Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle Wallpaper: Return to Celes

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1920x1200 Wallpaper

Artist Comment

Major spoilers for Tsubasa, too late if you've already seen it *shrugs*.

This wall needs like major criticing.

Okie dokie! Cuz I suck, it's been like 2-3 months making this. The beautiful coloured scan has been done by the lovely cloud9_alice of Livejournal.com. Except I tried to enlarge it for walling purposes, it screwed the outlines. So of course, being the perfectionist I am, I decided to redraw all the outlines -_-. I will probably get around to fixing Fye's hand soon.

Then I used an anime screenshot of Celes castle for the background, filtered and repaired it, then added some extra effects. And the magic effects around Fye and blah... I'm starting to hate this wall.

But never fear, Aqi has another fangirl-obsessive cellphone wall coming up ;).

And this is for Milla-chan who requested it :). Hope it's actually okay, since my lack of skills is showing through..

Oh and since I figure not everyone has widescreen, heres a different slightly squashed version: 1600x1200 version

Comments, faves, critics particularly, appreciated in advance *bows*.

colorfull-wallieshoteru-no-shiki <--- Newtime Magic

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  1. Kitaan Retired Moderator Jul 06, 2007

    Well I'm sure already lots of
    people are going to tell you it's
    blurry (castle structure)

    But going aside from that, I love
    the effects you did, and great job
    on Fye, very clean and nice.

    The markings around him are a bit jagged
    but it looks like a hard thing to pull off
    so much props to you for pull it off nicely.
    Great work <3

  2. yui20 Jul 06, 2007

    You got a very nice skill on vectoring Fye, he looks really nice. For me, I guess your vector is too clear to fit with the background ... coz the background has some filters and looks really blurry >_>~
    And the brushes beside the character looks a lil bit weird, you might edit that ^^ *right hand side*
    That's just what I think ...
    Overall, it is good tho ^^ ~ Gan ba tei !

  3. milla-chan Jul 06, 2007

    OH you used Celes as background, its looks great :D
    really nice, you did a wonderful job
    thank you very much :D

  4. schwindelmagier Jul 06, 2007

    I love this wallie and I love the Fai scan even more, so damned cool, wonderful and awesome.
    The bg fits to the scan although I would have kinda....yeah, worked on it a little bit more but I know it's hard to use a screenshot as background. Nonewtheles, the use of brushes is perfect.
    +fav ^_____^

  5. joviality Jul 06, 2007

    I love this wallpaper! I just saw it on cloud9_alice's LJ and it's even more lovely in a larger resolution.

    I don't know what I like more, Fai with his magic wordings or the castle on the right. Love them all!

    Thanks for the smaller resolution of 1600x1200, my monitor is still at 1024x768.. But 1600x1200 will fit too :D

  6. eternallegend Jul 07, 2007

    the effects you used looks nice and help bring out the fantasy magical look of your wall :D like others have mentioned the castle doesnt seem to fit with the scan image you used ^_^' the image seems to crisp compared to the filtered background ^_^' the castle seems a bit blurry and doesnt seem to flow with the scan however it flows with the overall background :D the lines on him are a bit jagged and however it is redone well :D his hand doesnt seem to fit with the rest of him cause of how crisp he looks compared to his hand ^_^' [hope i didnt offend you ^_^'] i like the nice colour scheme and the overall composition :) the wings add a nice touch :D nice wall ^^

  7. enchantment Jul 18, 2007

    i love the background, it looks really magical and shiney :) and i agree with those above me saying that he doesnt really fit very well however you vectored him really nicely and i love the magical effects in the wall :) nice wall~^^

  8. bella-ella Aug 02, 2007

    WOW. The background to this thing must have taken *a lot* of work! It seems the scan is a bit disjointed from the rest of the wallie though. Even so, on the whole it's simply breathtaking.

  9. CuteSherry Aug 26, 2007

    I like how the wall, as a whole looks like, with Yuui working up his magic in the sky with the castle in the bg ^_^
    Good coloring and good wall!

  10. kikabites Banned Member Oct 06, 2007

    i love tsubasa ^__^"

  11. Detah Oct 24, 2007

    Everything looks good, but i think it should have been manga version of celles castle in background, not anime one >.>

  12. xxXKuroFaiForeverXxx Sep 02, 2008

    Fai~! I love Fai~!

  13. AriaHime Feb 24, 2009

    Wow! Pretty, with all the blue. I love Celes in the background.

  14. daniticha Aug 24, 2009

    Good Wall!
    Fayy *_*

  15. shalmalitrc Dec 09, 2009


  16. whirligig Dec 15, 2009

    it;s a lovely wallpaper! I really like it!

  17. Karmira Jan 06, 2010

    Amazing blend of the anime and manga! I think the wallpaper is wonderful the way it is! The anime castle is fantastic and fits as a background to Fai's magic! The way you colored him he fits into the scene perfectly!

  18. HelgaHagane May 11, 2010

    I adore Fai *__*
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful picture ^__^

  19. xxxROSIELxxx Jul 08, 2010

    Beautiful wallpaper! Thank you very much!

  20. aqito Jul 15, 2010

    wow... this picture is so great!

  21. SweetTiffy Mute Member Oct 06, 2010

    Awww amazing I love iiit ! =)

  22. henryrockets Nov 21, 2010

    I love this scan, thanks. :D

  23. Amberk Jan 04, 2011

    Amazing blend of the anime and manga! I think the wallpaper is wonderful the way it is! The anime castle is fantastic and fits as a background to Fai's magic! The way you colored him he fits into the scene perfectly!

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