Ugetsu Hakua Wallpaper: Joy of Summer

Ugetsu Hakua Wallpaper
Ugetsu Hakua Mangaka

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as usual full view please
Hello Mina :nya:
Im back again & this time with a summer wallpaper XD
I searched for a scan & I couldn't find any better scan than this one XD
well as usual I vectored the character & then painted the bg :) yes this is my second vectored-painted wall :nya:
okay I know that the house & the trees are not looking very good ^_^' but thats all I could do :sweat:
anyway it took me about a week & about 57 layers :)
hope you like it XD
take care mina ;)


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  1. desertfox1943 Jul 12, 2007


  2. Lum-sann Jul 12, 2007

    Wow! So beautiful sinever! ^_^
    I love the bg looks so sweet! You're really a very talented person! your painting is fabulous! The character looks really sweet! good choice with the scan! :)
    Omg you reconstructed everything! XD
    And yay for summer! XD amazing work Sinever! :D
    Fav for me! ^^

  3. rika23 Jul 12, 2007

    Awesome Painting XD Wai~! I'm so jelous of ya *kidding*
    Seriously, you are getting improve now :o
    I love the scan too! *she remind me of elie XD *
    Must Fav this XD

  4. x-lawss Jul 12, 2007

    WoW Nice~! XD
    This is so beautiful XD
    You are good :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Saikusa Retired Moderator Jul 12, 2007

    You know what I saw this as a tiny thumbnail in the gallery & thought someone was taking the piss... it's just TOO accurate! ;)

    I'm so impressed with it. I downloaded and was blown away. Not just with how you've perfectky captured the confident line work, but also how you have perfectly replicated Ugetsu's subtle use of painted colours.

    If only the Naruto wall wasn't highlighted, so I could highlight this! XD

  6. SakuraShirayuki Jul 12, 2007

    lol it'd really deserve a highlight! it's awesome!
    i really thought this was a painted wall or something else it's just sooooo pretty and smooth and neat ^^

  7. Angi Retired Moderator Jul 12, 2007

    couldnt this be highlighted?
    its a beautiful artwork
    nice painting, looks like a scan ^^
    really beautiful artwork Sin-chan!

  8. Omone Jul 12, 2007

    you really are amazing.. you paining skills are unbeliveable.. love it =D

  9. AngelKate Jul 12, 2007

    Oh wow! This is really awesome! Your vector work mixed with soft painting works so well together. I really love the work on her skin. It's so soft and blends so well. Another wonderful piece of art. :)

  10. jaderabbit Jul 12, 2007

    I really like the bg i like painting style wallpapers ^_^, awesome job.

  11. miriambr Jul 12, 2007

    Wow Sinever, this is really amazing *-*
    I loved the bg, and the vector is great too! My favorite part is her skin ^_^

  12. CarbonR Jul 12, 2007

    ohoho this is great, i was thinking of vectoring an ugetsu scan but didn't know how since it's all painted but damn now i can see the light, fav for sure. btw you are definetly using a tablet arn't you. all i got is a crap mouse ;_;

  13. Fran Retired Moderator Jul 12, 2007

    I love the painting <3
    The vector is pretty good too...but i don't like the black outlines D:
    You know...I would love to see a textured version hehehe.
    Yeah...you're a using a tablet...aren't ya?

  14. DarthTofu Jul 12, 2007

    Wow, beautiful...It's really joyous, like the title. ^^

    I like the house very much, and the trees too, but if you want to improve I found a thingy on Devart...
    But the way it's painted suits the picture. It's still true that the girl is better.

    how come it can't be highlighted twice...? It's a shame!

  15. peniko Jul 12, 2007

    wiiiieee xD really cute x)
    love the painting wallie
    nice colors too =D bright and make me peace x)

  16. IzumiChan Jul 12, 2007

    Wow, really cool~ >u<
    Your painting skills are wonderful, congrats! :D
    Great work! :)

  17. hatsukanezumi Jul 12, 2007

    Absolutely beautiful ^^ Great work ^^

  18. rubenz Jul 12, 2007

    OMG sinevar san, fantastic ^^ Btw did u use the tablet or mouse? ^^


  19. Kairi-Hearts Jul 12, 2007

    oh don't say that about the trees and the house. they're lovely :) love how you reconstructed it.
    it is a beautiful wall indeed. I love the Summer feeling it has.
    Your painting is fabulous! You're so talented^^ You definitely made an awesome job^^
    *I'm also curious if you used a tablet or not XD

  20. moonescape Jul 12, 2007

    Whoa! I like the painting flow unlike mine which fades too much. :sweat: Seriously you just keep getting better and better. :o

    I think I feel in love with the background because it really looks perfect. :D

    You made me inspired to finish the wallpaper now. :D I'm going to go back to it sis so tty.

    Wanted to tell you earlier that I'm leaving on Monday so I won't come back until August 6. My grandmother doesn't have internet so I'll miss you all. T_T

  21. Ionae Jul 12, 2007

    Whoo! It has indeed a very joyful and refreshing feel about it... if summer was only that nice in reality too... but as it is summer is just to hot (at least here)
    Well, but thanks for this nice piece of work :) - now I can have a refreshing wallpaper at least ;)

  22. starrliteangel Jul 12, 2007

    beautiful! yea, same question as the people above me - are you using a tablet?

    ahh I admire your painting skills *.*

  23. gaara-no-shukaku Jul 12, 2007

    You have really improved, Sinever. I like the soft painting style. Although, the background needs more definition. It looks too soft compared to the girl. But anyway, keep up!

  24. yui20 Jul 13, 2007

    Your painting skill is very nice ... OH my ._. ~
    Very beautiful ^^ ! I just love it hehe ~ <3

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