Full Moon wo Sagashite Wallpaper: Whole-Heartedly~

Arina Tanemura, Full Moon wo Sagashite, Mitsuki Koyama, Meroko Yui Wallpaper
Arina Tanemura Mangaka Full Moon wo Sagashite Series Mitsuki Koyama Character Meroko Yui Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Alternative version: H E R E

So, here I am with a new wallie... and I had lots of troubles while making it too, so try to be understanding~ :D >u<''

Okay, so this is my entry for arina-tanemura-fans 's Wallpaper Contest.
Join it too, there's still time left~ >u<''

I thought on making something different this time, so I did something I never thought I would ever dare doing: I vectored an Arina Tanemura scan. O_____O
*the impact may be bigger if you didn't full-viewed before reading this~ XD *

On the contrary as you would think, Mitsuki has actually more layers than Meroko, (11 more, w00t! O_O ) and doing Meroko's hair's outlining was probabily the most fun part on the wall-making proceess. O_O *seriously! XD *

The harder part? Creating the BG's idea. O__O XD XD
I ended up with two options, and as I'm sure you have seen the other version too, ( XD ) there shouldn't be any problems, right? XD

Thanks for the idea of the title, CoStar! ;D *you may have to think hard to find out how I used your help~ >u<*
And hope you're liking the manga too, Orpheus! :)

Scan-> Taken from ~Melancholy~

Textures-> From DA!

That's all for now... hope you'll like my wallie and I'm sorry for nearly ruining such a pretty scan of Tanemura-sensei, be aware I can feel your pain too... >_< >u<

And come join the contest as well! O_O XD

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  1. midnightLOVERS Jul 20, 2007

    izumichan, old friend. how are you!?
    wow. this is a beautiful wallie! i really love how the color scheme match so well together. and the checked border! i just loooove the checked border. its makes the image so much more darling!

  2. Graverobber Jul 20, 2007

    Izzy-chan! Well done. It looks great ^_^

    P.S: Rabbit ears are super cute, too

  3. Kitaan Retired Moderator Jul 20, 2007

    Whoa major props for vectoring Arina's
    work, the hair and eyes are scary to think of outlining.

    I love the simply plain checker boarder look you
    got going, and with the vector I don't think you should
    have worried so much with the bg,

    Meroko looks adorable and bright, with
    Mitsuki looking cute and innocent, nice that you
    captured the look good.

    Awesome job Izumi :3

  4. rika23 Jul 20, 2007

    Cute vector XD
    It's look like lolipop that she holding lol XD
    i want to eat it somehow XD

  5. Sinever Jul 20, 2007

    WOW XD
    the vector is so pretty XD I love its soft colors XD
    well done & keep it up :)

  6. kaitouThea Jul 20, 2007

    Izumichan! Th?s looks so amaz?ng! Youre gett?ng better and better at vector?ng art! I love th?s p?ece! I cant bel?eve you actually took the job ofvector?ng someth?ng Tanemura drew, thats close to ?mposs?ble! Im very ?mpressed.
    an absolute fav from me ;)

  7. norine07 Jul 20, 2007

    omg! kawaii desu! hee hee~ oh the entry~~~~ XD hahax..! yay nice one~ izumi~ and lovely vector as well, loved colours used~

  8. OrpheusTheBard Jul 21, 2007

    Hello Izumi Kyaumi-chan XD ^_^ Wouldn't have guessed your next work would be of Miki and Meroko. It turned out very cute! I like the soft tones you chose to colour it :) It must be very hard to make a vector of Arina's art; I wouldn't dare try (though I never vectored anything before anyway X-P) unless I couldn't take the scan out of my head XD. But this image is so kawaii! I'm really happy that you made a wallpaper of FMwS ^_^

    I'm wondering if you use stroke path to make the outline. Because the lines have the same thickness everywhere, and I think that makes it look less natural. I hear from Lumus that she treats the lines as any other area, that is, she traces both inside and outside and then fills, thus keeping the thickness of the original outline. Don't know how hard it is because I haven't done any vector yet, but you could try it next time ^_^

    Oh, and by the way, I have already finished reading the manga, and it was wonderful :) I'll tell you what I thought in further detail some other time!

