Aoi Nanase Wallpaper: Aoi Nanase - Angel Flavor

Aoi Nanase Wallpaper
Aoi Nanase Mangaka

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

This scan was bothering me by being in my HD for a while. And when I saw somebody upload it, it was bothering me more than ever. The Hi-res of it was the one that egged me the most. Since it is getting hot where I live with summer coming at all, I had all the time to just stay indoors with air conditioning. Maa~ Had fun with this one since I tried going again with the same style as the Demoness wall from AO. Maybe because I wanted it to have a cool effect on it, much like something I desire with this heat..>_<

Comments? Points of improvement? They all will help.

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  1. roly-poly Apr 03, 2004

    nice nice work zuri. the feathers are a nice touch

  2. Zabel Apr 03, 2004

    I LOVE IT ! >_<

  3. Kev Retired Moderator Apr 03, 2004

    nice blue stuff, wee zuri

  4. cheshire Apr 03, 2004

    the bg is a little grainy but i like it anyway
    i put it on my desktop!!

  5. ProjectZero Apr 03, 2004

    wow....it's beautiful ^^
    i like it
    the bg matches very well ...... gives it a mystical feeling ^^

  6. kioga Apr 03, 2004

    I just love it , just remove the shadow of the text , XD , just that , I'm loving it a lot. awesome wall!!

  7. Stems Apr 03, 2004

    I Like it a LOT! Has a really nice surreal feel to it, good work dude!

  8. keenan83 Apr 03, 2004

    WOW yeah just WOW very nicely done

  9. Adrima Apr 03, 2004

    wow, she is really beutiful and the feathers are so .. I JUST LOVE IT >.<"

    only her shoues are very high ^^"

  10. Minna511 Apr 03, 2004

    Very nice. Gives a wintery feeling for me with all the icy blue colors. Very pretty overall. Good stuff!

  11. abcsr2ez4me Apr 04, 2004

    Feels "magnificent" with all the white, Kinda Holy Lookin

  12. rubbermonkee Apr 04, 2004

    awww.. soooo pretty :) heh... good stuff.

  13. Virus610 Apr 09, 2004

    very pretty ^^ no fixes needed, it's perfect to me =D

  14. WGate Apr 26, 2004

    nice coloring

  15. twilight May 15, 2004

    color is nice, and the feathers are really good, nice job

  16. XDarkDestinyX Jul 03, 2004

    Added to Faves!!! So pretty and nice..just..OH SOO pretty!!

  17. nezumii Jul 03, 2004

    oh wow... i added this to my fav's in a second... very very beautiful wall... it all blends perfectly and the girl is gorgeous! great job!

  18. Sayax Jul 10, 2004

    I just loved it

  19. zefiroN Jul 15, 2004

    very nice... and its blue weee! :D

  20. CherryBlossem Jul 23, 2004

    Wow! This just looks Wonderful!

  21. char2002 Aug 28, 2004


  22. nightgoddess Aug 31, 2004

    awwwww its soooo CUTE

  23. doobik Sep 14, 2004

    woa really good effect very nice work

  24. Val3f0r Oct 08, 2004

    w00t..... damn beautiful wall XD looks heavenly XD the character fits with the background :D :D great wall...

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