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1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Well, I'm glad I'm finally able to share my first wallpaper with you - very glad actually, since I've been working on this for so long. My biggest problem was a constant lack of time, which made it kind of difficult for me to work on this - I had many ideas which eventually got forgotten. Either way, mostly because I'm on vacation for a while now, I managed to finish this. So let me tell you few words about this wall:

Spirited Away is, and probably will be my favorite anime of all times. I'm a huge fan of Miyazaki's work, and I was determined to make a wallpaper for SA (and for other movies too - but let's concentrate on this one now).
All I had was few low-quality screencaps, and I realized there is no other way but to vector it.
Now, I've done some vectoring before, so I had some experience, but I never did such a major vectoring job, which also made things a bit more difficult. But you know what they say, step by step...
Before I forget - I made a collage with all the images I used for this wallpaper, so you can see it too:
click for collage!

As you can see, my final image is quite different from the original. I changed lots of things, eg. fences on the building - I didn't like the original ones. I also completely removed some parts, like trees and the building and shrine that were originally located at the right - now, it may be simply a matter of taste, but I thought the wallpaper will already be "full" enough. I wanted to have a sky with clouds in the background, without any other details. At the very beginning, I had some other ideas too for that right part of the wallpaper, but gave up on that in the end. Still, I prefer it like this.

Like I've already mentioned, I'm still far from being an expert in vectoring, so I'm quite aware of the fact some things could be done much better - I tried my best, and I hope to get better in a near future.

When I was done with the building, I started to work on characters. I wanted to include all the major characters and some minor ones too, but I had to ditch some people (spirits...) in the end, simply because they didn't look the way I wanted - in other words, they would ruin my concept :D
So, I picked few of them and placed them in a way I thought would be the best - so, we have Yubabba here, the baby, 3 heads, cow-gods, No face, Kamaji, the frog, the manager, and, of course Chihiro with her mother (I wanted to add her father too, but I couldn't find a pic I liked. Sorry dad. Sorry Haku too.)

In the end, I added some textures, trying not to over-do it. I'm a big fan of textures, so, nope, this wall couldn't go without them :D
The only part of the wallpaper without any textures is the part with Chihiro and her mom - why?
Well, this was my way of sort of separating them from the world of spirits - since they belong to our, human world. I needed to make that "border", between the real and spirit world, without making it too noticeable.

Is there something else? Probably, but I can't think of it now - lucky you.
Ah yes, textures I used were from DA! and Texture warehouse.

Also, I made a birds-free version (forgot to mention it - those aren't really the birds, but those paper-birds that were attacking Haku - I vectored one and copied the rest - they are all the same anyway, more or less). I love those little paper things, but I suppose someone maybe doesn't, so here's that version too:
no-birds version.

I didn't forget the people who don't have widescreen: (sorry, the flag had to be cropped!)
1600x1200 version:
1600x1200 version

1600x1200 (no paper-birds) version:
1600x1200 no birds version

Whew, my fingers hurt from all the typing!

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  1. peniko Jul 31, 2007

    waaaa what can i say =E i love studio gibli and i love this wallie either..
    your great! well done xD all of the colors are great. especially the sky
    nice wallie xD congrats

  2. alterlier Aug 01, 2007

    it's suprising the lack of attention toward this, wich I find particularly Surprising with the s capitalized, yes, the amount of detail in the vector it's mesmerizing, I can stare the wall and still dont feel that anything is missing, the red, that exactly red that instantly reminds me of the movie, just because it's the seal and relation with it I would say is the most important thing in the wall and of course the vector but bleh, I dont know I love it and I think anyone can tell the work you put just by seeing the collage, yor are really something new, someone go ahead and make the magic happens.

  3. annakee Aug 01, 2007

    nothing of lack of attention. i saw the thumb of this work yesterday and in some way i fugure it, this work is awesome i said...
    sure, this was/is awesome.

  4. Sinever Aug 01, 2007

    beautifull........simply beautifull :)
    this is your first wall & its looking excellent XD I really cant wait to see more from you :)
    well done ;)

  5. midsummer Aug 01, 2007

    one word, amazing.

  6. MapleRose Retired Moderator Aug 01, 2007

    beautiful vector, the details are amazing *-* ...

    Love to see more from you! :)

    (btw, would you like to join vectory?

  7. Regenbogen Aug 01, 2007

    Your first wall? Wow... Don't look at my first wall... It's actually embarassing! ;) I love Spirited Away too... it's so charming and filled with warmth... whenever I watch it, it makes me feel so comfortable... like sitting at my grandparents cosy fireplace during the cold icy winter. XD
    Your wallpaper is charming too... and filled with many details. You've put so much effort into it. I also like the description of what you did... most people don't do that so detailed... but I always enjoy reading the descriptions, especially if they are like yours. The only thing that I miss is some more shades on the house itself... it looks a bit flat compared to the characters who all have perfect shades... But I feel so delighted about all these characters that you put into one wallpaper ... it's too charming... XD so I really think your wallpaper deserves more attention!

    + favs

  8. pamkips Aug 01, 2007

    Wow, I love the details, it simple and just...wow

  9. Lariel Aug 02, 2007

    Oooh... your first submission, is this? And to be in the elite gallery instantly? Wow, you must be a talent. :) The colors are certainly very detailed, and a gentle flourish with a blend of many other styles. Good job!

  10. magicmarkers Aug 04, 2007

    First wallpaper?! woah, it looks so neat! I love the colors! I'm definitely going to look forward to your future wallpapers!

  11. CosmoStar Oct 12, 2007

    It's impossible not to fav this! Very original and sweet though the edge on the "glued" picture looks a little too sharp.
    Congratulations! ^_^

  12. spiderdeadpool Nov 29, 2008

    Wow, now that's an amazing simple pic

  13. xSeaStar May 08, 2010

    Beautiful <3 This is such a pretty summary of Spirited Away! But but no Haku? XD

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