Carnevale Della Luce Della Luna Wallpaper: .:: Amethyst ::.

Nitro+, Carnevale Della Luce Della Luna, Anna (Carnevale) Wallpaper
Nitro+ Studio Carnevale Della Luce Della Luna Series,Visual Novel Anna (Carnevale) Character

1280x1024 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Read pls X_X

Finally finished !

Started work on this one sometime ago but i forgot about it ^^' until today

Took me a lot to finish X__X

Why? I smudge painted clouds in the bg..i had to fix the original image [ res wasn't who knows what ]..but the biggest problem was fixing the bg+smudging the clouds [ i hope i'll be able to handle this in the near future ]. and I HAD TO SMUDGE HER x___x *faints*

Caps lock abuse ftw?

I like how the clouds turned out..and the moon in the bg too..i used some brushes Di chan gave me :3 .
After all it is "Moonlight Carnival" no?

So meet Anna, a lovely doll <3 .
She's the kind of happy go lucky "person"
And why the name of the wall Amethyst? Well..cuz that's what she is in this pic..kinda complicated to explain since i didn't get it too well myself..but she has problem with her cylinder .

Well..too much mousework on this one X_X my hands are tired and i need to rest a little,so bye for now~!

PS: yes those are little stars you see in the bg.
PPS: fullview to notice the colors better.


clouds look not so fluffy cuz I PAINTED THEM!
I''m new at this.

This is for wings-lovers :)

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  1. royaldarkness Jul 16, 2007

    Wow, awesome job with this wallie!
    It looks so pretty :) Love it!

  2. KnightofFire Jul 16, 2007

    This is an amazing wall it's colors and theme are perfect i especially like the moon it's so real.

  3. Fran Retired Moderator Jul 16, 2007

    Great wall ^^
    I looove the scan you used! Where did you find it?
    It's a nice idea but the scan look kinda blurry D:
    Overall a nice wall
    Keep it up

    Ps: I need to know where you find the scan xD

  4. sovo-kun Jul 16, 2007

    ooooo nicely done
    the wings look great
    waaa nice color too

    but for some reason the clouds are a little weird I find it weird..
    for some reason that i don't know..

    fav (for sure)
    jya naa -.-

  5. Sakura-Dust Jul 16, 2007

    Woooowww.... *stares* Usually the maids with nice chests are used in hentai (how I miss them), but you made a perfectly creepy maid! Those wings are pure love! Where did you find this scan? It's amazing, nice smudging, it went out super, worthy effort ^_^ *stops staring* Oh, after I sttareeedddd some time at it, I noticed why .::Amethyst::. ... the eyes! Yay! Nice, nice, a fav from me.... and a comment... lol XD Soooo.... what are you staying for, make more wallies, you have the tallent, gal! ^^b <-- thumb up

  6. Melisandre Jul 16, 2007

    Amazing the bg and the scan is really cool, I love the wings, + fav :)

  7. Kitaan Retired Moderator Jul 16, 2007

    Hmm *grabs chart*
    Ok Jam-chan lets see how you did.

    I like the atmosphere, very nice and you
    captured the good kinda moment
    for the scan.

    Although the scan is kinda blur,
    like low quality so to me it looks weird...

    The moon is nice good glow and a nice
    misty look for it, so it's not that bad.

    Hmm so the only thing that needs work is the
    scan I'd say, everything else is very nice and good in
    color scheme.

    Good Job <3

  8. Grangin Jul 16, 2007

    OMG I love the background! It blends really well with the scan, and the effect of the scan is really good IMO. The wings take up a large part and I really like that, it gives the impression she's going to take off and devour something lol :) good job

  9. pitbull Jul 17, 2007

    wow thats nice!=]

  10. Freyanen Jul 17, 2007

    Very very nice =D I love her wings!
    I like the background!
    But i don't like how she has her left hand.. She is going to kill me! omg! OK OK T_T
    FAV FAV! xD

  11. Offkorn Jul 17, 2007

    Very nice.

    Were the wings part of the original scan? If not, that's some fantastic blending.

  12. Lariel Jul 17, 2007


  13. sailorchiron Jul 17, 2007

    Wonderful! If you don't make something else I'll put this in the competition. Great work!

  14. moonlightNeko Jul 17, 2007

    wow...it looks wonderful
    i love how the wings are not the usual feather ones, they are like bones giving it more of a creepy atmosphere =D

  15. eternallegend Jul 18, 2007

    i like the nice misty look and the overall effect it has on your wall :D the colours are lovely and i like the way everything seems to suit well :) i like the nice shiny moon XD the cloudy background looks nice :D nice wall ^^

  16. enchantment Jul 18, 2007

    i love the scene that shes in :D the misty/cloudy background is really nice and she fits nicely in your wall :D i love the colours that you used and the theme is really nice :) nice wall~^^

  17. incao Jul 18, 2007


  18. Silvana11 Jul 18, 2007

    wow she looks great! XD I love the dark mood in the wall and the bg ^^ This is a fav!

  19. Eternal82 Jul 19, 2007

    hmm looks not bad at all. Which H-game she is from?

  20. Enchanter Jul 19, 2007

    Love it. Thanks for not using the all-too-common angel wings. That was getting too stock. :)

  21. mystvearn Jul 20, 2007

    cool wallpaper

  22. yui20 Jul 20, 2007

    The atmosphere is nice, but then I think you need to work on the scan.
    It looks like it has been enlarged ^^" And I dun really like the sparkle thing lol ~
    Other than that, it's a nice wallpaper =3
    *Btw, I have seen another wallpaper is similar with this in AP ._.*
    May be you could take a look, how to make it better ^_^'

  23. JamKuradoberi Jul 20, 2007

    yui i know that wall [ lol that's how i remembered i started work on this one ^_^' ] but i don't like it too much cuz Anna's not as centered as she deserves :P Plus this is my own version.
    As for mine i think i'll rescale it :P
    And if i'll improve it I'll do it my way.

  24. Mainoumi Jul 20, 2007

    Oh my, this one is really beautiful O_O
    Special scene also *stares* ^-^

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