D Gray-Man Wallpaper: >0"~ Another Day In Paradise ~"0<

Katsura Hoshino, TMS Entertainment, D Gray-Man, Lenalee Lee Wallpaper
Katsura Hoshino Mangaka TMS Entertainment Studio D Gray-Man Series Lenalee Lee Character

1680x1050 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

My entery for the dgrayman-black-fighters competition

~special dedication for a wondefull friend -> moonescape

Now, were to begin? At the begining I guess. Wel, after vectoring Lenalee (vector here) I began to wonder how to turn in into a wallpaper. For this, I must thenk Sinever and her wallpaper, Field of Love, cuz by making that, I was able to use a scan she used in that wall. THENK YOU SINEVER-SAN! (hope you don't mind me using it) But still, I wonted to change a couple of things on that scan, so I added my toutch to the leafs to make am diferent.

Also, for the floweres down ther, I used another scan found around MT (I saw moon-chan used them in one of her workes as well). As for the banch ... I looked ariund google's image search for "chinese bence" and this is what I found. I vectored it (it would have been too realisic otherwise) and that's about it (I couldn't let Lenalee in thin air now, could I?)

Now, as for the bg ... I shure needed Imagenation. Fortunatly, I had this nice picture of a lake (here I tried to make it look more like the sea), made some major adjustments and here's the result. As for the tree, I am prowd to say that I painted it using Corel Painter Esentiales and my new graphic tablet I got for my b-day (I love my tablet :3 ) Somethimes drawing anime is hard for me, but nobody can say enything about my sketching (not around here et least ;) )

What else can I say ... Oh! I tried making one of those paper walls behind Lenalee (my intention was that from the reality of the indore to go in a blink of an eye to the beauty of the outside, like one of those magical figures were if you look at soething from the outside long enough, then the walls tend to dissapear right before your eyes).

The light thingy in the upper-left is suposed to be the sun's light (the tipe that's blinding you like at the sea).

That's about it. This one rely was pleasent to vector (mostly becasue I LOVE flowers :3) and with the right music, the images seme to vector themselfs :D.

Time spent: a couple of hovers with Lenalee and a day and 1/2 for the rest of it
"Instruments" used: Photoshop, mouse, Corel Painter Esentiales 3 and graphic tablet
Special thenks to: Sinever and moonescape
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  1. Alden Jul 26, 2007

    Hey looky there are birds. *Shoots one*
    Good job. You not me.

  2. Fran Retired Moderator Jul 26, 2007

    Nice one.
    But there are some things I must point out: the background and the tree, they look really weird and over filtered D:, the couple of birds behind the panel look way too big and repetitive, the flowers and the tree branches look...uhm..well they don't fit with eachother, wonder why?
    On the other hand, Linalee looks gorgeous <3
    Keep it up

  3. yui20 Jul 26, 2007

    That looks really pretty ^^ ~ But the tree behind look weird for me O.o ~
    The paper looks nice tho ^^ ~
    Anyway, lovely wall =3 ~

  4. moonescape Jul 26, 2007

    Whoa! A graphic tablet for this. (O_O) I'm shocked by that. :o

    Darn it! To think I was trying to finish a gift for you first. :D

    This is really georgous and yes, I recognize the scans you used. >:D Though I must admit the outlines and colours look better than mines. :)

    I think I really like the bench Lenalee's sitting because it really something I needed for a wallpaper. **searches for it**

    I feel quite bad though thatI don't talk to you that much. :( Well when I come back from my vacation I hope to talk some more. :D

    Wish I can talk more to your right now, but I'm going to leave very soon today for my next vacation. :D See ya friend! ;)

  5. Kairi-Hearts Jul 26, 2007

    wow it is amazing.
    it's even prettier in full-view.
    Love the flowers and the birds are so cute. Lenalee's vector is also nicely done.
    The vectored bench is great too. Oh you painted the tree with the tablet? it looks nice :D
    I also have one but I only use it for coloring my drawings X-P
    Great job and good luck for the competition :D

  6. Jim3535 Jul 27, 2007

    The wall looks great, but the sky and water could use to be a little bit smoother. The jaggedness doesn't blend with the smooth cell-shaded vector style of the rest of the wall.

  7. Sinever Jul 27, 2007

    its beautifull :D
    I like your concept & the bg is well done but as my friends said before there are somethigs in the wall which need to be fixed :)
    but anyway its beautifull & its better than my entry for the contest "I havent submitted yet & I dont want to submit it -_-"
    well done :)

  8. farhana Jul 27, 2007

    Wonderful wall! Lenalee look so peaceful.
    Keep up the good work.

  9. ReBeKiCHii Jul 27, 2007

    beautiful wallpaper! :D
    really nice vectoring! and a very colourful,vivd and lively wallpaper. i love the details of the flora, birds and the chinese bence!
    amazing job! :D

  10. sailorchiron Jul 27, 2007

    very nice, a really complicated wallpaper!

  11. priincess Jul 28, 2007

    it's like in a zoo!
    awesome, like it alot!
    great job u did

  12. JamKuradoberi Jul 29, 2007

    Gorgeous work!
    I just love the details and the colors *~* And to think it's vectored..:D well this is def worth it!

  13. SanzosSaru Jul 29, 2007

    Happy and luminous. Very nice work!

  14. DarthTofu Jul 30, 2007

    This is very beautiful. The uh... ...

    ...I like. The birds and trees are pretty.

  15. KiyanaIkebana Aug 28, 2007

    Wow! Excellent work! XD I like the awesome background and nice color! Great job!

  16. smallworld Aug 30, 2007

    Beautiful wall there!
    Nice colours used
    The background is great!
    And lenalee looks good too!
    Good job :]

  17. Ryouko Sep 18, 2007

    very lovely wallpaper. The jungle feature and the girl ... Rinali looks a bit lost. :) I like it a lot. You did very well. Thanks so much for sharing here!


  18. midobon Jan 06, 2008

    beatiful of colure

  19. sara-ane Feb 07, 2008

    The birds! the birds! ahhhhhh!
    lol that is lovely.

  20. Evercold Mute Member Jan 23, 2009

    WOOOOOOOOOOOW *________* It is...great...beautiful.... and just amazing! + fav of course! x)))

  21. BeyondPrince Jul 24, 2009

    Beautiful ;D

  22. msnall25 Oct 05, 2009

    beautiful wallpaper

  23. PlasticHero Mar 22, 2010

    lovely paradise! wanna go there! heh. thanks for this!

  24. NoBuTa1412 Apr 14, 2010

    ??????? ??????????????

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