Ryu Koku Wallpaper: Deadly Assasins|We are cool enough to be them

KID (Studio), Ryu Koku Wallpaper
KID (Studio) Studio Ryu Koku Game

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Full-view XD
Currently listen to: Howling~
Whee~ another wallie..blood-y wallie made by Me >D
I don't know.. it wasn't supposed that i would put blood there :\
But i wanted to represent me and My partner in crime doing at late night >D
We are deadly assasins >D too cool enough to take this job
killing 250 victims in a month >D *mostly... XD *
*kidding XD * it wasn't real lol..
* wanted to make it true XD but i'm sure i'm going into jail soon XD *
but the resident evil game influence me to make this wallie~ too XD lol~
Thanks to my uncle for playing that game XD haha~* and yeah, he's anime fan too XD *

Back to the wallie
It took me about 2-3 days because There's so lot of things from finishing these off..
My mother Brought us to the mall *seriously i hate that place >=( except uni and game stores XD *
and plus after that my father used my laptop for playing game -_-
Ah...a lots more..but Leave it =_="
btw,I found the scan when i browsing around here to find some couple scan<3
Then i found the scan~ I love thier pose alot..
Here it is =3 DRAGON TIMES_2 by hwa95
So i make wallie from this XD
Never heard or seen this anime/game before :\ but i want to watch it somehow =3
Well, the scan is kind off hard to extract =_="since around it there's a fog
and i have to paint all over again and yeah, the result is not so good
So i have to cover it and fix the fog again ^^"
The scan looks grainy ._. but i'm so lazy to vector or paint it,
Just clean it up *although i think it's still grainy..^^"*
The Bg.. ha...i took it from this Mt too XD
*oh yes, it is obvious on where i got this from XD*
Actually, i was gonna put building behind it.. but can't find a right stock and so i just used this simple bg.
And again The same texture XD and..yeah.. the only brush is blood XD * i think i overused it somhow..*
Kinda messy isn't it ^^" ?

That's all i guess ^^" XD oh yeah.. forgot these..
this is For my bro,Hanif XD in exchange of his caster's wallie to me XD
Hope you will like it ;p
Uh..i think this is my longest discription ever..i hate doing this ^^" don't read it if you don't want to XD haha

Non-blood things version::

Join da group des...
sakura--cb day-dreamerz
celestial-luminesse free--wallers
dream-wallies Maac

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  1. Lariel Jul 17, 2007

    Kya! Gore! Blood! Love it! X-P

  2. dirachan669 Jul 17, 2007

    sugoi~! blood XD~~!
    favies~+ ^^

  3. hanifkun45 Jul 17, 2007

    lol blood o_0 lol well getting on the mission tonight ;)

  4. Sinever Jul 17, 2007

    you're going to jail little girl with a wall like this X-P
    its looking really nice :D.....full of blood XD
    good job rika-chan...its a fav ;)

  5. selemental Banned Member Jul 17, 2007

    This is awesome! XD It;s so cool! *favs it ASAP*

  6. Kitaan Retired Moderator Jul 17, 2007

    I like how you make your blood wallies,
    they always have any interesting twist and perspective.
    Great job <3

  7. rubenz Jul 18, 2007

    o.O It's so gothic, and love the blood on the sword ^^

    Great job rika san :D

  8. vxcdeejay Jul 18, 2007

    greeeatt! i liked it!

  9. yui20 Jul 18, 2007

    Wow, a gothic wallpaper from you eh ~ I cant believe I totally miss out this one XD ~
    But then, I feel kinda weird that the blood is too clear while the scan is too blury for me ._.
    Or the blood is too red ... coz the overall wallpaper prefer darker color ... *I am not sure* <- Just my 2 cents -.-"
    It's probably that you wanna show the blood more outstanding in this wallpaper ^^ ~

    Is it you expression now? Wanna kill someone lol? ^^
    Anyway, nice wallpaper ^^

  10. enchantment Jul 18, 2007

    soo much blood XD love the perspective of the wall [it being slanted and all XD ]and the darkishness is really nice and goes well with all the blood in the wall :) lovely wall~^^+fav

  11. eternallegend Jul 18, 2007

    the creepiness, the gothicness and all that blood XD it brings out that whole dark, creepy yet mysterious atmosphere XD the blood adds a nice touch and i like the way you portrayed your wall with it tilted :D great wall ^^+fav

  12. Offkorn Jul 18, 2007

    The blood is a bit too 'hyper-realistic', it looks like it's on the wp instead of part of it. You did a great job setting the mood though.

  13. x-lawss Jul 18, 2007

    Blood...! More Blood! XD This wallpaper looks great!
    Thanks for sharing, and keep it up!

  14. melymay Jul 18, 2007

    Sweet wall XD XD

    I like everything about it ^_^ If the scan was still a bit grainy, the texture probably camouflages it. I really like the scan you used as well. The mood is completely different from the original scan XD Nice work! +fave :)

  15. PinkPrincessAyu-Chan Jul 20, 2007

    blood and scary..

  16. bella-ella Jul 20, 2007

    *Very dramatic*. Dramatic is definitely good in this piece ^_^. *adds to faves*

  17. royaldarkness Jul 20, 2007

    Bloody wall, but I love it XD

  18. norine07 Jul 20, 2007

    omg omg! sis! lovely wallie, and all the blood! XD hahahahx..! XD love the concept and the way you put it all together~ ^-^

  19. K1R31 Jul 20, 2007

    WOW! COOL! I love your wallie as much as I love blood! So much blood, so much pain...*psycho mode on* =)

    I know this game. If I not wrong this game is called Ryu-koku.
    Thx for the wallie. I will add it to my fav.

  20. tiagin Jul 21, 2007

    sis! lovely wallie I like everything about it

  21. Dark-Kotori Jul 21, 2007

    Beautiful image, especially the blood jajajaja

  22. samhks Jul 21, 2007

    cool man,recently like this kind of wall very much.....

  23. JamKuradoberi Jul 23, 2007

    Can finally fullview it..mt didn;'t let me >.<
    Looks good with the bloody thing :3 . Darky,but contrasting. Really nice!

  24. reload Jul 23, 2007

    Oh very Beautiful! wallpaper!

    I like blood effect ! Very Nice!

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