Sola Wallpaper: Calm Amidst The Storm

Naru Nanao, Studio Nomad, Sola, Matsuri Shiho Wallpaper
Naru Nanao Mangaka Studio Nomad Studio Sola Series Matsuri Shiho Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Layers - 18
Time Spent - 6:40 hours

Background source:
Purple Skies of Malaysia
Thank you Trey, for your amazing photographs.

Background effects:
-Duplicated layer set to overlay for more impacting colors.
-Corrected lens refraction.
-Added fog and rain.
-Added sparkles to the water for extra definition on where the sand stops and the ocean begins. Also give it that extra reflective touch.

Character source:
Sola by Scampi
Thank you, Scampi. Seeing this scan made me want to do something with it.

Character Effects:
-Layer style(s):
=Stroke, 1px, outside, solid black
=Outer Glow, 70%, normal effect, size 7px
-Duplicated layer on Soft Light to give a warmer color
-Duplicated layer on Multiply to brighten slightly and bring out textures on the clothing and umbrella
-Added light swirls, fractals, and sparkles near her open hand for her magical abilities. (explained further down)

FogBrushes, courtesy of ElizavetBrushes ( http://www.deviantart.com/view/33760383/ )
Rain and Stars, courtesy of mmp-stock ( http://www.deviantart.com/view/39026509/ )
Sparkles 2, courtesy of spiritsighs-stock ( http://www.deviantart.com/view/15252241/ - http://spiritsighs-stock.deviantart.com/ )
Thanks for the brushes, guys/girls. They helped me get my project done =)

-The lighting source, artistically speaking, is very incorrect. The light looks like it's coming from the viewer's direction, when it's actually coming from the sunset in the background. Sadly, I had no logical way to fix this, and it remains to be the one thing that I'm unsatisfied about this wallpaper. =|
-After speaking with one of my friends, he pointed out that my angle(s) on the rain were wonky, so, I rearranged the layout, re-did the rain, and also added in proper raindrop perspective, making the larger raindrops on a layer in front of Matsuri, and the smaller drops on a layer behind. =)
-The extraction took a particularly long time, roughly just over two hours. My perfectionist nature implies that I tend to spend a huge amount of time getting everything perfect on an extraction. <_<;
-The wallpaper still looks too simple to me. I realize that clutter can be distracting, but I just wish I had some sort of additional design element(s) to add to embellish the picture a bit, rather than just leave it solely as a character, landscape, and light effect. Then again, sometimes simple is better... I'm just not sure which for this wallpaper, =X.
-I couldn't find any decent sized Sola logos, so I had to create the one you see there from scratch. Hopefully it looks decent, =O.
-I also removed the blue color cast(s) from her clothing and other various areas from the original scan. Those were really hard to balance back out and blend back properly, but I think it turned out good. =D

Well, sola is one of the few anime shows that I've actually finished, and I really enjoyed it as a whole, although my personal opinion of the ending was that of disappointment. I really liked the character of Matsuri, who is displayed here in this background. She appears so carefree and happy in the show, and nothing seems to bother her, yet there's so many hidden pieces of the puzzle that slowly are revealed that change your opinion of her on so many levels.
This wallpaper is my interpretation of her inner struggles, and also represents her physical attributes as well. She's unable to be outside in the sunshine (hence, the wallpaper taken at dusk, where the sun has gone out of vision). She can, however, be out when it's raining, presumably because the sun isn't directly visible through the clouds. Her inner struggles are represented by the magic (hopefully I can word this without spoiling anything).

She has one large decision to make in the show - let the storm rage on and life continues as normal where nothing changes and people live out the lies they've conceived for themselves and the other people around them, or to stop the storm, reveal the lies and false hopes, and change the future of a select few individuals. Based on that description, she can use her powers as a Yaka to alter the characters' destinies, but if the storm stops...

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this wallpaper. Staring at it while listening to Binkan na Fuukei from the show really leaves a lasting impression of the character of Matsuri and how her actions and emotion impacted each character. Her expression in this image also exemplifies her undying devotion and love for the characters as well, despite her own fate. Such a wonderful exmaple of true friendship.

I apologize for the huge description, I had a lot to say, =X


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  1. LinTakashi Jul 23, 2007

    very beautiful^-^
    I love the background

  2. samhks Aug 10, 2007

    finally found a beautiful sola wall,thanks man...

  3. rxlumx Oct 01, 2007

    Sweet! I glad you made this. 6+ hours is a long time to spend. I know that you make it worth it though.

  4. belzalute Jan 28, 2011

    wow this is a really beautiful wall
    thanks for sharing

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