Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora Wallpaper: Heavenly Garden

Kaishaku, Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora, Himiko, Kaon (Kyoushiro to Towa no Sora) Wallpaper

1600x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Highlighted in sakura--cb & vector-wallers

I can't believe it's 8:13 am in the morning. I up all night and literally all night just made this wallpaper as soon as I can before 9 am in the morning. I can't believe what I went through just making this x_x I feel so guilty that I just didn't do this wallpaper earlier. There was so many celebrations that I didn't have time at all.

Dedication: My big Sister's 17th B-day! (shadowsky-dragon.deviantart.com)
Started: 7/2 - 7/13 (Over 7 days)
Hours: All together was 38hrs. x_x
Layers: About 100+
Credits: The Himiko & Kaon scan & the flower scan
Hardest Part: Background ideas
Easiest Part: Procrasinating (That has nothing to do with the wallpaper except for being lazy. XD)
Note: Never want to stay up all night just to finish a wallpaper again. I've learned my leasson. x_x

This wallpaper is for my (real) big sister (but I won't say her name) Shadowskydragon. Today is her birthday and she was born on Friday the 13th. >:D

Some blah blah blah stuff... - I remember why I did so much work on it was because I needed to make this gift extra special, but the problem was I had no idea. Vectoring/painting the flowers took me 19hrs. OMG! (O_O) Though I don't want to use those flower brushes that kykyopj used for the wallpaper because I'm seeing a lot of people now using them for wallpapers and I'm kind of getting tired of it. :( I had to put so much effort on the vectoring that I didn't know what to do with the background at all. I used very cheap and instant textures from the photoshop, but it made the wallpaper look flat. T_T I'm so sorry I didn't put enough effort on the background. OX

The little door... - If your wondering about the little door there actually I messed up. ^_^'. I couldn't find the exact colors I originally used because I accidentally didn't remember what code # it was so I just made it a door instead. OX This wallpaper is definitely not going to make it into the elite gallery because despite the vectoring the background is just blah! I'm so sorry, I've failed. Though I have no time to make wallpapers anymore until I come back on August 6. Please try to understand why. :(

On Haitus:Another menton is yes, I'm definitely leaving on Monday for a three week vacation. My grandmother bought the tickets already so it's settled. :D I know I'll miss everyone at MT since at my grandmother's house she doesn't have a computer or internet (how does she live like that. (O_O) ). I'll try to work a little, but I'll be barely able to do any work since my grandmother is going to nagg at me.

No need to read this at all... I didn't know my Dad had an Illuatrator CS3 and I was playing with it a little to see how good it was and now... I desperately want one! T_T I mean the outlines were just awesome, they were so frickin straight and it was definitely essential for vector tool just like it said. :o Now I understand why rubenz and entity use it because it doesn't cut the work in half. :D Too bad I don't have a Mac so I couldn't install it. D:

Were you afraid to stay up all night?
I've done that a lot, but never all the way, but this night was different. My sister kind of told me a scary story before she went to bed at 2:30 pm (which I regret listening x_x) After hearing the story I got scared that the shadow figure was gonna kill me. At one part when the morning sun was about to dawn. Everything was suddenly quite until suddenlt I heard a shaking noise from my door. Then I thought about if it was the shadowy figure was coming to kill me and then I almost fainted because I panicked. @_@

I typed this in the morning so you can see why I']m blabbering away. ^_^' Now this wallpaper will be submitted for the contest at vector-wallers and mikos-moon-flower. Sinever allowed me to use it for other contest since I'm going away and I don't have enough time now. Thank you so much big sis! :D

P.S. This wallpaper wasn't originally suppose to be for those contest, but the wallpaper that was is going to take too much time for me that I won't be able to finish it before I leave. :( Darn, Carnelian's art! Though I'll try to get it done somehow despite my grandmother nagging me to get off of the laptop. :sweat:

Edit - I have a textless version of it for a wallpaper. If there's enough ppl to comment of wanting a textless version then I'll give a link to one. ;)

Edit 2 - I fixed the hands on Kaon thanks to SakuraShirayuki for pointing it out. :) Second I added some sunlight rays to show that their outside and not inside like what my sister said. XD Plus I reversed the emboss and levels on the little bars stucked to the walls. ;) Last is since I'm using a clear screen computer I can tell that the wallpaper is too dark. I saturated the colours more to make it vivid.

OMG! I can't believe for once I actually adjusted my wallpaper. (O_O)

Well I'm off to my next wallpaper which will be submitted for the clynefaction Contest. :D Hope to recognize some familiar faces with their wallpapers. ;)

Edit 3 - Mt last one. Since my sister loves the older version because some laptop views the wallpaper brighter or darker depending on their options so I decided I'll post the older one too, but the hand was fixed and that's all. :D

Original Colors
Original Colors + textless
Brighter Colors+ textless

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  1. dianas Jul 13, 2007

    nya Moone-chan you finished it.. #smiles# I noticed that you worked at this vector/wallpaper when I visited your page

    really nice :D I LOVE THE FLOWERS

  2. Angi Retired Moderator Jul 13, 2007

    nya, this wall is really pretty
    the flowers are so sweet, and the scan u used is very nice
    shiny colors give a happiness feeling
    nice wall!

