Heroic Age Wallpaper: It is destiny that we meet ~Fureau ga Sadame~

Hisashi Hirai, Xebec, Heroic Age, Age (Heroic Age), Deianeira Y Leisha Altria Ol Yunos Wallpaper
Hisashi Hirai Mangaka Xebec Studio Heroic Age Series Age (Heroic Age) Character Deianeira Y Leisha Altria Ol Yunos Character

1280x768 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

minna~ genki desu ka?
It's indeed a very long time since I submitted my last wallpaper, so yeah, like I once said, I could never quit wallpapering.. it's true! lol...
every time I got stuck with something, wallpapering ideas always pop out.. and here it is (yes, that means I'm in a pinch right now ... hehehe)

Featuring Age (Eiji) and Deianeira, in one of the most epic sci-fi outer space series evar... (since Seikai no Senki).. Heroic Age!

available in original resolution 1280x768 (Widescreen edition), in two flavors: colored nebula and BW
also available in standard 1024x768 resolution for your desktop viewing pleasure.
Everything was made from scratch, except Age and Dei, of course :)
Enjoy! and I appreciate any comments and critics too... but don't be too harsh *puppy eyes*

1024x768 (3:4) version: http://img118.imageshack.us/my.php?image=heroicage1024rl0.jpg

Alternate widescreen version:

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  1. acid-awakening Jul 17, 2007

    Haha, no space suit. They should be *chrrkk* =P Anyway, it's really nicely done.

  2. semanga Jul 18, 2007

    this is so romantic
    u catch the love feeling in this wall with a awesome bg like everytime befor
    thanks for share it

  3. GERARDSGIRL Jul 24, 2007

    Cool...looks really good!

  4. moonescape Jul 26, 2007

    Something baout this interests me. :D

    I think the whole background got my attention. It's so fantasy like and a little scenery of romance as they it look like they're seperating. T_T That is so sad! The title made it more sadder I thought.

    This definately deserves more attention. ;)

  5. Farewell Jul 29, 2007

    amazing. Very good wall, i like the colors and the space at the back. Good job.

  6. Phill Aug 03, 2007

    nice, I like it ^0^ very romantic, i don't really understant people in MT these day, only 14 fav ?
    I like how you use the scan , it goes perfectly well with the BG however, i think you should blur the edge of the planet a little bit, because the edge of the planet is so clear that make it doesn't blend in very well with the sky if you look at it closely ^^
    well, it's just me

  7. BlackRoses Aug 06, 2007

    Very beautiful! I love the theme and the arrangement of the scans... well done! :)

  8. MyrrhLynn Aug 27, 2007

    KorganoS! You aren't dead! Yay! XD XD

    Wow, this wall proves once again that you know what you are doing when it comes to space backgrounds. Actually this wall almost convinced me to try the series, because you made it look so cool. ^_^

    I don't really have anything to comment on, the background space looks awesome as usual and l like how it meshes with the character poses. The sun/star coming over the planet is a little too blinding for me to ever use it as a desktop, but I guess that is probably the effect you were going for. The fact that I am using a flat panel monitor might also make it more blinding. >_>

  9. Devilet Aug 30, 2007

    What the? Out of the blue I decided to look at your gallery, and discovered you walled not too long ago! O_O
    For a "pinch" it is pretty good, I like the whole centered business, seems to work fine with the focus.
    You still do great space wallpapers, lol, hope to see more sometime.

  10. DieHard Sep 05, 2007

    Excelent wallpaper for excelent anime. :)

  11. JTJ3382 Oct 04, 2008

    a wallpaper with a classsic emotion

  12. nightcode Oct 28, 2008

    very romantic and kawaii..

  13. penguin-musume Jan 17, 2009

    This picture is just awesome ^w^

  14. FrostyWolf359 Nov 16, 2009

    Really awesome picture... I'd love to have it in high res! Your version is just too small for my screen and resizing it makes it look horrible :(

  15. animemonogatari Feb 21, 2010

    lost in space
    likes dreaming

  16. HAY-ner Mar 10, 2010

    ~~~~ Thanks for sharing!~~~~

  17. conansuzaku Apr 30, 2010

    *OOOOOOOO* very romantic arigato por compartir owo

  18. UchihaTaijiya Nov 14, 2010

    Very nice setting. Romantic!
    Good work!
    +favorite (:

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