Fate/stay night Wallpaper: The Hardest Goodbye

TYPE-MOON, Fate/stay night, Saber Wallpaper
TYPE-MOON Studio Fate/stay night Series,Visual Novel Saber Character

1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

vector-wallers Excellent Highlight
Thanks Sinever X3

I finally decided to finished this wall!... yeahhh
This was my entry for the Melancholy challenge at the battleground... *cough* yeah i took my time to submit this, lazyness :P
I had only 4 days left to make the wallpaper, so i had to rush and submited it a bit unfinished...
So now i decided to work on it some more... spent 2-3 days to finish adding the details left to her vector.. And also remade a bit her face..

1600*1200 - Day Version

1280*1024 - Day Version

The Night Version

Wide 1920*1200



The making process xD
I had this image found on a website long time ago.. "Clicky"
and i really liked it for this challenge... she looks a bit sad so i thought it would work well..

Again a crazy try with Photoshop... mouse painting XD
On one of the previous challenges i made my first painted clouds and hills with my mouse.. though they didn't fill the hole bg cause the vector covered the most remmember this wall?

Well this time... i thought.. why not trying to paint the entire bg?..

So again i started painting with my mouse, dropped base colors.. then details
(though i have to admit that i smudged the clouds.. a lot!... but oh well.. mouse painting is serious bussiness ^_^' ...)


I made her vector on Illustrator. I wanted to try harder this time.. so i made a very detailed shading... Also i changed her face expression a lot, made her look more elegant/sexy :D
Layers used = 812


After getting everything together..
- I adjusted the colors of the vector to match bg
- I made the rain painting some lines and using some filters..
- Then i made the falling water over the character... For that i vectored some shapes, erase them a bit and painted on top to make them look less flat.
- Other minor details, and some textures.. and i'm done xD ...

Time Spent: around 7 days (4 days 1st version + 3 to get this last one X3)
Programes: Photoshop and Ilustrator CS3
Vector Shapes: 812
Music: no idea xD (to many)

paint-o-rama simple-ism sakura--cb vectory


Chosen by MapleRose and euna

To those who have never attempted mouse painting, it's a tough job. Nevertheless, clarings has done an excellent job in not only in getting a very smooth vector of the scan, but also in the painted background. The entire wallpaper flows smoothly from corner to corner. Details are also not to be missed as every little rain drop on the character was also made from scratch individually. The amount of effort put into this as well as the result are something worth high praise. Well done clarings!

Proposed by MapleRose and highlighted by euna.

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  1. MapleRose Retired Moderator Aug 02, 2007

    gorgeous painting, I love those clouds, very atmospheric ^^ nice vectoring, and I love the multiple shadings in her hair :)

  2. LifeAndColor Aug 02, 2007

    Morbidly beautiful is all I can say. Its a lovely work and I really like the use of shading with the darker colors.

  3. Sinever Aug 02, 2007

    Im speechless right now :o
    you're improving with each wall you submit :D this wall is fantastic XD
    the painted bg is well done & its looking gorgeous :)
    the vector is nicly done XD its full of details :)
    well done its an *Excellent* Highlight ;)

  4. Fran Retired Moderator Aug 02, 2007

    Excellent job!
    I love the shadings, the clouds are breathtaking.
    But my fave part is her skir, I love it. The colors...everything!
    Wonderful wall

  5. moonescape Aug 02, 2007

    Definately beautiful and wonderfully well done.

    I must agree 100% to Noami-chan2612 about the clouds, the painting was magnificent and the clouds were realistic when I saw them. Just breathaking! *_*

    The atmosphere is so sad, but it gives nice feeling from it. The vector was so beautiful and to think it came from Illustrator. :D Yay! I have an Illustrator on my team. >:D

  6. chubbykitty Aug 03, 2007

    Love what you've done with the background, the clouds look so beautiful!

  7. euna Retired Moderator Aug 03, 2007

    Excellent work. Lovely work with the mouse! I would never attempt such a thing because I know better not to lol You've done an absolutely fabulous job with the vector in getting it all smooth and clean. It's great to see it. Well done. Definitely worth the highlight :D

  8. Regenbogen Aug 03, 2007

    You did this with the mouse? Oh god... I could never do it! The shading in this wallpaper is just really perfectly done! I read your description, so many layers... I hope your computer didn't crash!
    I love the background as well... really skillfully done! It looks much better now than the original image.

    + favs

  9. k1ru Aug 03, 2007

    clarings got a highlight! xD *throws confetti* you and your mouse and your creative brain! >___<
    me wants to hate you, but i just cant xD because you always submit a wonderful work ;__; gimme some of your skills! xDD j/k
    anyway, great job~ me likes this wall, but just feel her expression is kinda weird, it is not saber! xD haha :3 its too smekshy! xD

  10. danalm Aug 03, 2007

    finally you got one highlighted, congrats ^^

  11. arisamiyattha Aug 04, 2007

    perfect XD I love it XD

  12. pamkips Aug 04, 2007

    wow, there are no words to describe how awesome your wall is :]

  13. Phill Aug 05, 2007

    one of burberry colletion? nice ... ^0^

  14. melymay Aug 05, 2007

    Sweet wall :D The background is impressive. Although I'm not a big fan of what you've done to Sabers face, not a big deal though. All in all, it's a wall worth favouring ^_^ Keep it up!

  15. CosmoStar Aug 05, 2007

    Another awesome F/SN wallpaper! *faints*
    I loved it!
    It's indeed so melancholic! Your vector is so cool! her skirt looks so real! *_*
    Congratulations! This deserver a fav! ^^

  16. cruciare Aug 05, 2007

    very nice :)
    i like it a lot
    keep it up

  17. KyoFan368 Aug 06, 2007

    I love your wall! The background colors go well with the theme of the wall. And the storm clouds lood amazing! You did a wonderful job on the wall! Thanks for sharing! :) :D :pacman:

  18. DarthTofu Aug 06, 2007

    Wow, mouse painting? That's really good! I love the rain too. It's beautiful.

  19. overbond Aug 08, 2007

    hauauhauahau! your avatar ROX! :D

    the wall looks absolutely amazing! i loved her mouth.. it makes her looks extremely sexy and beautiful... ;)

    congrats on this wonderful wall! XD

  20. pyrotechnic Aug 12, 2007

    Love the skirt and the cloak. The Bg is really amzing too. I've already commented on this on Animepaper but I'll fav it again here <3

  21. xxhotncrzyxx Aug 16, 2007

    i love the strong expression on her face and it completely works with the background... it seems to have a strong sense of loneness in her body expression

  22. abul Aug 26, 2007

    2b perfectly honest with u, thumbnail looks crappy, but when i took a closer look - O_O
    that's so awesome !
    awesome vector and awesome wallpaper!
    amazing job ! ;)

  23. moonlight13 Aug 30, 2007

    wow! i like it! ^_^ saber looks real cool here.. ^_^ and the background fits the view/scenery, just for her! ^_^

  24. Kyelor Sep 02, 2007

    A very wonderful rainy theme wall! You've done well with the lovely mouse painting ^_^

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