  3. yalubluchay Jul 13, 2007

    OMG i love this wall, it is so clean and beautiful. keep it up :)

  4. SakuraShirayuki Jul 13, 2007

    nice wall! but there's a little mistake!
    Kao's hand should be colored XD

  5. ASH-Hikari Jul 13, 2007

    Moon-chan! What a great wall! Vectoring all those flowers and everything....nice work! And 38 hours...wow, that's longer than I've ever spent on a piece of art, that's for sure! I'm sure your sis will love this as a present! And I personally love the grey fence-like thing a lot. I think this should definetely be in the elite gallery!

  6. saki-xan Jul 13, 2007

    @_@ MY MOON-CHAN GOES AWAY! Or, or when I have 1 week of vacations!

    Wuaaa :'(

    First: too good it is his vector-waller, if I "was employed" at the vector of lunamaria and I think it to retire for the flowers, it would have to learn of you, who did this wonderful garden :)

    Second: THE WHOLE NIGHT DOING VECTORING! WAAAA if I now at all more have big computer (clear, I want one with lid >.<) and only last in until 2:30 once!

    Wuaa have to learn more of you

    Third: Aobe Illustrator is good, just I install it yesterday, immediately in 1 hour and 30 minutes I already had the made outlines! I it wanted to export to Photoshop to do the eyes and to do paint, but this was bad, then I wanted to guard it but ALSO WAS BAD! I do not remain at all mas that to persist and to allow that this vector with a few good contours that it does SHOULD END u,u

    This commentary is something for my ;) hahaha congratulations and good trip! I her will miss u.u

  7. rubenz Jul 13, 2007

    Pretty Moon san ^^ I love the flower and the vector is neat :d

    Btw did u used adobe illustrator or photoshop? I just Illustrator and OMG I dont know how to use it lol, I open the image there and it resize automatically lol ^^

    Anyway this wallpaper is great *fav

  8. midsummer Jul 14, 2007

    love the concept and the vector. <3

  9. Castervn Banned Member Jul 14, 2007

    Oh god, such long desciption <_<

  10. eternallegend Jul 14, 2007

    the idea is really nice and i like the nice theme :D the concept is portrayed well and the vector is done really nicely :) the flowers look wonderful and the colours are lovely :) i like the way everything has been arranged :D lovely wall ^^+fav

  11. Sinever Jul 14, 2007

    the whole wall is amazing :o
    the vector is very neatly done :D the lines are clean as usual :)
    the bg is looking wonderful XD
    well done sweeti & good luck in the contest :)
    oh I forgot to say that its an *Excellent* highlight ;)

  12. Kiako Jul 14, 2007

    nice wallpaper, the flowers are very pretty and the two charas fit in well.

  13. x-lawss Jul 14, 2007

    Hell no way! You stay up all night to make this wallpaper :o
    I can see that you put all your heart and soul in this one :)
    Thanks for sharing and keep it up XD

  14. yui20 Jul 15, 2007

    Awww ~ You are going away >.< ~
    And you are really surprise me ... that's really fast O.o ~ You did it in 38 hours +.+ !
    Awesome wallpapers =3 ~ First time to see such wallpaper made by you tho xD!
    Good job ^^ ~ Gonna be feature in Sakura--CB's group XD

  15. reload Jul 15, 2007

    Wow! Wonderful wallpaper ~

    Great job! ..... love this wall~~

  16. JamKuradoberi Jul 15, 2007



    A vector wallpaper..pfuu it gives me the chills just thinking about one and here i am looking at this astonishing work of yours <3

    Took a hell of a lot to make but this was worth it..Just gorgeous! I'm worshiping you :D

  17. Kairi-Hearts Jul 15, 2007

    wow so pretty^^
    the lines are clean as always and the bg is definitely so beautiful.
    love the flowers :)
    aww you're going away for three weeks? We'll miss ya. Hope you have lots of fun over there :D

  18. Lum-sann Jul 15, 2007

    Wow! This vector is totally amazing! :D
    I really love the idea of the wall! the scene looks wonderful! The vector looks so nice and clean! ^_^
    Omg all night making the wallpaper! *faints* XD you're amazing! XD
    I really <3 your work! I'ts so so beautiful! :D
    19 hours to make the vector of the flowers omg T_T you have some major patience!
    I love to see the colors of the wallie and the theme, looks so amazing, and really gives a nice feeling of peace! ^_^
    The characters are really fitting the bg, and the designs in the door they look sweet, and original! ;) I love to see how the colors of the flowers blend.
    I really love this wallpaper! congrats, you made an amazing wallpaper! :D

  19. royaldarkness Jul 16, 2007

    Wow, I really like this wall :) It's so crisp and clear, and that's what I love about it ^_^

  20. pamkips Jul 16, 2007

    I can't believe you vectored all those flowers @_@
    Just for that I give you HUMONGOUS kudos.

  21. jeffng9 Jul 17, 2007

    this is very good!
    perfect 10 for ur hard work

    keep up the very good work!

  22. ReBeKiCHii Jul 17, 2007

    ooooo pretty wallpaper! :D
    really nice vectoring, the background just looks beautiful and spectacular! i really love the flora that you vectored at the front! amazing!
    marvelous job! :D

  23. enchantment Jul 18, 2007

    wow, i love the flowers :D they are really nicely done and i love the pattern on the panels in the background :D love the lighting as well :D nice wall~^^

  24. mystvearn Jul 18, 2007

    nice, but a bit too much foliage. still works

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