    Genki de na! *waves*

  9. Lum-sann Jul 22, 2007

    ahhh! so so cute kyaumi! :D the wallpaper looks really sweet! ^_^ Miki and Meroko look so sweet in the scan! ^__^ nice choose!
    The vector looks very well done as always ;) good color choise! BINGO you hit the fly! XD Ahh you got some major patience to do all those squares, I know what you feel i made the wall with the bricks they were so many i got really bored >u< *starts to getting adicted with this ">u<"* XD
    I love too see the texture! :) oh I see that the hair as many details, doing the outline it's really boring well depends of the hair too XD
    I didn't see all episodes of FMwS but the ones that i saw are lovely! ^_^ Angela it's more advanced in the anime XD
    The only thing in the vector it's the hair lines that are a bit "tortas" do you use anchor point to work with the pen tool? if not see this site chttp://distantdestiny.di.funpic.de/index.htm! I'ts really nice to learn how to make the outlines ^_^ Meroko hair look really nice only Miki hair outlines need a little roundness, but I love the vector! :D I really love the colors they look soft and nice! ^_^ *goes do Desktop* XD omg honey-kun pic was in the deskotp oh well he must give his place to FMwS wallpaper, honey-sempai turn already passed XD
    Great wallie Kyaumi! Fav for the wonderful vector! ^_^

  10. pandemonium91 Retired Moderator Jul 23, 2007

    I'm so sorry for getting here so late T_T I check my comments once in... 2 weeks? or even more *is ashamed of self* Well, here I am, mending the mistake!

    As soon as I full viewed it, I thought "This is so cute!" The vectoring is pretty good, but I suggest using less anchor points on the hair, so it doesn't look too sharp in some spots (the ponytails especially). If you were aiming for that effect, though, I'm sorry ^_^'

    Also, this wallpaper seems to have all the qualities I like in a wallpaper: it's clean, it doesn't sting my eyes and it's cute! ^_^ I especially love the use of the textures and vector combination, I'm a big fan of both!

    *sees scan* Oh my God, did you vector that?! Wow, it must've taken you quite some time, I wouldn't have enough patience and eventually mess up but wouldn't care as I'd already be sick of it @_@ But you pulled it off more than respectably, scans like that are difficult to vector! And no, I don't think you ruined it :)

    What more can I say? Good luck in the contest, knock 'em dead! XD (figure of speech/idiom) And keep up the very good work!

    P.S. Coming up with an idea for a background is a real pain XD

  11. Mitsuki24 Jul 24, 2007

    o_0 Cute wall.
    I love the vector and colour <3

  12. Angi Retired Moderator Jul 24, 2007

    vectored! nice! and is Arina Tanemura's Artwork....difficult!
    colors are nice, and undestand you about the bg, its the most difficult part sometimes @.@
    anyways love how it stands a simple bg to give more attention to the vector
    nice work Izu!

  13. Lariel Jul 26, 2007

    *screeches* Why didn't I see this earlier!? You posted this 6 days ago and only NOW I noticed it? T_T The hair must have been hell... It looks very sweet and tender btw. The background is done with quite some precision, I see. Though I'm not so sure of those bunny ears... ^_^'

  14. enchantment Jul 28, 2007

    i love how your wall looks really soft on the eyes :D the soft colours are really nice and i love the simple design of the background :D nice wall~^^

  15. nejika Aug 07, 2007

    Nice vector style! Oh, yes the monotone pic is simply great! You're improved!

  16. Gabriele Sep 21, 2007

    Hi! XDD
    I need to watch this series one time! >< XDD
    It's cute! Suits you! :D

  17. Atemina Nov 27, 2009

    Beautiful wallpaper! Mitsuki is cool!

  18. shojo86 Aug 31, 2010

    so cute and pretty nice picture thanks for sharing it

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