Kunie Kanbara Wallpaper: Girly Sayings: Gossip

Kunie Kanbara, RESET Wallpaper
Kunie Kanbara Mangaka RESET Artbook

3840x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Thanks to MapleRose for moving my wall!

I have to say that
I can't believe it at all....Ha, I (will) have 10 Kunie Kanbara scans na na na na na! :nerd:
Lol, editting this.
I used 2 Kunie's scan, the one for the contest and another one. Too lazy to post the links.
Major abuse of textures and patterns.
Gotta say I have so much fun at the arete ii. Wonderful pieces of art! <3


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  1. MapleRose Retired Moderator Aug 02, 2007

    yay Kunie art! congrats on winning ^__^ Awesome vector, I love the bright colours and textures ^__^ funky background too, reminds me of graffiti-ish pop-art :)

    a few things though: the grey outline kinda clashes a bit with the brown of the 2nd girl from the left, a bit darker shade or grey or maybe dark brown might work better. Her hat, being pink, blends in a bit too much with the pink background. Also, the left-most girl looks a bit left out 'cause she's the only one looking that way, and that everyone is dressed-up while she's the only one without any visible clothing (maybe define a neckline or something would make her fit in better).

    And yay for super-wide-screen! (btw, Tama-neko did submit a dual-screen the same resolution as this one, but she said that she submitted into vector first, then moved it to wallpapers. So I moved it to General wallpapers for you ^^)

  2. Hanazaki Aug 02, 2007

    Congrats, naomi-chan for winnign the arete ii. You deserved it. Love that beatuiful color. Great job!

  3. Chloe Retired Moderator Aug 02, 2007

    Congrats on winning! You totally deserve it!
    Excellent use of colors, textures and patterns. The vectoring is really neatly done as well. Great job!

  4. PinkPrincessAyu-Chan Aug 02, 2007

    congrats :D the wall is awesome although the last one look different from the other :sweat:

  5. flyindance Aug 02, 2007

    well, congratulations 4 winning
    the wallie is great
    very colourful I must say

  6. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Aug 02, 2007

    This was a really great entry because it was so vibrant and had a great concept :3 Congratulations on winning- I'll send the scans by the end of this weekend :D

  7. midsummer Aug 02, 2007

    'grats for winning :D
    i love the way you used other scans for the competition and it all blended together nicely XD

  8. k1ru Aug 02, 2007

    congratulatioon! <3 you should share those scans btw! xDDD

  9. Sinever Aug 02, 2007

    first of all congrats on winning the contest XD your wall deserves it :)
    I like the concept of your wall & the colors are gorgeous :)
    the texture & the patterns added a lovely touch :D well done :)
    its a fav ;)

  10. Angi Retired Moderator Aug 02, 2007

    Like this!
    congrats for the win!
    love the stylish bg

  11. Regenbogen Aug 02, 2007


    congratulations on winning arete II! Your wallpapers looks really stylish... and all these colors... completely different from mine. :)
    You know when i decided to take part in arete II... I wasn't really aware of how difficult it would be to make a nice wallpaper using that head... cause after all... it's just a head... and I didn't want to make a wallpaper that only shows the head! So I decided to draw a little, whereas you chose another Kunie scan. :) And the theme of the contest was after all Kunie Kanbara....

    I like the patterns that you used! Did you make them yourself... or can they be found somewhere?

    Congrats again on winning! :D I had fun with arete II...

  12. moonescape Aug 03, 2007

    Wow! Congrats on winning! :3 I've never won something like that before except banners and stuff. T_T

    I see why, i mean look at this. The outlines are so bold, but smooth and straight. This is really good and the idea for the title matches it perfectly. The text you added really supported the title. Girls gossip too much which I hate that. >:o

    Definately this is something worth full viewing I'd say. ;)

  13. alterlier Aug 03, 2007

    haha so, girly and clever, this is surely a good gossip to share.

  14. pamkips Aug 04, 2007

    YAY! Congrats *jumps on Fran* that's my Fran, dominating and winning :3
    I'm such a proud chicken :3
    The wall caught my attention, it's big, fun and awesome :3
    It's just a rad rad wallie :]

  15. annakee Aug 07, 2007

    as yourself said, so girly. awesome anyway.
    girly is good ^_^

  16. soujiokita Aug 08, 2007

    Congrats on winning the contest! This is a really great wall! Nice bold lines and bright fun colors! The text in the back is awesome too. Keep up the great work! :) +fav

  17. DREAM Aug 12, 2007

    congrats Lady Naomi-chan2612 on the AreteII vectory victory .

    here's what i had to say:
    ""6? absolutely gorgeous vectors with excellent patterns and color coordination reeks of high technical abilities. i think the shape of the "word cutouts" would have been better served as being all smooth - not smooth and crooked."

    i loved the vectors- have i said that already?
    cheers to lucky owners of dual wide-screen monitors.

  18. IzumiChan Aug 14, 2007

    Ultra cool! Lovely colors on the girls and on the bg, it just flows so well~ >u<
    A pity I can't figure out how to use it in my desktop. Guess I'll have just to look at it on another place. ;_; XD
    Great work! ^.^

  19. Hanahanoiday Feb 15, 2008

    This is soo nobly colorful,i love this all colours.Simply total awesome wallpaper!Very pretty job!

  20. nhocjapan2008 Oct 17, 2010

    It's totally awesome wallpaper! I love it a lot, especially the color, thanks for sharing

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