X Wallpaper: The lost art of keeping a Secret

CLAMP, Madhouse, X, Kamui Shirou, Fuuma Monou Wallpaper
CLAMP Mangaka Madhouse Studio X Series Kamui Shirou Character Fuuma Monou Character

1600x1200 Wallpaper

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Highlight *.* unbelievable! MANY THAKS

Finally this is finished OX
this was supposed to be my entry for "Battle of the bands" contest of vectory ^_^'
but my time didnt let me finish it for that
this is my entry for two contests:
wings-lovers and vector-wallers contests
so winged charas for wings lovers and "Dream and fantasy" theme of Vector Wallers
guess it suits for both
Everything is vectored and painted
simply love to vector this scan, cause Kamui is one of my fav charas ever ^_^' the best par was painting his eyes
the hardest part...painting the gears [and i thought it was going to be easy hehe]
the scan: here from one of my dear friend T! :nya:
for the gears i used this by Oriya-chan!
then did the outlines on AI, then painted on PS, the red threads are of PS, grunge brushes from Photoshopbrushes.com, and Aethereality, gear textures is "Rust Flakes" from PS CS2, layers..........really dont remember, they were too much... T_T

The main point in this one is that somtimes destiny is revealed, but destiny the most part of times, destiny is a mystery, or revealed by someone who wants to change it, cause it dont likes the way it will be, in this wall, destiny is represented by the threads, and the gears are the engine that move the world, the world that has his own thread too, and it will be destroyed by its own gears ^^'

really dont mind of that explanation... ^_^'
comments are always appreciated
and many thanks to Neko-chan for helping me with the title^^
(also the title is based on a song of Queens of the Stone Age...)

and btw many thanks for the comments and favs, sorry if I can t reply to all, but Im really busy with my job >.<

carnelian-sworld kaleidostar-4-ever
art-nouveau free--wallers


Chosen by bromithia and kuroimisa

Highlighted in vectoring art groups? Well, *click*, highlighted in the largest group of them all, Minitokyo XD


A few things that make this submission so great: the depth, the detail, the quality and attention to the two mentioned beforehand and also the subtle lighting and textures.

The paint job is quite remarkable and this is a phenomenal effort. Well done!

Proposed by bromithia and highlighted by kuroimisa.

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  1. ArtificialRaindrop Jul 17, 2007

    I can't believe no one has commented yet! (well, okay, it's late where I am ^_^') The detail of this vector is simply amazing! The gears look so realistic, and the quality of Kamui is so well done... It looks like a very high quality scan at first. This is definately a fav for me, and might go on might desktop ^_~

  2. sailorchiron Jul 17, 2007

    W.O.W. Amazing! Looks great, great luck in the contests!

  3. Sinever Jul 17, 2007

    this wall is very amazing :o
    its full of details & its very good XD
    well done X-chan its an *Excellent* Highlight XD

  4. Lariel Jul 17, 2007

    Wow! Very nice! Especially the background! @.@

  5. hiana Jul 17, 2007

    High quality and amazing vector job !

  6. MadoshiKurefu Retired Moderator Jul 17, 2007

    Amazing! O.o

  7. Lum-sann Jul 17, 2007

    As I said before, this is one of the most incredible wallpapers that I've ever saw! You really surprised me when i saw this! I stayed like O_O The details are incredible, and vectoring all this, I really can't imagine how difficult it was! the colors are great, the characters look totally cool. What really surprised me the most was the bg, there are so many details and all is well represented, looks really amazing. I agree with Sinever this its an highlighted! ;)
    Great wallie Angie-chan! It's amazing! :D

  8. Fran Retired Moderator Jul 17, 2007

    Fantastic wallpaper o_o
    The vector and the painting is greeaaat
    I totally love it.
    It's so full of details...
    Excellent job

  9. pamkips Jul 17, 2007

    Woman, this is absolutely beautiful :]

  10. starrliteangel Jul 17, 2007

    wowwwwww O.O

  11. eternallegend Jul 18, 2007

    the vectoring is wonderfully done and i like the interesting choice of background and it suits really well :D the colour scheme is wonderfully and everything blends nicely :) the painted gears are really well done and i like the composition :D lovely wall ^^+fav

  12. enchantment Jul 18, 2007

    i love how you did the gears :D theyre really interesting to look at and really nice work on the vectoring and painting :D lovely wall~^^+fav

  13. annakee Jul 18, 2007

    *here goes a text in english as filler to agree the rules*
    ya, ahora que cumpli con las reglas puedo escribir en espa.. espa... spanish! ^^'
    jaja, aunque quiera escribir en nuestro precioso idioma no puedo usar ni tildes ni la ene con sombrerito.
    maybe i have to comment in english anyway... noooo! me rebelo y escribo en esp...
    jaja, lo que mas me gusto ( a parte del fondo que si esta muy genial ) es la forma de pintar. se ve muy bonito y estilizado de esa manera los vectores. me encanto!
    beso angie chan! felicitaciones.. ademas, el titulo me lo deberias agradecer XD

    (what happen with the elite gallery? this deserve it so far)

  14. IzumiChan Jul 19, 2007

    Zomg, Xan-chan, so great! O__O
    You're really a pro in vectoring now! Congrats! >u<
    Loved the gears, the idea, the textures! So great!~ >o< XD XD
    But I wonder... are those two a yaoi couple? 'Casue I'm not very good on noticing this kind of thing... ^_^' XD
    Amazing wallpaper, congrats! >u</

  15. Animezealot5140 Restricted Member Jul 21, 2007

    Nice job! XD
    The background is so amazing!
    I love everything in this wallie. :D
    +fav. Arigatou Gozaimasu! XD

  16. yui20 Jul 21, 2007

    Wow ~ It's really nice ^^ !
    Especially the background ~ They looks so complicated, yet you vectored very clear =3!
    Definitely worth a fav ^^

  17. lthnadml Jul 21, 2007

    awesome work, beautiful details! the background is fabulous!
    Thank you so much for your share! XD XD XD

  18. smallworld Jul 21, 2007

    It loos really great!
    Nice details used!
    The background is simply complicated and beautiful.
    Good job! :]

  19. kuroimisa Retired Moderator Jul 21, 2007

    I think the greatest thing you've done with the vector is paint is as well ^.^ The biggest thing in wallpapers is that most look flat without exploring the possibility of creating something 3D with a 2D thing (wallpaper canvas), but you've done this incredibly well :D KUDOS! X3

  20. gaara-no-shukaku Jul 21, 2007

    Yay, lotsa highlights! >__<
    Anyway, like I mentioned before, this is a superb combination of various things. Deserves the highlight. ^.^

  21. MapleRose Retired Moderator Jul 21, 2007

    nice job ^^ wow... you must be insane to vector all those things in the background *-* ...

    the shading and highlights on the characters look a bit over-smudged, thus losing some of the texture and clean-ness, I like the subtle painted shading on the wings better.

    anyway, the background is amazing, and congrats on the highlight(s) ^__^

  22. ReBeKiCHii Jul 22, 2007

    totally awesome wallpaper! :D
    the background just looks fabulous, there so much detail in it! a really clear and sharp vectoring and painting of kamui and fuma! i absolutely love it because it's such a beautiful artwork! :D keep up the amazing job!

  23. yothsothgoth Jul 22, 2007

    Very nicely done. Very clean and sharp.
    Secret identity... ^^
    ...you can never hide from yourself nor the truth.

    Wonderful job, thank you for sharing it! :D

  24. Hanazaki Jul 22, 2007

    Very stunning. Love the details in the background. You done a great job in putting the dark emotion in this wallie. + fav.

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