast now!
    See you later! (^-^)/"

  7. fawna-chan Aug 06, 2007

    This version looks cool too. I like that Nodame was colored but I thought that the other vesion was just fine, just needed to color the hair a bit. But good jub anyway! I like the rainbow you added! :D

  8. phaner Aug 15, 2007

    wow, i lovee the color, very nice ^0^

  9. marga83 Aug 20, 2007

    Very nice indeed...
    the colors and the style
    Loved it

  10. vatican92 Sep 06, 2007

    Personally, the version you posted on MT is the best
    It kinda has a vintage look......... colors are nice

  11. vvhime Dec 04, 2007

    Wow, this is so great. I really like the idea and the mixed of color is nice.

  12. Faqir Jul 25, 2009

    good wall. :D

  13. kurodo-j Nov 17, 2009

    so amazing! thx for sharing!

  14. BluberyEuglena Feb 26, 2010

    A nice scan..thanks for sharing..

  15. jiop May 08, 2010

    i love the colors in here

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