Usa Hinayuki Wallpaper: Fallen Angels

Usa Hinayuki Wallpaper
Usa Hinayuki Mangaka

1280x1024 Wallpaper

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Yep..you guessed it...it's another scenic wallpaperl from yours truly XD Anyways, found the scan here at MT. Props to biriwilg for posting this great scan. I feel like something's missing in this wall....hmm maybe it's just me ^^ It took me a day to make the background....but most of that time was playing around with the filters and learning how to use photoshop >_<

Anyhows, comments, suggestions, critisims, etc are greatly appreciated :) Hope you guys like ^_^

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  1. Triban Jul 28, 2004

    Aie! I love these colors, and the background its soft and quite "moody" i don't think its missing anything personally i think it has a very nice feel. good job!

  2. GourryInverse Jul 28, 2004

    I rather like this. The portrait is slightly reminiscent of Disgaea (one of my favorite games), and you've blended the portrait in very well with the background. The feathers are also a very nice (and nicely detailed) touch. My only criticism would be that the background (while pretty) is a bit bland, but putting the characters in the darkest part of the background helps to call less attention to what's behind them. Very pretty wall.

    Question of curiousity: did you add their wings yourself, or were they part of the original scan? If you added them yourself, you did a very good job there. :)

  3. silkefect Jul 28, 2004

    I rather like the backround it doesnt take away from the image itself
    Very Nice Indeed!!!! This Will be on my desktop for awhile!!!!

  4. stardusted Jul 28, 2004

    Love the feathers. And what the text says ^.^ The sky is beautiful as usual. And I will eventually get to responding to that guestbook entry x.X;;;

  5. pinkdoremi Jul 28, 2004

    very very pretty wall ^-^ and about the something is messing thing.. hm.. maybe u could add more of those pretty stars on the bg :D it would look really pretty. either way, really pretty wallie :) :)

  6. Theunknown Jul 28, 2004

    Oooh, I like this one alot, very pretty. :)

  7. tsubasa-no-kami Jul 28, 2004

    ^__^ orangey is a great color to go againt the blak feathers! the shinies are nice too. X) my c&c would be maybe add some cloudies?

  8. japok Jul 28, 2004

    But it has funny title...

  9. itsDchlorine Jul 28, 2004

    its great i noe the colors rock and the scan fits perfectly ncie work

  10. FlowerDog Jul 28, 2004

    I like this wallpaper of yours very much. I believe the BG and the characters go well with one another. :) Beautiful job halcyonTwilight. Also like the message as well. :)

  11. griffin Jul 28, 2004

    Nice. Great mood, colours and composition.

  12. chunli61 Jul 28, 2004

    nice work! i love that scan :D

  13. rojacol Jul 28, 2004

    nice wall!!

  14. elvenkind Jul 28, 2004

    the characters and feathers look good against the soft sky..
    good work :)

  15. Cloudy-Buckingham Jul 28, 2004

    Very beautiful! What is the link to the scan image ^_^? Also, the BG is very nicely done. Your scenic bgs are always great.

  16. WunAngelwHoney Jul 28, 2004

    Fallen Angels mean evil angels

  17. Rex Jul 28, 2004

    wow.....looks pretty......but ur rite....it is missing something o.O

    nevertheless....good work!!

  18. shyxsakura Retired Moderator Jul 29, 2004

    this .. is beautiful ..

    saki always loved fallen angels~~!!

  19. Cereal Jul 29, 2004

    very cool pic

  20. chibikko Jul 29, 2004

    they are from heaven? they look kinda evil xD but nice^^

  21. taste Restricted Member Jul 29, 2004

    Very Good Works Good Job !!!!!!!!!!! xD

  22. akari-tenshi Jul 30, 2004

    u made the BG really sentimental. and err kinda 'gloomy'..but i really like it., suit the pic.. :)

  23. kaylessa Aug 03, 2004

    Very nice work, love it ^_^

  24. shirahana Aug 06, 2004

    It's pretty ^_^ I love the softness of it XD

    Hm... you say something's missing? Maybe you should try adding some more depth to the clouds to make it look a bit more 3d ^^; I don't know, that was just a guess ^^;

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