Kamui: Liberari Desideo

Broccoli, Kamui, Member Art
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zomgwtfbbqlol. The Tofu has drawn fanart that isn't Zelda. :o

The title is Latin and translates to "I wish to be freed." At least, I hope it does...
I couldn't come up with a title that didn't sound stupid so I just wrote it in Latin because everything sounds so much cooler in Latin. XD

The picture itself is based on a scene from Vol. 7 of Kamui when Atsuma is reaching out to the birds.
I'm very happy with the coloring, but my lines are still amateur-ish. OX
Although I had lots of fun drawing this, I feel there is something missing to it. I'm thinking it's the background. Seems kinda bland.
Oh well, don't feel like fixing it anymore.

btw, how is the perspective? I had trouble with that.

photoshop cs, mouse
6 layers (4 painting, 2 other stuff)
6-7 hours?

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