Ouran High School Host Club Wallpaper: Honey and Flowers

Hatori Bisco, BONES, Ouran High School Host Club, Mitsukuni Haninozuka Wallpaper

1280x960 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Please excuse me for the terrible crack on "Honey and Clover" on this wallpaper's title. XD XD

So, here I am, again! You didn't believe I was really going to work as I said I would, right? So here's the proof you were wrong! Haha! >u<
Okay, but stopping the "I did what I said I would" dance, let's talk about this wall? XD

It's not rainbow collection nor it's for one of my contests... it's just an ordinary wallie, got a problem? >u<''

Originally, I started vectoring this screencap I took from the OP sequence (I spent a lot of time trying to get this, 'cause the scene is like 00.0003 seconds long~ O__O ) to make a wall and participate of the Host Club's PoP contest, but the PSD was corrupted and I lost all. T_T

But I restarted, because that Honey-senpai's angle was just too wonderful to miss~ >__<

I changed a lot the concept I had when making the first version (it was going to be called "The Many Faces of Haninozuka Mitsukuni" - which yeah, is a terrible crack on The melancholy of Suzumiya~ ya know~ >.< ) and feature a lot of little Honeys around the big one: one doing a karate kick, one eating a cake, one with his cute begging-cry... I did take all the screencaps, but when I lost everything, decided to keep this version cleaner and only vectored the big one. >u<

So yeah, the flowers were vectored using another screencap, which happens to be THIS. I used it as a coloring reference too~ >:]
Haruhi standing there ruined all the process... reconstructing something free-handed was hard, but I liked the challenge~ >u<
*the "hole" from were Haruhi was is noticeble? o_o *

Textures used from Desktop Anime~

That's all~ hopefully, I'll came back soon with a RCC (Rainbow-Colored Collection, I'll use this abbreviation from now on~ XD ) wallpaper or a contest-made wallie ~ >u<

Bye bye for now~ >u<''

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  1. CosmoStar Jul 08, 2007

    Yatta! A new wallie! Indeed, Honey's pose is very sweet! *___*
    I liked how the vector looks clean, simple and pink!
    The quality from the screencap is not too good so you worked a lot on thi one, ne?
    I think the lines from the flowers are too thick, catching unnecessary attention from the boy... But this is only my opinion... XD
    Everything looks very good! Congrats and keep it up!
    You're very determined for restarting this wallpaper! Banzai!

  2. Lum-sann Jul 08, 2007

    Kyaaa! This is so cute! I'm seeing this anime too! :D honey-sempai is so so cute :D
    I would love to download this but, it is always showing this "problem loading page" >.<
    But the wallpaper looks co cute! I love to see the pink effects! And the flowers around him look so cute! :D
    I love his bunny! Looks so sweet! >_< i saw the screencap, and Haruhi is really ruining everything! XD But you really reconstructed well that part! incredible! ^_^ the vector is so nice and clean! :D
    I really love your outlines! they look so perfect! and the painting is lovely too! XD
    Kawaii work! :D
    It's a fav for me, and when I download goes directly to desktop! ;)

  3. pamkips Jul 08, 2007

    Yes! Finally! I can download the wall :]
    Alrighty, It's simple, cute and vectored nicely, I
    also love the texture! Nicely Done

  4. Kitaan Retired Moderator Jul 09, 2007

    Love the cleaness of the vector,
    I see a very nice quality of your
    vectors (different from most)
    Awesome job, cute and simple.

  5. Sinever Jul 09, 2007

    oh so cute XD
    Honey sempai is so Adorable XD
    good job IzumiChan :)

  6. rika23 Jul 09, 2007

    Honey kyah~ *faints* XD
    The Vector is nice and good choice of texture .
    But it kinda weird with the lip *the thick outline >_< *

  7. nejika Jul 09, 2007

    Oh, the vector! Good job Izumi-chan :D . This is really good though it looks simple but, indeed u have show your effort on this. Honey is so kawai too XD !

  8. milla-chan Jul 10, 2007

    AWWWW isn't that cute :D

  9. norine07 Jul 10, 2007

    honey wa kawaii desu ne~~~~~ XD love the colours used and the cheerfulness~ lines are good and clean, though simple, it's really nicely done~ and the texture is lovely~ ^-^

  10. Lariel Jul 13, 2007

    Aww.... that's just too cute. I have a sudden urge to steal bunny away XD

  11. DinamicA Feb 03, 2009

    As it is beautiful, hani such darling:)))

  12. mistgunso Oct 01, 2009

    thanks it so sweat

  13. aurora22 Oct 10, 2009

    so cute:X

  14. tsukiko1989 Mute Member Nov 01, 2009

    thanks for cool wallpaper((=

  15. pirru89 Mar 13, 2010

    Ouran! host club I really like this series is very, very nice
    thank you for the contribution

  16. FantasyHibi Mar 14, 2010

    It's such a beautiful one!

  17. crisme May 22, 2010

    other pic of HONEY!
    love it!

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